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  1. Interested in car detailing? Order it today and get your appointment. Email us.
  2. Currently open for negotiation with dealerships. Email us.
  3. White guy speaking like African-American with some scent of South America.
  4. Starting today, TM Car wash is now offering mobile car wash! How to use it? Simply keep an eye on the ads, and call the number from the AD, one of our specialist will come on your location, clean your vehicle and drive away. This only applies for the exterior wash. Price for this service is 350$.
  5. ((We also encourage character development by providing design for ooc purposes. Example of design for purpose of roleplay)
  6. NOW OFFERING CAR WASH SERVICE IN LOS SANTOS! Are you tired of mechanical brushes that peel of your paint over time? So are we, that's why we decided to open a car wash that will help clean and protect your car. Apart from exterior car wash, we also offer interior wash and our Deluxe wax wash that will keep your protected for minimum 90 days. Don't hesitate, visit us any time and we'll make sure that your shines again. What we offer? What is so special about Deluxe wax clean? VISIT US! Keep your eye on the ads.
  7. Another day, another project behind us. Kazanov trucking
  8. (( https://youtu.be/a0DbzUe-r4Q ))
  9. Have an idea or project you would like us to be part of? Contact us!
  10. Rating (Optional) : ★★★★★ Username : TW Comment : Best bookstore, friendly staff and awesome selection
  11. TI designs is based on delivering high quality content just for you. We offer variety of services such as photographers, business design (brochures, flyers, logos, business cards, editing of current images that you like but they've faded away etc.) and restoring older images. Our team is always at service to you, so feel free to contact us on phone number 2410 or our e-mail : [email protected] ((forum pm)) TI designs reserve right to adapt their prices based on the workload, trade offer or any other circumstances which may influence the price. Pricing : Logo (HD) : 35000$ - Logo (non HD) : 25000$ Flyer : 8000$ Editing/restoring your image : 15000$ Business cards : 10.000$ - Two faced : 12.000$ Package all in one (fyler, business card, logo, social media profile picture) : 55.000$ Photographer call : 20.000$ Posibility of creating pre-print files for your business : T-shirt, hoddie, mug, keychain.
  12. Thanks to all of our customers, who once again bought all the beer before it was released to the public. Without you, we wouldn't have a purpose, rest in piece George, knowing that you will not be forgotten.
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