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  1. We'd just get banned for it, cause the samp feelings we had on sarp were a lot different today. 👀
  2. It's been hella fun, I hope you guys take it far. I'll be supporting on the side lines. Black and white forever, baby.
  3. That's what I'm saying. My friend got banned mocking 1 of them, go after the source instead.
  4. I do call, you guys don't pick up 🙁🙁
  5. Nothing would change for me, I would still be getting drunk and getting into a bar/saloon brawl.
  6. Inshallah, take care brother!!!
  7. GO OFF. I couldn't agree more, it's just not enjoyable and everything is repetitive or insufferable. I think with all the sensitivity and rules it restricts a lot of what you can and cannot do. When on SAMP there really wasnt any rules besides asking for consent or don't deathmatch.
  8. In my opinion I love your profile picture
  9. From the Sandy Whore real estate agent himself
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