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    Faction help

    First of all, welcome to GTA:W hope you're liking it here so far. It warms my heart seeing that you're reaching out for help and not shying away due to your circumstance. The person above already gave a perfect answer, but I want to add that I've seen people RPing characters with their English on a beginner level. Having a friend beside them explaining the situation ICly if someone was wondering (e.g. "Oh.. he's still going to school studying"). You're not alone, keep it up and good luck!
  2. I'm not really sure, this is odd and since you have no VPN access, here's what I'd do if I were in your situation. Have a friend make your account with your desired information and temporary password. Then you can change them after the account is made and you logged in. Hopefully this should be allowed, my guess is they are blocking it or restricting something for a good reason.
  3. Transportation RP for sure, other than limos and taxis. Just joined a fresh company on a char, they are trying to establish a variety of public transpiration. Something to look forward to!
  4. I pretty much like it so far, from what I've seen. But maybe there's some slight adjustments to be made if found.
  5. Indeed, as a person who recently got into mapping. I have new found respect for you all that has been doing it for a while now.
  6. Found out about GTA:W, or GTA as a whole during the first hype wave on Twitch, where people streamed their roleplay.
  7. A Sultan Classic is available for purchase. The Sedan comes with a Karin Performance package, an on-board entertainment system with GPS, legal window tint and around 920 miles on the odometer. At the time of this listing, the Sultan comes with 9 days of transferable insurance. I'm looking for around $135.000 or best offer. (( OOC Information ))
  8. Short description: Nickname functionality to the new group chat feature Detailed description: Include nickname functionality and option to the new group chat feature. I love this being added and it will help organizations, but I was just invited to one and at first glance I was looking for a way to set my nickname because I didn't know anyone, or who's number was who. It will be useful to add, so people don't have to finish their messages with saying who's the sender. example: hello -Linyah Commands to add: If not done by interface, maybe /nick command in the chat? Items to add: n/a How would your suggestion improve the server? Just cause less confusion and overall QoL. Additional information: If this is added, then of course update all the kick/leave messages. Even when setting a nickname, "number" set their nick to "name". Maybe even change to it will say "number" was added, instead of "New Member". Anyway, probably can be done even better. Just saying what I thought of right now that would be QoL.
  9. Damn, definitely quality over quantity right here. I can't wait to see more!
  10. Review Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) Rating: ★★★★☆ Comment: Pretty good spot, cute. Nice staff. Just good overall. Thank you.
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