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  1. It'll never happen here. Prices didn't start out normal and then inflate to what they are now. What we have isn't inflation, it's designed to be that way. It's always been that way and I highly doubt it will ever be any different. The reason why they designed it that way is so that you don't have to spend weeks upon weeks upon months grinding to just be able to afford a house or a car. If you want 1:1 prices then you need 1:1 income, which means people would be working in-game for ~ $15 an hour. Cars would still cost thousands of dollars and houses would be out of the question. That doesn't sound fun at all. They sped that process up so this isn't 2nd Life or a 2nd job you come home to do. This is still a video game at the end of the day. I don't want to log on to grind mindless hours for a basic income. I know it's an odd concept, but the prices being the way are function as designed from the very beginning. You earn $200,000 in 40 hours by design and thus goods and services are higher to reflect that.
  2. (( Keep it IC. This is an IC section. No need to insult my character OOC’ly, that’s called mixing. Should know the rules by now, blue name ? ))
  3. ** Logs into the classifieds section to check the properties available for purchase. Stumbles upon a beautiful Vespucci house on the canals. Looks through the pictures and then finishes perusing through the rest of the article and GASPS. She says to herself, "He's asking for more than DOUBLE the market price as a starting bid? She looks down and sees the two people mindlessly overbidding for this house and laughs hysterically. She thinks to herself, "These idiots. Bidding on a house with a market price of $380,000 at a starting rate more than double. Absolute morons. She finishes sipping her coffee and proceeds to log off and go about her day. **
  4. Just the ability to put stock mods back on the car and then this below. This. This. This. Everything should be purchasable with bank money.
  5. *User would post using TunnelBear VPN to hide the IP and location* Username: ConcernedCitizen Comment: Mrs. Saleh has time to post on Facebrowser and elsewhere on these sites, but still can't make her way back here to answer tough questions from critical people. Only wants to post about people showing up to clubs and laugh at the opposing party's campaign ads. No substance whatsoever. No accountability. Answered poorly in her one and only interview. Continues to ignore posts. I posted several comments with questions directed towards her and she continues to just pretend like they don't exist. She asks for us to hold her accountable but when we do, where is she? No where to be found. A vote for Saleh is a loss for Los Santos.
  6. Username: ConcernedCitizen Comment: Looks like someone forgot to take their medication today. Might want to get on that chief.
  7. This literally takes no time at all. Not sure why you're making it out to be some big chore lol. I used to run my bar this way with zero issues before becoming a donator to support the server. Always got the maximum $20K bonus every time I opened.
  8. Make an ad. Send them a location ping via phone. You can make it work. /bad is a luxury for those who donate to help keep the server running. It's not the only way to get people to your business, so you shouldn't make it out to be the only way.
  9. Then the amount a garage earns from each modification can be adjusted once again. Nervous used to have it at 50% of the value of the modification before adjusting it to 100%. Things can be tweaked to keep it within reasonable amounts.
  10. Responding to this. I put this on another suggestion thread. Honestly the easiest way to tackle mechanic pay is to cut the profit share down to 5%-10% or zero and make mechanics earn a flat hourly pay just like most of the jobs on the server. I think mechanics should be earning more than your typical 24/7 minimum wage worker, but also nothing too out of the ordinary. I'd say $5,000 - $6,000 an hour would be fair (Either 4K hourly + a SMALL profit share or a flat 5K-6K an hour). The idea is to eliminate the tendency of people to rush through jobs to fit in as many jobs as possible to make more money. If the commission was super low or non-existent and the hourly pay was a flat rate, I think there would be less money hungry people feeling the need to rush through every job and make room for more mechanics who enjoy the role play aspect of the job. I'd have to sit down and actually do the math, but I think the garage owner could afford paying out the flat rate to mechanics especially if there's no commission payment to employees. All the modification money would go directly to the garage. I'd even argue that the whole "no labor charges" is unrealistic as well. To help offset the garage having to pay the employees a flat hourly wage, there could be a shop labor fee that goes directly to the garage bank (functioning kind of like a door entrance fee). Then shops can compete with different labor costs in the area and actually be able to set themselves apart from the rest, rather than every shop pulling this "oh there's no labor charge" crap. The garage benefits. Mechanic RP benefits. Win-win scenario for the overall health of mechanic and garage RP on the server.
  11. I have to agree with this. Sure, you can classify this as gentrification but in the grand scheme of things, this area is primarily for low income gang/hood RP. If you allow gentrification to proceed IC'ly, it will basically cause an entirely new issue. Where do the people who enjoy this RP go? You have to balance the fact that this is a game along with the realistic, heavy role play aspect. Plus, let's be real. It's not actually gentrification, its players with poor RP standards who do this. You can sugar coat it all you like, but it won't change what it really is. They fall into the same group who think flipping trailers in Sandy Shores is realistic. Ridiculous. Just let it be the low income, gang territory and stop moving in just because they can't really do anything to you IC'ly. Have some common courtesy. As discussed before, this kind of high class living in low class areas is already against the rules as per Property Management and should be reported. Not sure why we're discussing whether or not to take it IC because it's already been established that it's wrong via management. Report people who do this, don't let them get away with it.
  12. Bump, please consider this. To echo what's been said already, here's the solution: Remove the reputation counter from applaud and thanks, so that it simply becomes a good way to acknowledge posts. Leave the like limit on upvote so that there is some importance to an upvote, where someone thinks this idea or post is so good, that it deserves one of their limited daily upvotes. Otherwise people can use their thanks and applaud however much they want, with no affect on the reputation of the poster. I think reputation has a place here, but in a limited capacity. @Everett
  13. ** User would post using TunnelBear VPN to hide their IP and location ** Username: ConcernedCitizen Comment: Seems like she's all but disregarded anyone who speaks against her narrative or points out flaws in her manifesto, instead of trying to tackle it head on. That's your "Independent" Mayoral candidate right here folks. Here when the going is good, but disappears when the going gets tough. Only speaks to the press instead of directly to her citizens. Accountable? More like laughable.
  14. ** Logs in to see the available properties for sale and clicks on a link for 110D Vespucci Boulevard. Starts browsing through the pictures and seems quite impressed at the interior design. He gets ready to make an offer when he sees the starting bid of $300,000. He says to himself, "This is nuts. $180,000 with furniture and he's starting the bids at $300,000. He laughs and then closes the ad, not even thinking about bidding that high. **
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