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  1. Username: Kamber Comment: Now that's what I call beautiful.
  2. At one point, me and some guys started a faction here, guys from SAMP/MTA RP servers that I knew. They hit me up, and that's kinda how it started. Although I stopped between July and February and started playing again in March, sooooo yeah
  3. Username: Kamber Comment: the fact that the cops are actually getting involved in keeping the streets safe and letting ricers simply have fun actually means smth. i'd actually like to meet the cops responsible for thinking rationally, ngl.
  4. Username: Kamber Comment: the illegal street scene seems to have that much of an influence if cops are getting involved, lmao
  5. Hastangz

    Bar Roleplay

    Kamata Takahashi pulls up, he slides over to the bar, upping his chin at Andrew. Yo, get me two Modelos my guy, I'm trying to get my spic on.
  6. Hastangz

    Bar Roleplay

    "It's a fine day in the streets of Los Santos. Another DDoS came and fucked up our roleplay immersion, so the fine people of the community made a tiny hole for them to RP to.. in the FORUMS! Come to Mirror Park Tavern and come have a drink until the server is back on!" Thread goes by the server rules.
  7. (ok so, im gonna b in my hometown for a while w/o my pc, to whoever's expecting more sses, wait till im back from my little hiatus)
  8. In the evening, after getting introduced to some of Nate's friends..
  9. "We live in a world chock-full of vastly different people. and atop with that, vastly different personalities. There are some people who prefer an easier life, maybe a job at a local office and whatnot. Then there are the people who desire everything and go to great lengths, only to end up dead or serving life. Me? I just like speeding a few hundred kilometers over the limit, letting the road decide where I go next." This thread will follow the development of Kamata Takahashi in the sunny state of Los Santos, San Andreas.
  10. Hastangz

    Lil Kee

    Mahmut headaa boi, wassup bluhd Nice shit tho, fureal
  11. I honestly wouldn't put a game over IRL, so I'd take the L IG.
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