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  1. Sorry, sticking to $175,000 Nevermind
  2. Starting this off -- $170,000 Withdrawing from the auction. Found what I needed.
  3. About that "empty County" situation, this mod has been running around for the past couple of days. I know it's nothing new and I don't know anything about mods, and probably there are better or better optimized mods than this one, but maybe we could consider other mods that emphasize the vegetation in the County? Example: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/new-realistic-forests-of-blaine-county-abandoned-cabin-menyoo
  4. Bid: $85,000 Contact me on 7374973. I withdraw from the bid, already found another one.
  5. I like the idea about /vpark. What about doing some kind of "separate" NPC garages for fixing your car and having it maintained? Something similar to 24/7s and that would only be open when no other player-owned garage is open (something similar to what was done to the car wash).
  6. I have been working at garages almost since I first got into this server, and I have been owning one for over a year and a half. And although my garage isn't one of the most actives nor with the most mechanics (the first intention wasn't to make money out of it, but as a meeting spot for the car community where each driver could work on their cars for a low price), I have always seen a pattern whenever a car update came. Normally, such update would bring, let's say, 10-15 cars. So every mechanic and garage owner know that during the next two to three days, the business will be booming. This has always been the case, before and after the first garage revamp (where the components were changed and the lease price got raised). However, these past few days it's been different, I believe, because of different factors. First, we have received over 60 cars in less than a week, making more people want their car(s) serviced and upgraded. Second, there has been an important decrease in the number of truckers, specially knowing that the garages aren't the only ones that need components, but so do other kinds of businesses. Third, there are less and less garages active. This might be caused by what other players mentioned earlier (components revamp leading to mechanics making less cash, players with play to win mentalities getting the leases over players invested in heavy roleplay). The problem is that because there are less garages, the people flood the ones remaining whenever they open. In my case, today, we only opened once (to do different cars for friends), and people passing by took the opportunity to get their car done, which we gladly did. In the end of the day, we didn't even need to post a single ad to get our components completely wiped out. If we add all this up, we get to the situation we are today. A garage opens, they get wiped out, no one refills, and no one gets their cars upgraded/serviced. P.S.: Even to do the maintenance on a car, we need components. It would be funny to get to a stage where all the cars needed to be serviced, but none could. BMX life.
  7. hi, do these rules also apply to people wanting to extort a business/employee?
  8. Morseon

    CCTV Script

    Automatic examine, combined with some details like if he's wearing a mask, or if he's equipped with a weapon/object could be additions in the display pannel aswell. Maybe even if he's doing some anims but that might be a bit too much for the server to handle. Or maybe add a "details" button to see such details if the user wants to.
  9. Morseon

    CCTV Script

    rauf isn't on the dev team no more soo...
  10. Morseon

    CCTV Script

    Edited and added this.
  11. here (dunno authenticity of the screenshot)
  12. I spoke with PD for maybe a year and a half for different issues I had with other people extorting. In total 5 detective/officers. Only one (now) is working on it.
  13. Great job. Of course, supposing that this is going to be implemented in early December doesn't mean it'll be implemented in GTAW that early. I think it's safe to assume that most of us are looking forward to discover and to roleplay in this new island, but my guess is it won't be ready before january/february to say the least? Also as you mentioned, it doesn't look like it'll be a major part of the city, but rather some drug lord island or so. Aside from all of the above, do we know if it has some sort of port or some docks? Or the only way to get there is by plane/helicopter? Do we also know anything about where it could be located compared to the main island?
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