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  1. I'm glad to help out! Thanks for your nice comment, means a lot ?
  2. This is a quick demo of what I can do. (yes, I also use the same video for my Fiverr gig, hence why the link to that is in the desciption - and no, I'm not going to charge you money if it's a short/simple project for GTAWorld)
  3. Heya, So, I've decided I want to give back to the community by helping out with other people's projects that need things recorded, such as faction video voicing, IC radio advertisements, stuff like that. I have some experience with narrating/voice acting, and it's a good way for me to get some more practice in. If you're interested or have some questions, feel free to send me a DM on Discord or here. I tend to reply a lot quicker on Discord though.
  4. still need to get some of those fine juicy steaks that were promised, tuna...
  5. USERNAME: fuckoffincel MESSAGE: Holy shit, it's another Trump voter in their natural habitat; posting brainless nonsense on the internet. Your mom should cut off the internet in your basement.
  6. As for distinguishing who is talking / doing emotes in chat - that is the main flaw of the system. That's why I thought of adding in the age mainly, to make it a bit easier to do so. Perhaps make it so that /me's also show as a /ame, and show in-character speech in the same way.
  7. Short description: A complete revamp of the nametag system that prevents pretty much all potential metagame with nametags and feels more immersive - the Stranger System. Read more below to get a full understanding of the system as to how it should work, it's a bit too complicated to explain in short. Detailed description: Every character in the game will have their nametag to others as "[GENDER] [AGE] y/o Stranger (XXXXX)", XXXXX being a string of numbers linked to that specific character, by default. It'd probably be the easiest to make this the already existing character ID. Upon acquiring the IC knowledge of that stranger's name, a player could label that stranger with the name they have discovered through IC means, with a command, something like /nametag [stranger id] [name]. This command would then change the "[GENDER] [AGE] y/o Stranger (XXXXX)" nametag to whatever was provided as input, but keeping the (XXXXX) behind the name. This custom name-tag is only visible for the player's character that assigned it to the stranger. This system is not just nametags, as you've noticed - it also includes setting a date of birth & gender to your character. This doesn't have to be very in-depth, just a simple /setdob and /setgender command would suffice (this command would be a one-time use, and only staff being able to change a player's DoB or gender after that, e.g. when a character namechanges, undergoes gender transition, accidentally set it to the wrong value) \ Nametags would be both displayed like this above a player's head, as well as in the chat. Basically fully replaces every occurance of "John Doe" with "Male 69 y/o Stranger" by default, until the /nametag has been set. Commands to add: /nametag, /setdob, /setgender Items to add: None. How would your suggestion improve the server? I think this suggestion would generally feel more immersive to everyone, and prevent (almost) every form of metagaming (intentional or not) when it comes to nametags. Since this system is quite the revamp and I've personally never experienced it being in use - it'd definitely take time to adapt to if implemented. Additional information:
  8. YES PLEASE. I'd LOVE this. This would not only be very useful but also bring more immersion to roleplay. I roleplay as a police officer, and this would be very awesome for things like taking statements, making notes of possible persons of interest, to-do lists, writing down observations during surveillance etcetera. Big YES.
  9. You already were an astonishing mapper on MTA:SA... but this? You blew my mind Tidemo.
  10. I'm very against allowing 'civilians' that are FAR from having the resources of simply 'tracing' a phone number. Sure, you might be able to if you're some insanely good hacker or whatever. But it just seems very unrealistic to me. MAYBE if roleplay has been done like installing malicious software on the cellphone that they'd want to track. I do however support the moles and trackers. Those would be a good addition not only to the PD but also to civilians.
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