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Found 7 results

  1. Clinton Avenue in North Vinewood is home to a large Italian-American community and as a result, is home to prime breeding grounds for the American mafia with direct ties to the Conti Crime Family. As a result of the large number of Italian-American households in the area, it has and continues to provide the Conti Crime Family with a very strong pool of individuals to look at for recruitment. From struggling fathers, college students, and local kids who can easily be groomed for a life of crime. The North Vinewood Gang is a group of locals who have grown up and experiences organized crime for hand for more than 15 years. The local kids aren't seen a burden but as an opportunity. They'd make an easy $20 just for showing face on Clinton Avenue. Run an errand? Here's a couple of bucks. Smash a window, wash a car, anything was a few bucks here and there for these local kids. Simple, easy money.. Who needs to work when you can get paid just for coming out of your house? The sense of maturity that was instilled in them when they were handed the keys of an expensive car had these kids hooked. If they had any problems they knew who they could and should go to for advice. These kids were seen at the future and they were groomed from day one. They longer that they were exposed to this glamorous lifestyle full of flashy cars, the expensive clothes, and a different woman every night of the week, the more they were drawn to the lifestyle. They began moving from washing cars to delivering notes, picking up payment, and hiding weapons by the time they were 14 years old and it wasn't long after that they began running numbers. The core group of up-and-comers on Clinton Avenue banded together and made their own crew with a vow to be there to put one another first. As they either finished or dropped out of high school the crew solidified and began taking on new tasks. Selling drugs, extortion, robbery, loan sharking, numbers, and vehicle theft all in the name of being a good earner. With the dream of gaining membership to the most lavish club they could imagine. The three founding members of this crew coined the tradition of getting a solid spade tattooed on their right calf used to identify one another as being a member of Clinton. Characteristics of these individuals was consistent; being a good earner and a strong enforcer. These loose cannons had the tendency to be far more dangerous than most connected members of the neighborhood as these guys were willing to do anything to make a reputation for themselves. OOC Info. This groups is aiming to portray a realistic group of individuals that grew up in a mob-infested neighborhoods. Developing from a group of wannabes with their connections to crime. Membership in this group is open to anyone who is interested though it is selective.
  2. This thread will follow the developments of Peter Moro.
  3. John "Tuna" Capra is a late thirties LS based mobster, primarily serving as a made man/soldier in The Conti Crime Family. It is rumored Capra arrived in Los Santos with ambitions to continue his semi-successful sales career. However, his lust for money seems to have taken a turn for the worse after introduction to Gerald Marchetti, at the time, a leading solider in The Conti Crime Family. The introduction seems to have occurred due to Capra's ownership of Zampa's Quality Meats & Deli, once owned by long-term associate of The Los Santos Crime Family, Paul "The Butcher" Zampa. It is said that Capra was hosting an underground card game alongside Nicholas Trisano where he first came on Marchetti's radar and subsequently put on record with the mafia. Since taking the role of manager in famous, fine dining restaurant Giovanni's Trattoria, it is believed Capra answered to long-term consigliere Joseph Campagna. However, his brief stint with Campagna was short lived as he left to Europe for unknown reasons. Capra returned to Marchetti and helped create the foundations of the Clinton Avenue Crew as the crew's ringleader alongside long term partner Nicholas Trisano. In late-April Capra used his accumulated financial wealth from his numerous rackets to invest in a rundown warehouse building in Clinton Avenue, Vinewood. This new business venture has led to Capra being the sole founder of The Lucky Fish casino, supposedly named by Conti underboss Dominic Altomare after Capra's nickname "Tuna". As well as Zampa's Quality Meats & Deli, it is believed to be the home of Capra's operations which span from extortion, bookmaking, drug trafficking and loansharking. During Capra's time as an associate in the Clinton Avenue Crew, led by newly promoted captain Gerald Marchetti, he was noticed by leaders of the Conti Crime Family after pulling off the biggest heist in the borgata's history. In early May, Capra and Trisano walked away from Bad Day Goods, a pawn shop used as a front for arms trafficking, with a $671,000.00 take. It was dubbed by criminal circles as the "Bad Days Haul." Yoska Makula, the owner of Bad Days Goods, disappeared and in typical mob fashion his body was never found. Shortly after, Marchetti vouched for Capra's membership into the borgata. Capra received his button and was inducted into the America Mafia at the prime age of 39. After the brutal daylight murder of Marco Caruso at the hands of the young Melrose Crew, chaos ensued in the Conti family. Campagna, once Capra's mentor and leader demanded compensation for the death of Caruso, who was falsely on record with the consiglierie. The amounted totaled to $200,000.00. He believed the duo were at fault as the Melrose Crew answered to the pair. Although against Cosa Nostra principles, Conti sanctioned the request at an upstairs meeting inside Clinton Avenue's Dirty Duke. During the sit-down, Capra was able to negotiate the fee down to a measly $60,000.00 claiming that Caruso's murderers in fact answered to Conti solider, Henry D'Amico. Nonetheless, Capra and Trisano out of respect to mafia traditions, asked for the stubborn boss to change his verdict. Conti gifted Capra the compensation under the false pretext that the situation was put to bed. However, on the eve of the 17th of July Clinton crew associate, James Donnelli, requested Capra to leave the Lucky Fish casino which was housing a high stakes poker game at the time. Trisano followed, both under the ruse that Donnelli had information regarding the upcoming indictments via his corrupt police official. Trisano and Capra were set up and fatally shot, both their bodies were never found. The Clinton Avenue crew spiraled out of control, those who had once claimed their loyalty to captain Gerald Marchetti had shown their true colors after associate Benjamin Nicci and lower level crew members kidnapped and shot Marchetti loyalists in an act of vengeance. The San Andreas Bureau of Investigation luckily brought a stop to the potential war, arresting key figures such as Lawrence Zampa and Joseph Agresta, one of who had been conspiring to murder Marchetti. Clinton Avenue was in shambles with at least twenty associates either fleeing after the murders of Capra and Trisano or switching allegiances to the government. Luckily for the Conti administration, aware of the looming federal threat, the forever self interested John Tuna Capra had already asked his lawyer, Tito Mendez, to draft a leniency deal in return for his cooperation. But as the age old saying goes: dead men cannot speak. ((John Capra has been my character for the last few months. I've wanted to create a character topic for a while but feared it was too late. Though, after consideration have decided to go for it. I'll update regularly with screenshots and upload important ones below that were integral to John's character development. The character story will host recycled LCN based screens from The Conti Crime Family faction thread and showcase screenshots that are either lore relevant or show off John's character. ))
  4. Bohdan Anderson was born in Liberty City's Broker, 1997, to a John and Mary Angelo. Life wasn't easy, and in fact was unbearable at times. His father was ran off the road by a drunk driver in 1998 and killed on impact. His mother fell to heroin addiction and died later in 1999. Bohdan spent the majority of his childhood, alone. Put into foster care later that year, he was picked up by the Anderson family a few months later and was raised in a socioeconomically rich neighbourhood. Bohdan knew very little of his biological parents, and chooses not to speak of them - purely for ease of conversation. Marcus Anderson was an influential business owner in Liberty City's booming metropolitan heart, he ran and managed many social clubs across the city whilst his wife, Sally Anderson was the stay at home element of the relationship. Albeit he was raised by a family, it was a strict one - a family that lived by a code and set of rules, one that instilled loyalty to those you work with. He was beaten as a child, and forced to live a life of which was filled with uncertainty. A tragic tale that will surely end in a cataclysmic fashion.
  5. This thread is for my development of Thomas Barone, a 24 year old guy making a living in a city of part time jobs. Thomas Barone, 24 years old. Almost as good as winning the lottery, Thomas Barone was born into a wealthy family that had grandparents from Italy and now located in Vespucci Beach. His father, Charles Barone, was a succesful broker at a firm located on Morningwood Boulevard. It was forced onto Thomas that his future would follow in his fathers footsteps into the corporate world. But throughout his teenage years he felt an urge to break free from his stereotype family. His mother, Lydia Barone, was told to make sure the household was taken care of and was denied access to the job market by her husband. As Thomas grew into his twenties, his fathers impatience with his son's lack of interest in books started to show, which resulted in an arm wrestle in the living room at the Barone family sunday dinner. What seemed like decades of tension between his father and himself was settled in matter of seconds, and Thomas packed a bag of clothes and drove off to a motel room on Hawick Avenue in Downtown Vinewood. He felt free for the first time, but the freedom had its cost. For the first time in his life he had to support himself financially. He began searching the internet and found himself standing infront of Papa Vic's liberty style pizzaria. Soon he was recruited as a cook by Victor Catalana. The work ethics that Thomas had inherited from his father was taken into use. Thomas began to get familiar with his new life in Vinewood and it wouldn't take long for him to land his second job at The Vinewood Laundromat with the help of John Rosetti. It would take Thomas a few years to get involved in the schemes and operations of the Crime Family. Now he runs and operates most of his businesses out of Clinton Avenue. Thomas Barone, 33 years old. Visible signs of stress and an expensive lifestyle.
  6. Carmine 'The Weasel' Gallo (Carmine Gallo being surveyed in Burton, Los Santos) Carmine 'The Weasel' Gallo is a made man, or soldier, in the Los Santos based faction of the American Mafia known as the Conti Crime Family. Dealing primarily in drug and arms trafficking, his other crimes include fraud, theft, money laundering, and murder for hire. Among his predominant traits are his wisecracking and weasel-like laugh thus earning him the moniker 'The Weasel'. Carmine Gallo was born September 4, 1973 in Little Italy, Algonquin, Liberty City to parents Samuel 'Sammy' Gallo and Alessandra 'Sandra' Gallo (née Catalano) as their second and last child. Carmine's household growing up was anything but stable. His father was an abusive addict, dependent on opioids. This instilled in Carmine and his older brother William from a young age to despise and look down upon addicts, a conviction Carmine would hold up until the modern day. When his father died when he was eighteen, Carmine dropped out of university after a semester and took a job with his uncle Louis 'Lou' Gallo's construction company. It was working for his uncle, who was associated to a few minor Liberty City Cosa Nostra figureheads, that Carmine was first introduced into the life of organized crime. Peddling drugs, bootleg goods, acting as muscle when needed all played a part in shaping Gallo into the criminal he became. After a few years of working for his uncle, Carmine left Liberty City for Los Santos. There he settled into a cheap apartment on Bay City Avenue in the Morningwood neighborhood. It was there he met Penny Watson, his future wife. Carmine having quite the controlling personality easily attached himself to the timid Watson, and it wasn't so long since they met that they were engaged to be married. It was around this time that Carmine began to work for Dominic Altomare, reputed Underboss of the Conti Crime Family. His first official job within Los Santos was at Digital Den in West Vinewood, a business owned by Altomare. Not soon long after he started there, Carmine bought the business from his boss, all the while engaging the drug and gun trade. Carmine nearly met his end when carrying out a hit-for-hire contract with fellow associate David 'Vinewood Dave' Pillini during a power struggle within the Israeli organized crime-ring in Los Santos. Pillini saved Gallo's life however, and from then on Carmine took a more backseat approach to business. He purchased a cafe in Burton, and made it his primary source of legal income. He and Penny moved into an expensive apartment within West Vinewood, and Carmine began to invest in multiple businesses including The Vinewood Boxing Gym and Guido's Takeout ran by his distant uncle Victor Catalano. Some time in mid-June 2020, Carmine was inducted into the Mafia as a made-man, or soldier. Still serving directly under Dominic Altomare, Carmine focuses on his legal businesses while expanding his drug trafficking and arms dealing enterprises, working through numerous associates to spread the illegal goods across Los Santos and San Andreas as a whole. Time will tell how Gallo will proceed within his new position within the Mafia. (( This thread will follow the development of Carmine Gallo and have aspects of both his criminal doings as well as his personal life. Most screens posted will be original solely for this thread, while others will be posted within the Conti Crime Family faction thread. A few other people besides myself will be able to post in this thread to give different perspectives and insight on Carmine and his journey. ))
  7. MARCO “VINEWOOD” CARUSO Marco upon release from his third degree burglary stint at TTCF, picture taken at twenty-seven years old. Marco Caruso was an ambitious LS based associate in The Conti Crime Family. It seems a life of crime was never Caruso's main ambition; he graduated with a bachelors in business administration from the University of Liberty City. Caruso was promised a new career, interning in a successful financial advisory firm which prompted his move to Los Santos. However, the firm was quickly shut down due to fraudulent claims; Caruso was left jobless in a city where he knew no-one. As a result, Caruso went business-to-business, eventually meeting John "Tuna" Capra, a leading soldier in the Conti Crime Family who promised him quick and easy cash. Capra organised Caruso's employment at the reputable, fine dining restaurant Giovanni's Trattoria, however on the side he quickly began dealing stolen designer goods. Due to his salesmanship, he began dealing small quantities of drugs for Capra. Caruso had proven himself a formidable associate of Capra's. His success was rewarded through an introduction to Joseph Campagna, the consigliere for the Conti Crime Family and subsequently put on record with the mafia. However, it was short lived. Caruso was arrested for burglary charges. His time in Twin Towers Correctional Facility led to Caruso making connections with several white prison gangs. Upon his return he discovered that Campagna had taken an extended trip to Europe. Caruso was reunited with Capra and introduced to Gerald Marchetti, the captain of the notorious Clinton Avenue Crew. From there on, he managed legal businesses such as The Rubicon, a bar owned by Conti underboss Dominic Altomare. Caruso's rackets spanned from various illegal enterprises from drugs and arms trafficking, grand larceny, pimping and murder for hire. His life was eventually cut short over This thread showcases Marco’s development both related and unrelated to The Conti Crime Family up until his death.
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