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  1. I wish we had a better system for the taxis. There was meant to be an update coming for them that just...Never did. Meters are still broken. And while new mod cars get thrown in a lot lately, there's still a distinct lack of real variety in taxis. The Esperanto is a nice change of pace from the Stanier and the not-a-Vic(tor) which...Same car, really, but there could still be plenty more in use too. There's a whole pack for lore-friendly LS cabs out there. And as seen above, the RP is definitely...Uncomfortable. I miss driving a cab, honestly. I tried to be a good about it (right up until I was stripped naked on the side of the GOH by a mugger, anyway). When I did get fares, I was chatty and played polite. I even tried using the Dynasty for a bit, but of course taxi functionality doesn't actually come with the sign on top. But it was pretty quiet a lot of the time. And when there were people, it was difficult to get fares. I swear people had things ready to go, even when they added the hash to it. Somehow in a fraction of a second, clients were grabbed. I had such a hard time actually taxi driving. I hope things are brought about to make it easier for fares and drivers. It was a good way to RP without being in huge gatherings, and generally make connections around town.
  2. Interested in renting if the property is available.
  3. Over 24 hours with no bids. @Bruce002 gets the Scharmann at 90, @ye the Vectre at 150. Please e-mail me directly to set up times for properly carrying out the sales.
  4. Current bid is 90 on the Scharmann @Bruce002 Current bid is 150 on the Vectre @ye ((Will either wrap tonight or whenever RAGE updates, as I'm not backing my files up.))
  5. Noted. 24 hours without a bid and these will take the vehicles.
  6. Noted. Starting bid on the Schwarmann reduced to $85,000 to bring it closer to store cost.
  7. For Sale! Benefactor Scharmann Insured for 294 Days as of Post Security + Performance Packages Custom Plate: "BENGOSHI", Japanese for "Lawyer" Starting Bid: $85,000 Buyout: $150,000 Image: ((OOC:)) For Sale! Emperor Vectre Insured for 273 Days as of Post Security + Performance Packages Custom Plate: "S3 YU901", to imitate "新宿 300, ゆ 9-01 (Shinjuku 300, Yu 9-01)" Starting Bid: $150,000 Buyout: $250,000 Image: ((OOC:))
  8. In terms of transit, it would be interesting to at least see the subway/tram system at some point. Would create some commuting RP for some people. Though when we tried to do SmartBus, I think Nervous ended up nixing the concept of functioning trains. Hell if we could get them, player or NPC controlled, it'd be amazing to have a very limited cargo hauling faction to run things from up north to the city. Or a Metrolink-style commuter rail system.
  9. ((Fairly sure not available to buy. Has to be leased via ucp.))
  10. NOTE: This is not a multi-interior, it is an actual free-standing interior inside the Meteor Complex.
  11. Username: Roraito Comment: When did a district attorney become a state-level position? I could've sworn it was a county office. I'm sure it'd be an interesting election. One of the most stressful positions in our superior court, and the number of people who don't know whether they're state-level or county-level; much less the term 'prosecutorial discretion', trying to get on the ballot.


  13. You've done some amazing work here.
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