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  1. Will also match the $60,000 should the prior bidder back out.
  2. Hello, What time and days do you tend to open? I'd like to come and see the cars on show.
  3. Hello, I am looking to purchase a Vapid Scout. Please present me with your vehicles if you're trying to sell one. Kind Regards, Eli.
  4. I'll match the $80,000 should the other individual not respond.
  5. Hello, Would you be interested in $85,000 for the Scout?
  6. Stimo

    [SALE] Comet Retro

    Vehicle Sold. Thank you.
  7. Stimo

    [SALE] Comet Retro

    Hello, Thank you for the offer. I am looking to move this sooner rather than later so I am happy to accept the offer if you're available now? Regards.
  8. Comet Retro Start Price: $150,000 Features: Vehicle has had the full works, kitted with top of the range brakes, engine, suspension, transmission and a fitted turbo. Vehicle also has fantastic security features. Reason for selling: I've only recently purchased this beaut' but due to employment circumstances, I can no longer afford to run her! Contact Details Mobile: 32147921 Email: [email protected]
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