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  1. Username: OhDear Comment: Shame. Though expected. Victoria was a bit too ambitious.
  2. Loved the RP with you guys. Keep it up!
  3. We might have a PR problems but a lot goes on with both the political parties and the legislature. Last year following the city council elections? Yeah. It was mostly OOC until December. But as you can see from here and even if you go under the Senate forum section you can see a lot goes on, it's just hard to see it as an outsider since the only thing that you can attend are public committees and they're fairly boring for the average person. We'll probably try to start posting more on our faction threads.
  4. Username: goomba Comment: better not taste like egg noodles and ketchup!!
  5. Republican Party of Los Santos County CHAIRMAN'S LETTER: REPUBLICAN PARTY'S LEGISLATIVE ACCOMPLISHMENTS (JAN - MAR 2021) March 14, 2021 — The San Andreas State Senate has officially gone to a recess on March 8th, 2021, bringing us closer to the end of the Senate's current term. The Senate's current composition, representing Los Santos County, comprises five lawmakers in total. The Senate Republicans representing Los Santos County are Senators Daniel Cardenas, Ethan Schmidt, and Frank Ernst
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