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  1. Love everything you have done for the community pillsbury, even from before I was a admin and you were scary LFM person. Long live David Lawson.
  2. As a representative of Continuity, this is in the history books now.
  3. (( @partyboy unlocked and unarchived ))
  4. (( @partyboy Unlocked and unarchived. ))
  5. (( Head of Continuity Management here, Just wanted to leave some consensus on this as this business concept has left a lot of people confused. After speaking with Management and Continuity Management team, we've come to the decision of the following (Which will be updated in the new wiki): When it comes to IC business concepts, it's not allowed to use IRL brands and put them on a mod, and then claim it was made IC by your characters. This rule was not established before this post, so after a chat with the OP, they've made the needed changes and the content will now be that of their own work. Moving forward, and especially for you Facebrowser animals, this business concept has had no relation to the IRL brand that was originally on it. I've informed Facebrowser moderation to keep an eye out and ban for any further harassment and targeting in regards to relating this IC company to the IRL brand, as it's gotten out of hand more than anything. To build off of this, there have been concerns regarding GTAV brands being slapped onto mods, and then sold IC as their own works. This we've deemed to be okay, so long as it's a business concept approved by Property Management. However, we encourage you spend some time being creative with it, and not just simply copy and pasting the image onto mods. Just doesn't look good if you don't spend some time and effort into the mods. I'll unlock this thread and hide this post once the new wiki rolls out, and I'm off LOA. Now I'm back off to bed, farewell. ))
  6. #ContinuitytoBringBackBlaineCounty 👀
  7. Hey guys, if this thread continues in discussion of factions, it's going to be locked and archived. It's just faction bashing at this point with no constructive criticism, just pointless opinions to flame at factions they don't agree with. Continue with other topics.
  8. Thank you for all the laughs and being there for those who needed it. You've left a mark in this community, and you will always be remembered.


    o7 Chief Patty


  9. like favourite and subscribe

  10. When your custom character shows up in a cutscene.
  11. Seeing as this is once again another General Discussion derailing with the nonconstructive comments and just general name calling, including for some reason my name being called, I'm locking this. I'll give credit, this was going strong for awhile of being civil. You all said some good shit though, turn it into a suggestion for the in-game rules or make a in-game suggestion. This discussion is no longer needed.
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