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  1. Username: Richiestrikesback Comment: lmao why bother hunting deer and shit when you can be like me and make 120k a year to jack off on a boat and shoot at pirates
  2. Username: RichieRich346586 Comment: dude needs to put away his amazon.com and wish app airsoft gear and at least look at a field manual before he makes a fool of himself again. g6 is a joke. i've had their employees walk into my gun store and ask if i would be interested in hiring them as security...... for a gun store.
  3. Name: sturmfox Comment: despite making only 13% of the asian users on facebrowser shang takahashi does 50% of unwanted messages
  4. I'm all for it. It's a yuh from me.
  5. innie vaginas? opposed to what, a fuckin' prolapse? -Richie96
  6. I can't believe this worked. Thanks!
  7. Thanks! Went in there; haven't gotten a response yet. Steam version, yes.
  8. So, I'm honestly stumped on this one. Following an update to the Rockstar launcher, I have not been able to get ingame. When launching the game through Rage, the R* launcher does not process it through like normal, and instead only gives an option to play through steam. When attempting to play it through steam, I get the 'app already running' error from the Steam side of things. So far, I have: Reinstalled RageMP Verified the cache of my GTA V Reinstalled GTA V Reinstalled RageMP again Restarted my PC Attempted to use a launcher bypass - no effect
  9. If keybinds are not allowed by the rules, then this shouldn't persist either. Huge yes from me.
  10. 1. Dinka Kuroi 2. Hellion XL 3. Vapid Razor 4. Ubermacht Seraph 5. Ubermacht Sentinel SG4 6. Dinka Flash 7. Maibatsu Vincent Tourer 8. Annis S-230 9. Western Motorcycle Company Slave 10. Vapid Riata Classic
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