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  1. Looking for: A House (Driveway and garden preferred but not essential). Budget: Dependent on house criteria. Location: Preferably Mirror Park or Vespucci, but willing to view others. Contact details: [email protected] ((forum PM)) Phone number: 999111 Please respond via comment section on this search or get in contact through email or by phone. Many thanks Mr Jackson
  2. Automotive Finance Specialists About Us Smart Loans is a family run small scale payday loan service that provides those in need of quick access to funds the ability to do so with the intention of paying back the amount in a short period of time in order to purchase an Automotive asset. We strive to provide excellent customer service and give our undivided care and attention to assisting you in times of need. Automotive Loan? An Automotive Loan is there to provide funds in order to purchase a vehicle/vehicles of your choice and may not be used to invest in prop
  3. Comet SR is wrongly named as Comet RS also price is $220,000 unregistered $264,000 registered
  4. $39,000 Offer - Contact no: 36912
  5. Would you sell the Radius for $10,000 - If so contact me at [email protected] ((forum PM))
  6. Bidding ended. Winner to be contacted.
  7. Current top bid noted.
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