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  1. I still don't get it why they're not using the prison next to Sandy Shores, shit's ruining roleplay.
  2. TLDR: Don't even roleplay there, if you're there for serious crimes, just hide inside a cell and spam /me's.
  3. Davi


    Step 1) Get shot at and survive or have something happen that would give you a reason to shoot back. Step 2) Grab your 40K pistol and ride into battle. Step 3) Get killed and take the L, respawn 5 minutes later. Step 3 v2) Kill the other player and get /reported for DM, PG or MG. If you did manage to kill the other party involved and they /reported you, which they most likely will do because they are a bunch of nerds covered in feces sitting on their greasy asses all day roleplaying black people in Davis, you lost anyway, because the other fat retarded admin will come and a
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