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  1. Anything federal would be present. San Andreas is still part of the United States.
  2. Pretty much sums up my thoughts on it too. I didn't mean we should treat the facility like a prison at all, I meant the jail we're portraying is the most "serious" jail in California and people shouldn't think of it like we're in a low level facility and that that's a bad thing. Twin Towers houses everything from the lowest offender possible to the highest and most serious. People just need to learn how to make it work.
  3. No, you don't need to rp being on trial, there are other alternatives like overcrowding, yes. Which I mentioned in the OP. I gave my answer as a suggestion of what you could do instead of roleplaying that you have just served a sentence for murder in a county jail. Also reading back, it seems I misunderstood that reply as well. I'll edit accordingly.
  4. Yes I really would just continue to roleplay being on trial. Though yes, you're right, expecting everyone to do that is unfair and unrealistic. That wasn't really the point of the guide though, it's mostly aimed at permanent jail roleplayers who get to choose why their character is in jail. This was originally just on the LSSD forum for that very reason but it was suggested that I post it here. I did fear that people would interpret this as me saying "everyone in jail should do this now". In the very specific example of someone being given a real life sentence by the IC courts and
  5. The prison/jail discussion does deserve its own thread but I did mention it in the OP. Ultimately if LS-RP was any lesson an independent corrections faction would be fucking horrendous. Nobody wants to run it, nobody knows how to run it and few people have any interest in actively roleplaying a correctional officer (it wears off after a few weeks for most people). LSSD has to force its members to roleplay in the jail, I can only imagine what the staffing would be like in an independent agency. Actually we don't even have to imagine, you can just look at what it was like on LS-RP. O
  6. You two have completely missed key parts of the thread.
  7. All these points are really good but I'll add to these two specifically to help with anyone's research. The relationship between Sureños and Whites varies widely over time and between facilities (or even within the same facility) and also depends on things like relationships between the important people in each race. In other words it varies a lot and you can't really base it off much except the roleplay going on right now in the jail. There are some instances, like in Riverside back in the day, where Sureños and Whites almost ran like a single car. Then there's elements of history
  8. vory v zakone low desert peckerskin gangsters out here makin bablo
  9. This a copy of a guide I posted on the LSSD forums. Everyone has their own opinion about the fact that we’re roleplaying in a county jail rather than a prison. Sure, prison is a “harder” environment and roleplaying some things in jail can be awkward but county has its pros too. When some of the issues are ironed out, the fact that we’re “stuck with” a jail won’t be much of a problem anymore. The point of this thread is to address one such issue I’ve noticed, which is that people either don’t fully understand the difference between county and prison or they just don’t think about it
  10. OPERATOR: 911, what's your emergency? CALLER: Someone shot us and i downed him. I'm a CCW holder, need cops here now! personally i fail to see how you could think this hyper realistic transcript wasn't taken from a youtube video called '10 Disturbing 911 Calls' smh, broaden your horizons brother
  11. everyone knows arming oneself and being prepared to execute a hoodlum on the street are mandatory requirements of being a catgirl i'm also told that strawmen weapons dealers no longer lurk around Arizona firearms conventions and have instead started to acquire their products from Midwest Furfest and Rainfurrest instead
  12. The simple rule of thumb should be to make easy conversions from LA to LS. East Los Angeles Community College > East Los Santos Community College is a good example. If you disagree with that sensible principle I'd struggle to think of why.
  13. I understand why people make fun of civilian roleplayers (I think it's fairly obvious for most people) but I do think people should let up on the hostility, as a lot of the discourse goes beyond purely making a little joke. There's an "illegal/legal" divide here that goes beyond merely people having different interests and is instead rather hostile and unpleasant, on both sides. Personally, and this is as someone who came from LS-RP, I've always just been happy that there's actually a civilian population here - let alone one that's quite healthy like we currently have. Walking arou
  14. i foresee a slew of suspicious bans proclaimed as suicides after that admin discussion long live sacred illegal rp
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