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  1. I understand your problems with the white roleplay community. If you only see them from a distance I can understand how you'd come to those conclusions. But what was said about white factions not condoning racism OOC is 100% correct, it's not tolerated at all. There are specific examples I can remember of bonafide OOC white supremacists with swastikas in their bedrooms getting really angry at white factions when they found out they don't actually support those views OOC. One of them even made ranting YouTube videos about it on LSRP, which is something some of us still remember with a slight smirk. In my opinion the actual problems that exist within that community are roleplay- and character-related, there's not a culture of actual racism within or around them. Also, yeah, I can see how you think they're simply overrated. I've shared that opinion in the past. It was a lot worse on LSRP though.
  2. I'll give a more nuanced response to this. There are and have been quite a few bad skinhead characters on this server, and that's where the scorn should lay. It's the same as any other type of roleplay, there's a lot of pure shit on this server. And much like any other type of roleplay, we wouldn't be complaining that it's 'overdone' if it was always done well. It's only because there are too many bad examples that we see a concept as a problem at all.
  3. There are specific and active reasons that Nuestra Familia and its affiliates have no presence anywhere near LA. Personally I don't like a lot of non-native faction concepts (such as cosa nostra) rping in Los Santos in the way they do either, but technically there isn't anything stopping that from happening except impracticality. NF operating in LA would be an actively targeted presence, the mob just isn't active there because there isn't a reason for them to be and there isn't a native community of them from which a crime family would be sustained anymore. Technically those reasons also apply to NF, on top of the fact that they would be sought out and attacked constantly.
  4. That's basically the intended make-up of IFM Council, which was recently expanded to try and cover a mixed demographic like that. I'll be bringing this topic up again for discussion in there.
  5. The best way is to pick a specific type of faction you have an interest in and make a character based around that concept. Roleplaying an 'average person' descending into professional criminality is how you end up with ex-gang members who are patch holding bikers and sworn members of cosa nostra.
  6. I've advocated for some changes within IFM Council and I'll continue to do so. Personally I want the faction system changed because it's the only way I can see of actually enforcing standards and promoting the better factions - at the moment it's a free for all. That being said, an LSRP-like system is not something I advocate either. I was also part of FM there and I can confirm the process was a joke. It didn't uphold standards, all you had to do to be official was be around long enough, not break rules and be at least mediocre in your roleplay. This server needs something new. A way to promote the better factions without directly duplicating LSRP's flawed system.
  7. This was always possible, you just get yourself arrested and don't release. The application is a shortcut, or to be used in situations where it's more appropriate. The prison isn't used because it's a prison. TTCF is a jail facility.
  8. all hail the wildcat administration and its benevolent sponsorship of twin towers correctional facility
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