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  1. I woke up this morning and this is still a forum. Move along ->
  2. So Officers can't roleplay being irritated with someone and go the full length of the law? My character will be the chilliest cop sometimes, but if he's irritated by your actions he will go all out on you. Me personally I would have issued him a SHAFT code violation as well in this scenario. You are not putting the puzzle pieces all together. Reckless driving, not informing an Officer of being armed, plus using the old "be quick/hurry up" remarks. That will be enough to trigger many characters. He lost his licenses and he can re-apply later on again, that will be decided by FLD when. This mentality of when a cop acts the full extent of the law being called robocop is really irritating to say the least.
  3. Let me give my feedback and opinion since my character is a FLD Supervisor under the GC. The fact here is, this is 100% all your character's fault. Considering you did not inform them that you had a firearm on you as they approached, that mistake falls on you, since you obtained all 3 licenses you should have known the regulations. Again this is your character's own fault, you agreed and signed to the regulations and what would happen if you didn't follow them. No escalation here other than you screwing up. At this point I will say that you weren't familiar with the regulations that you have decided to agree and sign on. Simple as that. You do realize that your character's attitude also affects the out come, and from the chat I see you saying them to be quick. This will irritate my character big time. So as you see this is all IC. Your mistake, your fault, and your consequences. Simple as that.
  4. This is really unnecessary. The process like others mentioned is really easy, a page url isn't immersion breaking nor necessary for you to RP. You tell people to access the firearms licensing through the LSPD online portal and that's it. PM them the actual address and call it a day. Why waste all these resources for something so irrelevant.
  5. Phasmophobia, if you want to try something new and different. Fun game to play with buddies.
  6. Username: C.Torres Comment: Militia? LOL, dude lives in his mom's basement and got his gear from the latest Call of duty video game. Who is he trying to fool here? Also this article is so bad that I wouldn't even use it to wipe my ass.
  7. Most of the street racing scene here is toxic, cop baiting is a pretty normal occurence for us, ask any LEO. And that's where things start to crumble, most of them don't even roleplay realistic speeds on the city streets, realistically no one would be driving at speeds of 120mph and blowing through red lights. But hey it's the normal occurence and that's the roleplay example they set. So we have to deal with it, trust me we do report. They do not learn the lesson and they go back to do the same thing. Hence why some of them got banned. Our Interceptor training is more of an IC formality and not actually an OOC training like we were incompetent or something to drive in a videogame. The main focus is for you to learn how to perform certain interception methods closer to reality.
  8. Awweee... I'm glad it brings you amusement. Because I also find amusing street ricers buying the same cars over and over again, fully moding them so they can go and bait police in an attempt to evade them 🤡
  9. That user's statement couldn't be the furthest from the truth. This is why people that haven't experienced the faction in this community shouldn't just spit untruthful facts and giving other people a wrong idea. Now getting to the point we deal with all kinds of calls, we have a traffic division that handles MVA's, we respond respond to crimes of any nature, if no units take a 911 call the supervisor on duty will assign them to it. Now the issue at hand is that most of the calls we get are shootouts and we have constant pursuits because people decide to evade over a minor traffic infraction most of the time. When we respond to those kinda of calls the supervisor will call it when no more units are necessary so all of our resources don't get tied to one scene. I must say again, please do not take into consideration opinions from someone that hasn't experienced the faction in the first place. I hope you give LSPD a chance and see it for yourself! Cheers.
  10. You did not suggest in your topic an exact value. You said to remove the limit, which I don't support. Leave as it is and that's it. Why mess with something that isn't broken? Robberies should be done for the RP experience and not to be OOC driven because of the $$.
  11. Big no. 5k is already too much for the plain and repetitive RP regarding robberies that usually takes 5 minutes and even less.
  12. I refrained from posting but well I start to ready really inaccurate info being thrown around and here I am. 1. The penal code states the amount for each infraction, its up to Officer's discretion to issue a lower fine. 2. It takes time to run the plate, check if there are any outstanding parking tickets, RP writing the ticket and placing it on the vehicle's windshield, write a quick traffic report, take a picture and upload it and then attach to the traffic report and issue the violation. None of this is OOC motivated. OOCly I don't care how people park, I couldn't care less. This is entirely IC. 3. Like MANY have said, don't want to get those tickets? Then don't park on red curbs, on top of sidewalks, blocking pedestrians crosswalks (Palomino Avenue is like a magnet for that), parking facing the opposing traffic and the biggest one, no insurance or no vehicle registration on a public road. Again these are your IC actions that have IC consequences, if your character gets pissed off then he needs to start changing how he parks. (In big cities IRL you would be getting these exact same tickets and other ones for petty stuff. In the city of Toronto where I live, go park one foot away for the curb and you can expect a ticket on your windshield. Park too close to a fire hydrant and you won't find your car when you come back. Park on a fire lane, same thing you car will be towed as well. Park on top of a side walk even if it's one wheel, well you guessed it, ticket as well. It goes on and on and on.) So basically is, this whole thing is IC and you can deal with it IC. 4. Attacking someone/laughing at them OOCly over IC actions that your character caused it's really sad and imho you have no place in a RP community. On another note, great job out there roleplaying Traffic Officers. 👏
  13. Username: C.Torres Comment: Damn straight I support blue lives. Fuck wannabe gangsters. #bluelivesmatter
  14. Username: C.Torres Comment: I'm glad you were able to tell my ethnicity by an online comment clown.
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