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  1. I don't think you are understanding what I am saying, PD are the people in the server that should be setting examples, they are the ones who should be holding the standards and teaching the people who don't understand how to properly RP. If a somewhat new player sees PD not rping crashes and not getting in trouble, then they will start. Like I said all this is great about PD and their effort, but IMO they aren't doing enough to set a good example, which is what needs to happen.
  2. This for sure happens, but I think that LSPD should be the ones setting the example when it comes to RPing crashes, shootouts etc. If PD won't do it how do you expect criminal rpers to?
  3. I can see your point but what do you consider a reasonable time to pull those vehicles out? Just curious. You kind of lost me on the paperwork point, members of LSPD signed up aware, I'm sure that there would be paper work to do. now it's cool that the RP when it comes to police training is above average, which is what I would expect out of the police department, but if that same level of RP is not used out in the field none of that really matters.
  4. Some members might be sure, but considering I have seen multiple instances where a police car crashes and then puts themselves back into the pursuit, that's why I am making that statement. PD trying to play bumper cars does not seem that realistic to me.
  5. I guess you haven't read the whole discussion... please go back and read the rest.
  6. Not what I mean, I more mean an OOC advantage compared to an IC one.
  7. I am not saying that the jail time isn't necessarily deserved, my point is that there is more to it for RP punishment for criminals then cops which is how it should be, but at the same time criminal rpers and LSPD cannot be compared. now I keep on seeing this thing about demotion is losing months of labor and whatever and I said that yes, RP wise there is great repercussion, but at the same time, if you get demoted you are still in LSPD and not to mention if you get demoted like you said, then you probably deserve it, and no I can never agree that the prison has good RP because it just doesn't I will not RP for 6 days in prison for a 18 day sentence (as an example) it just is not fun or realistic to me at all. EDIT: It's great that you haven't has any complaints about LSPD but this doesn't mean no one has experienced issues with PD.
  8. I'm going based off what I have seen, I'm not sure what type of roleplay your friends partake in but for me it is always the same, although I do agree that the transparency aspect should be the thing really getting addressed, continue posting comments, I am heading off to bed but will continue this conversation tomorrow.
  9. Arguable, that could be chalked up to multiple things some people who in hood areas go to shooting ranges, and might even gain experience from past situations, or maybe you could chalk the head shots up to luck, who knows. but there is a difference in between some headshots and a whole firing squad able to curve bullets around a "human shield I have some points to make about this for one, not everyone is afraid of dying and some people fear prison more then they do death, now the part about the whole gang life in prison thing is flawed, now sure from an RP standpoint your life in prison would continue, but if we are speaking OOC how many people are gonna spend their whole jail sentence RPing? Although some people do a lot of people just play on different characters or even don't play until their sentence is over.
  10. Realistically most people rping from the Davis areas cannot afford lawyers so that is not an option. For prison time, I can say for certain there is not any "realistic prison environments" all there is are race wars and taking a couple days to make a knife. Now for your last point I can somewhat agree with, but you do kind of have to realize that PD signed up for possible CK situations, most times when someone is killed it is usually self defense or revenge, so sometimes the only option is to shoot your way out and then you are forced to CK.
  11. From a roleplay standpoint sure, they will face punishment IC for their actions, but jailtime is almost an ooc thing considering you have to wait sometimes weeks to get back IG while police will always remain free men and can still RP as they please, and with the boring jail system it is even worse, and don't get me started on 48 hour hold investigations. Now for the CK thing it goes both ways, I have seen multiple instances when someone was killed by police and had to CK so I really can't say we are on the same playing field.
  12. Not to mention PG, such as using a panic button after they die, or not rping any type of injuries during chases.
  13. That's my point although cops deal with "IC punishment" they probably will get demoted or pked and go about their day, but if we mess up we might face major jail time, and you better hope that a cop doesn't see your name after you commit a crime because they will MG it, I've seen it before.
  14. And I would be fine with that except for the fact TWO admins said that he rped it correctly before it was overturned by a different admin.
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