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    The show is about to begin.
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    Once Upon A Time
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    Power Pocket Rockets
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    Dainty Pretension / Stargaze I Stargaze II
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    It looks like you're having problems with downloading the server's cache. Click this link: https://mega.nz/#!eJdVVC4Q!9twzEU10DlYzZ13IyYTGxoFja35DIaAycrOTiQByQr4 (it was previously posted by Nervous on the official Discord) and put the files in C:\RAGEMP\client_resources\play.gta.world_22005 or simply - it should be your default launcher's location, along with the additional folders. After you're done with implementing the files, the folder must look like this: It's worth a try, it would hopefully fix the issue.
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    Motel Room Motel Room II Downhill II / Brigade XIII
  10. If you're using an nVidia graphics card, I recommend setting your Instant Replay, using ALT+Z, to 5 minutes, preferably - in case you don't have a capacious hard disk, set it to 2 minutes as it might be enough proof to use in a dispute. Bear in mind that you could have a mild loss of FPS (5-10 fps at best, depends by the bitrate that you're planning to use; mine is set on 35) because the program would constantly record your game. Don't forget to set a bind, easy to interact with.
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