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  1. I have never in my adult life ever used a taxi in NYC, LA, Boston, Chicago, Tampa, or any major city. Rideshare like Uber or Lyft should be added.
  2. In real life I log off when robbers chase and apprehend me outside my million dollar mansion.
  3. Homicides and violent crimes are up like 300% in every major city right now, and Police are being defunded and disarmed through Democratic Mayors. In a lot of major cities Police are literally banned from doing traffic stops. In the entire State of California if a Cop speaks to somebody they have to fill-out a 10-minute form about the persons age, race, sex, etc, and explain why they spoke to them.
  4. Nice try ese, get back in-game and smoke some tucci
  5. Very good work Kipps! Love you, we miss you. - Grandma
  6. I wouldn't blame GTA:W because you choose to run an unoptimized Patreon-farming mod that is designed around making you stay subscribed so you get the next version which is "more optimized".
  7. I can, tell me what the next step is Pills we'll take them by force.
  8. Don’t blame bar or club owners, it’s what people want. If people really wanted anything else they’d make it and go to it. You can’t be upset with a role play server for the majority decisions of the player base.
  9. How do you feel about the frequency of car theft? Very common since the map is large and vehicles are left alone for long periods of time. How do you feel about IFM offering alternative routes instead of relying on the script? This is a softball question. Obviously everybody on the forums is going to like the option to roleplay rather than type script commands. Can we get some actual examples of what alternative routes IFM has done? How do you feel about the current quality of car theft? People are using the current script as it was intended to be used by developers. The quality of the role-play is irrelevant because this was how it was designed to be done. Have you ever seen information markers left at cars/buildings regarding metal having been stolen? No, only vandalism to peoples vehicles.
  10. dungeon masters in those games are Indian support bots after you get ninja looted in a raid.
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