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  1. Bjork

    We can't force people to change this, unfortunately. HQ and Mission Row are different places. But I know what you're talking about. The building south of Mission Row is a city GOV building, it's a district building. The lot north of it is small, but I'd personally love to see it used more As for LSPD VHQ, I know there is atleast one car lot that we can use nearby, but it comes down to not being able to force people to choose where they park.
  2. Bjork

    Police Officers have their assets evaluated by members in the command or staff team. If there are any unrealistic assets owned by an officer, the LSPD has been really good about handling these situations. As well, if something is missed, LFM and RPQT keep an eye on all legal factions in regards to assets and RP quality. If you find something that seems a bit off for that officer, feel free to message anyone in the LSPD command or staff team.
  3. Bjork

    I will forward this. However it gives players power over the other forum posts in that section as well, seeing as the perms aren't that specific. I cannot promise this will happen.
  4. Bjork

    This is the PD section. I'd ask SD
  5. Bjork

    Locking and archiving this. This topic is simply faction bashing. You can ask questions and post concerns on their topic to figure this out. The LSPD has gang units and Crime Suppression Patrols, which are realistic in all senses.
  6. We actually started looking into student dorms to map in, as a request that was forwarded to us. We're discussing ideas like these internally.
  7. Bjork

    ((At this time, this is not possible and no one will be able to provide this. I will save you the effort and Lock and Archive this.))
  8. Bjork

    I'll forward this to Management for discussion. But it'll likely be no based on the premises of not having enough people to do it properly, used to troll, and we don't want to force people to stay inside all day for multiple weeks. We come here to escape reality to a certain extent, like school for example. But I will forward it if people do want to see it. But I must pre-warn those who want it to not get your hopes up.
  9. Bjork

    Can't hide from me anymore.
  10. Bjork

    We don't delete old records and it's all recorded ICly. Each bureau holds onto its old records.
  11. Bjork

    Only two homes in Rockford Hills are the Mayor's and Deputy Mayor's homes. These are bound to the LSGOV and are to be passed down through the mayors.
  12. Bjork

  13. Bjork

    This topic doesn't seem to be a suggestion, it seems to be a output of your opinion against the LSPD. If you have suggestions or ideas for the LSPD, I recommend speaking with @Big_Smokes. Calling an entire faction shit and trying to blame the entire faction for an issue you may have no idea what's going on with the internal structure. I will lock this topic and would like you to forward your suggestion towards the LSPD for your issue.
  14. It was fun for a bit helping you make it possible. Good luck!
  15. Bjork

    The account is linked to another account called Travis Baillie. Does this account ring a bell at all?