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  1. effion

    [SOLD] Raiden.

    Is it re-insured from the date of posting the ad? If not 250k is fair since you said 280k and insurance is 36 or so.
  2. effion


    Yes please add sex and allow /sex [ID] and everytime u /sex you get like 30% more HP and also /jerkoff
  3. Yes, it is made and tested by BrainDed who wasn't even credited, anyway he last updated this program on 29th June and it's confirmed working
  4. **Auto-renewed** Looking for a Lampadati Komoda
  5. Yep, read above. For 1.1 modding the new method is from the linked thread above my post.
  6. @Bash or any Support/Staff - can this be unpinned and the thread above me be pinned? Since this doesn't work anymore and the other thread does and is informative enough Thanks :3
  7. I'm just happy about the fact that for the first time I'm seeing an actual riot break out without OOC intervention, albeit it's kinda fucked how people are rule breaking, it is still a breakthrough.
  8. LSSD has been the epitome of good LEO roleplay since I've joined. They hold an extremely high standard and are not there for pursuits and shootouts at all. This is what I've observed. While I see a certain ignorance from both sides when you do specific things and this is mainly because it seems very troll-y and looks like you're just trying to get a pursuit or bait cops or so. However it would be nice even if they would attend and roleplay with you even if it was cop baiting because that's supposed to be reported OOCly.
  9. Your pictures seem to be unclear. ((Please fix images, they are dead links.))
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