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  1. USERNAME: FOURMOREYEARS COMMENT: A tragic loss for Los Santos. I loved Rockford, he shouldn't have resigned.
  2. ‘‘The labor movement did not diminish the strength of the nation but enlarged it. By raising the living standards of millions, labor miraculously created a market for industry and lifted the whole nation to undreamed of levels of production. Those who attack labor forget these simple truths, but history remembers them.’’ - Martin Luther King, JR., speech to AFL-CIO, Dec. 11 1961. What is a union? In the era of the 1990s, working people stood together in their unions to create the 40-hour working week, paid vacations and good, American, wages. Across from the employer’s table, they made crucial American companies the envy of the world and built the American middle-class brick by brick. Unions help bring workers out of poverty and onto the middle-class. In fact, it states where legislation cripples the use of union rights, their incomes are lower. Thus, creating a more stable and productive workforce, where workers can have a say in improving their jobs. This is beneficial all round for the company, the employees and the American economy. However, that very fundamental middle-class has been systematically destroyed by big corporations, greedy CEOs and a broken workforce. Yet today the very same thing that stands in the way of CEOs and greedy corporations from further greed: working people standing together. What is the Transport Workers Union of America? The Transport Workers Union of America (TWA) has been representing the voice of 150,000 members across airline, railroad, transit and trucking since 1934. Rich in history, the union was created to safeguard and improve working conditions and living standards of all workers. Los Santos has a long lasting legacy of working people who stand together for the very rights and work protections we consider fundamental to this day. Locals #31 is a branch of the wider union predominantly based in Los Santos. The current branch resides in Cypress Flats and spearheaded by local representatives elected by the people and for the people. What are our values? Locals #31 mission statement is to be regarded as the best local of The Transport Workers Union of America by our members of the branch. This will be through: The excellence of our services and representatives; The effectiveness of our workplace organization; The positive influence we have upon employers and government in pursuit of union aims and values; Locals #31 members who represent it will: Act with integrity and principle; Work together; Operate in an open, democratic and representative manner; Strive for excellence; Make things happen and set the agenda OOC Information: Locals #31 is a localized union branch for the wider Transport Workers Union of America. The faction will aim to realistically portray and represent the various transportation workers in Los Santos. Elections will not be decided by OOC means and will be democratically elected in-game by union members. Joining this faction will happen by IC means and we do not reserve the right to CK your character.
  3. Centomila visualizzazioni, dovremmo essere orgogliosi. Congratulazioni a tutti!
  4. Quoted from @The Dirty Duke. He also has a fantastic character story.
  5. I love the updated post. It's amazingly well put together.
  6. Congratulazioni, il re e tornato!
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