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  1. We exist, there are plenty of older characters on the server... explore.
  2. There is ultimately a solution best for everybody involved, nobody has to forgo any mechanic RP- and nobody needs to wait fifty years for a garage to open. I'll return to create the peace we all want and deserve... shortly.
  3. I will reiterate the points I listed on the first page of this thread. Nobody cares about the roleplay being done on their car. They want their vehicle done up, re-colored, etc. but cannot do this unless a garage opens. Garages are the only script businesses that require players to keep them open. Players who play at odd times are out of luck. Garages should be treated like any other script business. (24/7, clothing store, etc.) I understand a lot of people take great pride and joy in their mechanic roleplay, but that is not relevant whatsoever to the key problem at hand; the key problem being: garages should be treated like any other script business. I notice a lot of mechanic role-players saying there is a supply and demand issue with truckers, it is expected as trucking is a noob job and people should be advancing out of trucking and into more fruitful avenues of roleplay. If we can solve the key issue with garages (that being they are not treated like any other script business) surely we can also solve the supply issue as well.
  4. Seems that owners of garages are the secret bourgeoise of the server, that is ridiculous. Garages are far too difficult to get your hands on for them to make this much money, makes you wonder who the people giving out these garages & receiving them are.
  5. I'll keep my statement about garages blunt and simple, nobody actually cares about the RP being done on their car, they just want their vehicle modded and want to leave. Garages are the only script businesses that require players to keep them open, which leaves players who play at odd times out of luck, it is not player-centric whatsoever. They should treat garages like any other script business and let players use them while there are no employees opening them.
  6. I tend to go AFK (Away From Keyboard) a lot to the grocery store to make sure my soylent supply is replenished, nothing wrong with it.
  7. Congratulations and welcome to our new friends. @cactus @SidePleb @secretamerican @NickyW We appreciate all the work you have put in and here's to many more!
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