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  1. Well I think it's the status itself; it being something to strive for, It's recognition for putting time and effort into something; for some people, that may not be an incentive, but for others it very much is; myself included.
  2. What this does is create a higher standard and incentive for faction leaders to get their shit together, as for those worried about supplier being restricted to 'official' factions, I don't think you would have anything to worry about. Faction leaders and members alike should take this as a challenge to be the best they can be; I see people discussing elitism, but on that same tune, I do not believe those people understand what opportunities arise for factions that strive to create and facilitate roleplay for others.
  3. This is why it should stay this way, all players don't deserve to grow weed, it went from being hand picked to nearly everybody and their mother in just a few months.
  4. It's monkey see monkey do, portray a good character, do your best to influence these players with your talent and they'll come around. A lot of people are in the dark and sort of find their way into that sort of scene when they join the server, do not antagonize them because that will only make them seize up and be defensive about their roleplay. It's important to nurture new players and teach them to appreciate the separation of character and self.
  5. @Ted You misunderstood my post, I assume you read something you disagreed with politically and decided it was appropriate to go into a tangent about the economy and your stance on socialism, which I could care less about. In my last post I heavily advocated for the drug overhaul, we can't suggest or make changes to something that we know nothing about, and considering we haven't heard anything about the drug update mentioned, what members of the illegal scene should be advocating for is for the drug overhaul's completion so that we can accurately make adjustments in its infancy. In your latest post you quoted Henning and agreed with him, I said the exact same thing! I was simply offering a band aid solution to correct our current circumstance, but thank you for overlooking that so you could find an excuse to post your communist gobble-dee-gook.
  6. Too much supply, not enough demand. The simple answer is for IFM to supply people with less, but again I should reiterate that the only thing any of us should be hoping for to save the drug 'economy' is the long-awaited drug update, NPCs are a solution that will yield a hundred more problems that will result in either LEOs MGing the location of drug buyer NPCs or alternatively when that camel has its back broken, it will give criminals more or less free rein to sell drugs with OOC protection, LEOs being in fear of busting people and being accused of metagame/powergame. The solution proposed is a Band-Aid, not a cure. As much as it would suck for drug suppliers, they should be cut off for the time being so that the drugs that are currently in the economy can be properly sold off, again this would do the opposite of benefitting myself/faction, but is clearly the only realistic band-aid solution to this problem. Cut off supply, let the drugs that are currently in circulation be consumed, and once that has been done, suppliers can get back to it, if there were some statistics that could reflect upon the consumption of drugs to the ratio of drugs pumped into the economy, that would probably be how IFM could monitor and supply drugs in the future (solution pre-drug overhaul). Again, what we should be encouraging from development and management is the completion of the drug overhaul, we should see how that plays out and work to improve that system when it's in its infancy so that IFM can properly regulate the drug economy. I don't know what is taking so long for it to be completed, but instead of fighting for arbitrary, short-term solutions, we should be advocating for good change that will provide everybody; drug users and drug dealers alike with more rewarding roleplay and benefits from their roles.
  7. Given Nervous has corrected the weed script, it will correct itself over about a years time, but I believe the only way to truly fix the oversaturation of that market is a complete and total reset of all weed/weed seeds, and if that were to happen; it would need to happen with the long promised drug revamp, which I have heard nothing about since it was announced. I know the server has many capable developers and hope that we receive an update on the progress of this revamp.
  8. I can agree that the drug market was absolutely ruined by the changes made to weed seeds/growing weed, but I can't agree with this suggestion. This would benefit my faction greatly, but realistically speaking; those of us who tried to prevent this months beforehand were accused of hoarding weed seeds. I don't believe support staff creating consumer characters or NPCs are the solution here, and there are most definitely users at the bottom level (Most of which reside by the Davis LTD). I think what needs to happen is that the weed seed system needs to be fixed and the drug system in general needs an overhaul; providing players with some sort of clear cut benefit that doesn't just involve deathmatching or carrying items around, once we create a new market for drugs through providing actual benefits, the demand will go up, but at this point: marijuana is absolutely ruined for everyone.
  9. It needs to be understood that script items like vehicles, properties, etc. will never have realistic prices. A lot goes into creating a virtual economy, and there must always be a way to suck money out of player's pockets, otherwise everybody will be able to afford anything they'd like to afford, which can prove to be a negative thing; see buyouts, how high people sell their properties for, and how willing people are to purchase them at buyout instead of fighting for bargains. In real life; not even ten percent of the population are able to buyout expensive homes, businesses, etc. as there are living expenses, mortgages, debt, let alone would they know how to properly run a business, manage it's financials, and effectively target their markets. Whereas on the server, anybody and mostly everybody can own or owns a business. (For as little as 100-400k, for leases 5-35k/month) On GTA:W, three to four businesses are open at a time; open to a pool of three hundred to five hundred people and only stay open for an hour or two, business owners make around ten to fifteen grand a day, if not more, employees make three to five grand an hour, all you need to do is pump out a /bad and people will show up so long as it appeals to their character/them by proxy. I haven't even mentioned starter paychecks, which again; are unrealistic, but necessary for the server's economy. What I'm saying in brief is: our economy does not accurately reflect the real world's economy, it is impossible to do that, and always will be. GTA:W has its own unique economy, vehicles are ultimately a money sink on GTA:W, and while I understand the vehicle mentioned may not be worth it's bang for it's buck, what I've stated above should be taken into account before making posts like these. Nervous can't change the prices of vehicles, because that would either increase or decrease the values of the vehicles that are currently in player's possessions, which naturally; is a problem when we are forced to use the same pool of vehicles for years with few additions, as opposed to the real world's manufacturers that design and pump out new cars every year. tl;dr - gta w economy will always be like this and thats how it be
  10. Yes sir, the real issue that would have stemmed from the constant flipping of properties would have ultimately been inflation, we'd be buying three hundred thousand dollar properties for millions by next year if not for these rules & regulations.
  11. Username: YoungButOldManHustling Comment: yea yhea yea i see all you rasist pigs postin on the comment section here but im prepared to sock yo motha f*kin asses out when im out the bin ima slap those smileses off your faces every singel one of yall salam malaykum man yall best wish me peace or ima break ya teeth racist guy wins the elecction whay am i aint surprised beacause thats what the big corporatsions want us t o do. we all seent the fact the bush dudes who own the biggest company trucking for business suport them so what that even mean the man wit hteh most dollar got the ballot huh not even the best man (woman) in dis case? im sick of people not voting moniority. im done widit. mans cant even get a job cuz of the pigment of my skin and yall celebratin dis? yall all goin to hell every single one every single one of yall
  12. I agree and understand. The way knives/dusters are produced on the server, in my opinion, is pretty lame. But if you think about it, there is no real difference between a hammer and a knife- damage wise. I don't see why they aren't more easily attainable.
  13. From my experience, pawn shops have been very lucrative, I know someone who has cleared $130,000+ in a day, and I think he made $40,000 dollars off of jewelry alone that day. I think it really depends on the location of the business, if people are looking to purchase items from a pawnshop that day, and so forth; you can't really compare a night club and a pawn shop, because a pawnshop caters to more of a niche, whereas on the server, the night clubs, bars, etc. are where people go to find roleplay.
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