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  1. I’m pretty sure once you delete it, it’s gone forever.
  2. You should have taken a screenshot of your chatbox in an effort to save it. Anyone with access to the MDC can see your gun purchases though.
  3. Have you tried using the “forgot my password”option at ucp.gta.world to reset your password? If not, try that — note that the email will likely end up in your spam folder. Once you reset the password and signed in on the UCP, go to your profile (top right corner -> click your username then my profile), then to your settings and edit the password. Once done, wait at least 15 minutes before going in-game. If it ends up not working, you’ll have to contact Management for a manual password reset.
  4. I had all sorts of stuttering and FPS related issues prior to watching and putting the tactics shown in this video in place. There's setups for high, medium and very low PC's, might be worth a try. Game runs just fine on high (for the most part) with only 8GB ram and 1050Ti.
  5. Have you tried reinstalling? Are you running RageMP as administrator? Have you tried running updater.exe as admin from your RageMP folder?
  6. Yep. Nervous is your point of contact for anything donation related. Drop him a private message with your UCP and character name, and also the transaction ID.
  7. not gonna be better than fred dowell
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