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  1. Here's the feature showcase for the system you're asking about: The purpose of this is to facilitate unique roleplay, so that each restaurant, as an example, can sell specific food, each coffee shop can sell specific types of coffee and so on.
  2. Unfortunately, you can't mute the city ambience sounds. But you can disable the native interior music and car radios:
  3. Steam version? If so, make sure that Steam is running before trying to connect to the server. Same for the Epic Games version.
  4. Have you tried reinstalling RageMP? Have you tried manually downloading server assets?
  5. GTA World Chat Log Assistant Explained Thanks to @Maple, extracting our chatlogs, despite it not being presently supported by RageMP, is possible. Some might find the application he made complicated to use, but fear none, I’ll explain how to download and use all features of it below. You can also check out the feature showcase section for more in-depth information. Follow the steps below to get the application: 1. Download it from Maple’s github: https://github.com/MapleToo/GTAW-Log-Parser/releases 2. Select ’’GTAWAssistant.exe” as seen below on the picture and it’ll start downloading. 3. In order to verify the hash and ensure that Maple isn't trying to hack into your computer, open your command prompt and use the following command after navigating to the installation folder with the appropriate cmd prompt commands: certutil -hashfile <file> sha256 4. Run the .exe and you should see this: 5. Click on ’’BROWSE” and navigate to your RageMP directory. It’s essential, because that’s how the application can access your chatlog. That’s about downloading and launching it for the first time. I highly recommend that you add ths application to the other apps launching along with Windows (or Linux/MacOS/whatever), such as for example steam, so you don’t have to to open it every time you want to go in-game It’s not a resource hungry thing, it barely eats any ram (if any at all). There’s several dropdown menus you can pick from: 1. Check For Updates — You can check whether there’s an update available on Github for the parser. Please do note that the user is responsible for downloading any updates, the application itself isn’t designed to do any sort of auto-updating. 2. Automatic Backup Settings — There’s many other settings you can modify here, mostly to your personal preference. Every option is pretty self-explanatory. See my settings below: 3. Filter Chat Log — This is where you can filter your chatlog itself. You can remove advertisements, OOC chat, emotes and whatnot all to your preference. You can even load old saved chatlogs and filter those, to your personal needs. 4. About — This is where you can check which version you’re running currently and some other technical data. The page in the middle can be used to quickly parse your current session’s chatlog, save it or copy it to your clipboard as seen down below: In the bottom left corner, you can tick and untick two options, again: based on your personal preference: I like timestamps, so I unticked the ’’Remove timestamps” option, but ticked the other one so I’m aware of any possible cool updates. In the right top corner, there's a few more options available. By clicking the gear icon, you can access the following page: Yet again, use your personal preference and play around with these to customize the parser the best you can! PARSER MINI Parser Mini is basically the minimalist version of GTA World Chat Log Assistant. You can parse, save and copy your current session’s chatlog, nothing less and nothing more. It’s intended to be easy to use and not so advanced. In order to download and use, visit Maple’s github, and download ’’ParserMini.exe”, then simply launch it and navigate to your RageMP folder. That's about it. Have fun!
  6. Here’s everything about the recently added stash system:
  7. How to change your forum name Changing your forum userrname is an easy process and costs only 30 World Points (WP). What is a World Point? Check out the guide made by @Bash to get a better explanation on that topic. First of all, you must have your forum account linked to your UCP account. @Everett's guide will help you with that. Ensure that it's done prior to moving onto the next steps: Follow the steps below in order to change your forum username: Visit https://ucp.gta.world/ and log in with your in-game account. Ensure that you have at least 30 World Points. If you do not, visit the World Points Shop to buy more: https://ucp.gta.world/funds Move to the top right corner of the page, click your username and access "My Profile": You should see your forum profile show up with your forum username and a gear icon (⚙) right next to it, given that you have already linked it to your UCP. Click on the gear icon to change your forum username. That's the whole process. Enjoy.
  8. One possible solution I can think of is redownloading all server files. Something might’ve gone wrong, maybe a corrupted file, causing the game to act erratically. It’s worth a try, to be honest.
  9. As stated above, simply visit the World Points Shop on the User Control Panel, buy at least 30 world points and then navigate to your profile at the top right corner. Ensure that you've already linked your forum account to your UCP account. Use this guide to complete that: Once done, you should see something like this: Click on the gear icon and change your name.
  10. this needs a singleplayer version for menyoo
  11. Roleplay is meant to go organic and as such if my story leads there, why not? It adds a lot to characters, change them and makes the whole idea of developing a character interesting. But of course, people shouldn't go out of their way to seek a relationship just for the sake of it. Family roleplay can also be made interesting, but as said above there's only a handful of people who'd do it long-term.
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