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  1. Hello! You can find them here: https://lssd.gta.world/viewtopic.php?f=137&t=20279
  2. I think we should be here to provide roleplay to the server, not use our tools to police the server on an OOC level. Those who provide subpar roleplay, or no roleplay at all, should be left for administrators to deal with. This is akin to repeatedly tasing people over and over because they do not respond to roleplay. We should not be using tools afforded to us in-character in order to enforce OOC server rules because someone (in our opinion) is a poor roleplayer.
  3. Great change. It's important to keep some law enforcement abilities regulated on an OOC level to ensure a fair balance for everyone involved. Criminal roleplayers who are targeted by this type of play to win behavior have no way of retaliating or countering these measures, and it simply sucks the fun out of their game and character development because someone in an air unit is bored. I'm glad this has been put in the rules as I believe it is only fair given the overall advantages LEO factions have. Tools offered to LEO factions should be used only to enhance roleplay and to respond to incidents when needed, not to target people who put a lot of roleplay into their characters and disallow them from enjoying the game.
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