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  1. jesus christ this shit scary lmao this is fucking awesome, i love it
  2. Revy.


    Probably a weird solution and I don't know why it worked, but if you have an AMD GPU, try fully closing the Radeon Software. I had this issue a few months ago and doing that fixed it for me.
  3. The length of a /me doesn't determine if a role-player is bad or good. /me's show the actions and emotions of your character that would be visible to others, or that would add substance to the role-play of other people. As long as your /me serves that purpose, it's alright. A terrible long /me. This is inciting metagaming, the other parties involved in the role-play won't know "the dude was being a dick" unless it was ICly expressed by Bae. It would probably be good if you detail your /me's but it's only ideal as long as it contains sufficient information for others to know what's going on — nothing more, nothing less. Short /me's shouldn't necessarily mean you're a bad role-player. You're just keeping your /me concise and to the point. In a nutshell, quality is paramount. If you're making short /me's, make sure it's full of quality. If you're making long /me's, it should also be quality. Don't be like Bae. To end this with a sweet little note, long /me's are not a sign of a good role-player. A good role-player is comprised of quality among many other things.
  4. I had the exact same questions over an year ago when I had never participated in illegal role-play before. I was actually quite keen on trying the illegal side after role-playing legal for years, I just didn't know how to let the ship sail. Luckily, I had a friend role-playing on the illegal side in a Russian Mafia. I talked to him and looked up their faction, researched a bit about it, and then eventually started hanging around at their bar to ICly build connections. There were some fuck ups from my side, with me being lost at times, having no idea what to do, but trust me these slip ups only make you better. I eventually settled in and learned the ins and outs of illegal role-play. Illegal role-play is fantastic. You just need research and a strong foundation for your character. Role-playing an average Joe who dives deeper and deeper into the illegal world wouldn't hurt, but there sure will be times that will kick you in the butt or make you find yourself in a difficult spot. Therefore, it's important to know what you're doing. If you put your hand into something you don't know about, that'll come back to haunt you. Don't just go for any faction with an average character who doesn't have much thought or effort put into their background. Look up factions, see what interests you, and research about that particular kind of faction. Then build a character with a background befitting the type of faction you're interested in. That's where you can start your IC journey. Building connections ICly, hanging around with those people, and eventually settling in. You'll probably need someone to hold your hand through the ropes and I'm sure there will be people willing to guide you and help you fit in if you're interested in a specific faction. It was a great step from your side to post this. You'd never progress if you keep things to yourself and not ask around. I hope what I've mentioned above helps you. Best of luck.
  5. good stuff dude, looking great so far
  6. This thread will showcase the character development of two Albanian-American brothers working for a livelihood in Los Santos.
  7. I don't mind this as I think it's a hassle to /id in someone's name to get their ID for paying cash or PMing them. However, I'd rather keep it as it is to avoid the clutter with someone's player ID visible at all times.
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