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  1. ShaqD

    Good luck, can wait to see y'all around!
  2. ShaqD

    I see you boys, good luck and take it far!
  3. ShaqD

    Looking good. Good luck!
  4. ShaqD

    Interacted with some of the boys, it was fun. Take it far fellas!
  5. ShaqD

    Glad to see another MC but trying something different, take it far boys!
  6. ShaqD

    I don't know how I didn't see this earlier, but that's some mad talent you have right there. Following this, hopefully we'll see more soon!
  7. ShaqD

    Fallen King From A Broken Reign 24 Hours later... All good things come to an end, and so did Jack's story. It was an absolute blast playing this character, with all the ups and downs, fun and sad moments. To see what this character was when I created it and what it developed into made me have a lot of fun and enjoy every single minute I played on him. For sure, it will have a special place in my memory. Maybe this is the end of GD, maybe not, only time will tell. It was amazing roleplaying with this faction, Gravedwellers is what brought me back to RP and for that, I have to thank every single person who was part of GD or interacted with the faction or my character at some point since I joined up until this day, y'all made it a really enjoyable experience. It's sad Jack's story comes to an end but I'll keep good memories from the past months, apart from meeting a lot of great people and a lot of great roleplayers, some of which I can call friends today. Thanks for this amazing run and everyone who contributed to it one way or another; See you on the road, fellas. DFFD.
  8. ShaqD

    Love the thread my man, eager to see more updates!
  9. ShaqD

    The scene was great indeed, I liked it a lot. Always fun to RP with you!
  10. ShaqD

    Great bar, gotta love it. Keep it up, Kirk!
  11. ShaqD

    Looking good, have fun and good luck!
  12. ShaqD

    - Night out -
  13. ShaqD

    This looks dope, following!
  14. ShaqD

    For a good cause.
  15. ShaqD

    Together we ride.