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  1. ShaqD

    - New Patch -
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    - Getting Patched -
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    - Back in the prospect days -
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    Looking good!
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    - Never too old to learn -
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    - Hunting night -
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    - New Blood - - Working After Hours -
  8. ShaqD

    Hell yeah, gotta' love this picture.
  9. ShaqD

    I totally forgot about this. I changed to the custom number and it works fine now, still, numbers starting with a 0 are not showing the first 0 on the new phone. For anyone with the same problem, change to the custom number or contact an admin about it. This post can be L&A whenever an admin feels like to.
  10. ShaqD

    Best of luck with the faction man!
  11. ShaqD

    I totally agree with you. I've never thought about it that way. I know it's the typical thing to do, create a mafia/triad and go on from there but your ideas are actually great. We are still thinking about it and considering other options but, since we have our characters already created it can be a pain to just throw it away and start again from scratch. That being said, I'll give it a second thought and see if I can come up with something different that brings something fun and entertaining to the server. I really appreciate the suggestions, opinions and ideas as they might change or way of seeing things and help us come up with something better than our original idea ?
  12. ShaqD

    Needless to say, we've thought about it for a fair amount of time. We've thought about what we could do RP wise, both legal and illegal, and we have a mental roadmap of what we want to do. Now, if we achieve it or not, is up to the RP situations we get involved in and the character/faction/group development we achieve. We thought of a triad because, like @PlayerX said, we were inspired by 'Sleeping dogs'. However, we are open to any suggestions and ideas and even open to change the whole mindset for something that could provide the same or similar RP we are looking for. This doesn't mean the idea is weak, but if it can't work out, maybe another kind of group/faction will, only time will tell, so we are open to change based on that. I'll gladly hear your suggestions and ideas to make something better. I'm always up for improvement and better RP after all, so all opinions are welcome! On another note, we don't want people to RP for the faction only. We want them to RP for themselves (as we don't want to make being a member a chore), and also providing a group they can rely on if needed and use it as a "social hub" where they can hang out with other members and stuff like that. We'll try to provide jobs, interesting RP and other RP oportunities to the people willing to join us and try to make the best out of it, as well as we expect them to bring RP oportunities and situations to themselves and develop their characters accordingly with those situations. By creating another chinese gang, it doesn't mean we don't like other factions/gangs RP or style. We just wanted to run a faction at least once instead of just being a member of an already existing one. Based on these reasons we decided to make a thread to look for participants. We don't know how much time we or anyone else will have to play, and we for sure don't know how this is going to develop down the road. For this reason, we are aiming for a smaller scale at the moment. We're not looking to make it an official faction as of yet. We're just looking to start something and see where the RP takes us. We can decide later where we want to go with this. If anyone is interested, feel free to PM me too.
  13. ShaqD

    So, my IG phone number starts with a 0, and as someone has brought to my attention, the new phone system doesn't show the first 0, making it so people can't reply to my texts or call. Is there a way to change the number or a fix for this? This never happened to me before. Edit: Apparently it works well, but I'll leave this post up to get an official answer or in case someone has a similar problem!