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  1. Drug update > Horses
  2. I think this is what people should be focusing on. We are all outsiders to the situation, but from the looks of the report it looks like everyone was in agreement. I'd like to see EVERYONE take it IC. What I mean by this, four LSPD officers were gunned down in broad day light. That's a situation with potential for tremendous amounts of RP. PD, you can crack the whip, get aggressive with them. They knew what they were getting themselves into when they shot those officers.
  3. So from what I understand, two if not possibly three cops were CKed today, will the department be making a statement about these events to the press/public? I feel like press releases/news conferences for many events including this would do well to help build up the IC world. Local news is important and PD press conferences and releases are really important to that. Will PD consider doing a press release for these events (Even a simple one could spark of great investigative journalism RP) and will the faction do better to release more press releases in the future, this on large busts, shootings and really any large call that you guys partake in.
  4. Title speaks for itself. Please remain civil and refrain from attacking one and other, I made this thread to open a dialog that I feel has been incredibly one sided up until this point.
  5. Yes, you really do. Gang culture, mob culture and criminal culture in general is very commonly misunderstood. This because media regularly romanticize the lifestyle of these people giving us the public a poor understanding of how these groups actually operate and interact. Not to mention the countless former criminal talking heads who spit bullshit about the former life they lived on TV and youtube. This leads to a misunderstanding of criminal organizations and quite frankly paints them all with incredibly broad strokes. The truth is, not every Crip or Blood set operates and acts the same. Mexican gangs, specifically sureno gangs have a whole different culture then they're African American counterparts, these organizations are not the same and to lump them together and say "Gang RPers should do this or Gang RPers should do that" without understanding the specific history and culture behind each individual gang is quite frankly, moronic. I'll close with your argument about 14/15 year olds RPing fear. It is very important to understand that these children grow up in an entirely different world then I'll assume you or I. They have grown up in a community where violence is the norm, a community where most of the big names coming out of it have a criminal past. Wrong or right, these individuals are looked up to and the stories they tell only influences the minds of the younger generation. While many of you are right about how the "OG's" of the 70's, 80's and early 90's wouldn't settle ever dispute with a gun. That does not change the fact that shootings have quickly become the preferred and almost sole tactic to handle disputes. At the end of the day, all those kids are trying to impress or at the very least not look weak in front their friends. This is they're life, this is what they grow up around. The sad truth is, the quickest way to become billy bad ass on the block is to shoot somebody. Plain and simple.
  6. Username: ConcernedCitizen85 Comment: North of the freeway, you deal with mobsters and greaseball thugs! South of the freeway you deal with gangs of the blacks and mexicans! I don't know what I'd rather deal with! Do I want to get roughed up by a bunch of wise guys or a bunch of Russian Dudes? Or do I wanna get shot in a drive by by a monkey with a gun who doesn't even know how to aim! I tell you this city has gone to HELL! I mean it! HELL! HELL! HELL! The police in this city do nothing! WHERES MY TAX MONEY GOING????
  7. Somebody who lets the story flow. Too many people don't let things come naturally, they make up their mind OOCly and force RP in that direction.
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