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  1. Henning

    Yeah and are you Lebron James? Lil Kim? You Chris Brown? No your not and neither is 99.9% of the server.
  2. Henning

    Yeah lets think realistically. Here is the average home price in the realistic counterparts to the areas you've suggested opening up.
  3. Henning

    What kind of suburban wonderland are you living in?
  4. Henning

    I’m pretty sure this is against the law... regardless what your asking for is for the staff team to add multi million dollar homes but the issue you see is, nobody RP’s a multimillionaire correctly. if I’m not mistaken Prop management said you’ll be able to request houses just like any other property, however your character is going to be scrutinized by staff to make sure your role playing your wealth correctly.
  5. Henning

    I have to admit, when jail was released and we lifers began interacting with the guards I immediately started picking favorites and "Ranking" your guys RP, not in a bad way I might add. More in a "This dude is my favorite to RP with" way. But to be honest? every interaction I've had with the guards has been amazing, frankly I can't even have a favorite because you guys have been so good. This is a faction that is RP 1st, success second, a rarity in law enforcement factions across all RP communities.
  6. Henning

    When I stole @Pascal's yacht and started the skinhead navy.
  7. Henning

    It has to be setup and managed by players, this has been stated by staff team before. If you think about it, a functioning RP high School is as big of an undertaking as the County jail that is currently being rolled out. Think about it, you have to have classes, teachers, schedules, facilities. Its a project that would only support about 15% of the characters on the server, meaning its not a project that the staff team views as an appropriate allocation of their time. Rightfully so.
  8. Henning

    Any script business (Tobacco shop, Liquor Store, Tattoo shop) Should not have an Pfee set as they make money from the scripted sale of goods and services already. You find any IG make sure to inform the property management team so they can correct the issue. +1 for this idea however the prices should be different. Gas stations normally charge nearly double for a single pack compared to tobacco shops.
  9. Henning

    Huh? I suggest you take some time to read through the LSSD’s materials for the prison and the faction in general. These aren’t just a random selection of LSPD players, these guys are well informed and have done the research. Many of them having very long RP resumés in both criminal and law enforcement factions. The jail was not made specifically to house both genders, as @Bospy has stated before, there is not enough female population to establish a female block or wing. Doing so would not only ruin RP for them, it would also ruin RP for the CO’s who have to man that wing/block. And while yes the server has a large female character population only a few of them actively RP as criminals. Take in to account time zones and activity? I doubt there will be much if any overlap between female and male prisoners. If problems do arise? It’s already been stated in this thread by staff and members of LSSD that females will automatically be removed from the main cell block.
  10. Henning

    Aryan Brotherhood/PENI and the Mexican Mafia are both well established IG, We need a black car that knows what they are ACTUALLY doing and not just using BGF for its name and status. I'd suggest speaking to @Thimble and @Vindus OOCly about how their prison factions have operated on the server, maybe they'll be able to put you in touch with some people who are knowledgeable AND interested in representing BGF.
  11. Henning

    take it far.