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  1. Nervous

    I'll re-increase it, it wasn't supposed to be so slow.
  2. Nervous

    Update 1.6.8c Additions Added /spectable to spectacte a blackjack game Re-added some old hair models Fixes Improved cruise control to be more realistic when turning Removed cruise control from motorcycles Fixed multiple blackjack bugs
  3. It is no surprise to most of you that over the last few days things have been moving quickly in the staff team. Following Maca's resignation, Eyebrows and Rukka are also departing. We've had months of conflicts and miscommunication that collectively led to a wall for all of us and started to affect our friendship and health. We spent three days together discussing how to fix the communication issues, as well as attempting to find solutions to the arguments we were having in the past. While we could all agree on the end goal, we could not agree on the methods to reach that goal. We concluded that it was best if we parted ways until a future date. Eyebrows' replacement as head of Faction Management is impossible, as her work was appreciated by everyone. She put thousands of hours into shaping the server standards into where they are today and helping most of you the best she could. We cannot thank her enough for all the work she put in publicly and behind the scenes. Some of you obviously had open conflicts with the Faction Management team and expressed them. While some concerns were legitimate, most reports against Faction Management were as a result of them maintaining a high roleplay standard across all factions. These complaints were players choosing to report Faction Management instead of improving themselves or their factions. A new head of Legal Faction Management will be appointed in the near future. In the meanwhile all Faction Management requests must be redirected to me where I will forward them to the team. Since I'll be actively participating in reshaping FM, I will be a direct witness to factions being unwilling to work with Faction Management and instead opting to report them. These of you who are targeted by this message will know who you are. I already warned you that I will be stricter than ever on your roleplay standards. While the methods used by Faction Management will be different, we still plan on enforcing high standards on all factions. As for everyone else, I wish to express that Faction Management is not going away and it is not changing its end goal: Helping factions, improving faction roleplay and the overall server standards with them. Some changes that were already started by Rukka and Eyebrows are going to be pushed soon in a more visible way for everyone: IC endpoints: Faction Management decisions to improve the server will go through IC decisions and characters to manage IC flow of the server in a natural way instead of adhering to some articifial OOC constructs. An example would be the governor that will influence the current mayor and put actual political pressure from the State Government that the mayor will have to weight against the scenario in an IC manner. For illegal factions, it can live through suppliers with specific backgrounds as it was already happening. More autonomy & trust for factions, but stricter expectations: This was already an ongoing discussion I had with Eyebrows and a subject that mattered to many factions to avoid the feeling of being micromanaged. Faction Management will set clear goals based on what they observe, and will then regularly meet with the faction leader to evaluate the progression toward that goal, while giving more trust and autonomy on the road to reach it. Invite every relevant stakeholders around the table to reshape Faction Management: Faction leaders and current FM members will all speak together to make sure we restart on a clean base for everyone, and give a chance to any leaders to express any concerns or issues they might have had. Supplier applications : All the pending applications will be answered in the next 72 hours if positive In a final comment, despite all our disagreements and conflicts I would want to thank you one last time for everything you achieved as Head of Faction Management, Eyebrows. I hope that you'll look as proud as I was when looking at how we progress in the future. Everyone is obviously free to message me on Discord as usual for any concerns or discussions.
  4. Nervous

    If you use any channel to be IC, yes it must be approved by FM / PM (if business), and one must be in there to monitor.
  5. Nervous

    Update 1.6.8a Additions Added cruise control: Press DEL key and your vehicle will now go forward automatically, allowing you to keep roleplaying in the meanwhile! Fixes Fixed some server crashes related to blackjack Fixed a bug where modifying your clothes / hairs / character wouldn't save before 5 minutes Increased /removetable distance by 2.5 meters
  6. Nervous

    Update 1.6.8 Additions Blackjack games are now available! Buy a deck of cards at your local 24/7! Added 40 new hairs! (Some hairs seems to be missing) Changes Furniture prices have all been decreased by 50% to allow every players to afford furnishing their home Modified the chat timestamp system Interiors 68 and 200 will not force a freeze state on the player entrance anymore You may be required to delete the following files for the new hair mod to work: C:/RageMP/client_resources/ C:/RageMP/client_resources/
  7. If you have troubles downloading the files, use the available link on the discord channel #join-us If you have any problems with the mods, first try to delete the following: C:/RageMP/client_resources/ C:/RageMP/client_resources/ C:/RageMP/client_resources/ C:/RageMP/client_resources/ If you don't see the new clothes (socks, bags) or invisible legs on players and tried previous method, delete the following: C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Rockstar Games\ (make a backup before as it might delete your saves if it's local)
  8. Nervous

    So which path exactly did you delete? It's interesting
  9. Nervous

    Update 1.6.7c Changes New FD vehicles will soon be visible in the streets of Los Santos, thanks to @Spartan for the modding work! Added hundreds of new clothing items / accessories, most of them will be added in a new category named "Decals": Added undershirt 158 and invisible legs on slot 13 for females (to go with socks) Added two new help categories: Poker & Blackjack Fixes Fixed text "Get an haircut" to "Get a haircut" at the barbershop Fixed weed HP boost Fixed weapon components sync, final tests to be performed before they're added as a feature available to everyone All cars will now require insurance Fixed "undefined text" error when hiring a new employee Fixed some crashes RageMP improvements Improve objects streaming times Improve players/vehicles streaming times Improve vehicle streaming when game engine limits are reached Moved some streaming code into new thread, effectively offloading main steaming thread Fixed a bug preventing shooting "lag compensation" from working properly in some cases Fixed vehicle wheels custom tires enabled when it should not be Anticheat improvements Fixed server-side player.weaponAmmo / player.getWeaponAmmo(hash); server update is not required For this update to properly work, you may need to delete the following folders: C:/RageMP/client_resources/ C:/RageMP/client_resources/ C:/RageMP/client_resources/
  10. Nervous

    Update 1.6.7a & b Changes CEF size is now fitting the screen size Fixes Fixed most "Connection lost" errors thanks to RageMP team Fixed multiple server crashes : the server stability is now back to a good level, with more than 30 hours without manual restarts from Sunday to Monday Fixed a permission bypass for tenants with /fsearch Fixed SMS chats deletion Fixed Streiter and Torrence inventory size
  11. The adventure of GTAW started two years ago for me and few others here, we've shared a lot of moments and I would love to read a bit more about what was your most memorable moment you've witnessed and participated in on the server. While I have hundreds of memorable moments with many of you through various interactions or with funny moments in the administration team during these two years, what I'll always remember is the day we launched GTAW on RageMP. I never did hide that the fights with external attackers that led to the purchase of GTMP to prevent us from hosting the server and to kill the emulator almost put me on a full depression IRL. Taking the decision to seat on my chair for three weeks with the help of @-Andreas and fully focus on adapting the gamemode to a completely different emulator (RageMP) while everything was off in the meanwhile was a decision I almost didn't take nor make, I wasn't far from just closing everything. But the entire community motivated me and pooled together to support the development team while the server was off. I spent almost 12 hours a day for three weeks to get the server back up as soon as possible and in a stable state. Once I was finished, I never thought that everyone would come back after a 3 weeks downtime, but that we would actually double our population. While we were 70-80 online on GTMP, we ended up more than 200 on the first day of RageMP. Most of you didn't know and never knew how much this meant to me, it was a great achievement to bring the server back so quick but it was mostly heartening to see everyone come back stronger than ever and that they brought all their friends with them. So this was my most memorable moment on GTAW history, the day I saw my community rise up again from the ashes stronger than ever whereas I thought I had failed you. So, what's your story?
  12. Nervous

    10.0 Robbing and Scamming  It is only permitted to rob another player for a maximum of $5,000. It is only permitted to scam another player for a maximum of $75,000. It is not allowed to scam properties. These include and are limited to vehicles and real estate. There are no limitations on drug and weapon scams, or on loans (a namechange / CK during an active loan will lead to your money being removed and given back to the loan contract owner). This applies to both scamming a player for a drugs or weapons and for scamming a player for money off a drug or weapon scam.
  13. Nervous

    Update 1.6.7 Additions Added a new unmarked LEO vehicle Unmarked Scout Added two new civilian vehicles Annis Kawaii Benefactor Streiter Added the new vehicle mileage & anti-theft system from our previous devblog: Changes Fuel consumption per vehicle has been decreased You can now decrease your maximum business components to 5000 instead of 15000 Fixes Typing labels are now back Weapons & items will now properly drop on the ground when a player is killed by another player Fixed multiple server crashes Big thank you to @Oggy for his amazing work on new vehicle mods!
  14. Nervous

    I keep spamming RageMP about this, no update so far 😕 It's an issue on their side that got brought with a recent small update, as you can all perfectly connect on the dedicated server through the test server but not the main.
  15. Nervous

    It's planned when we'll be able to. RIght now the outfits are taking a huge amount of resources to handle as they're time consuming to request on DB size due to the amount of information it must contain, as soon as we fix the server stability i'll re-optimize some stuff on outfits which will allow for more outfits. But for now it's a no for everyone to avoid unnecessary lags. Soon though!