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  1. Nervous


    Updated with commands
  2. Update 1.9.5f Additions Added /injuries to /examine on wounded / dead players Added /bra on/off Added /cdamages to see damages on a corpse Added /loudspeaker Added new animated flags in Outdoors furnitures from @Hood: Current health will now be printed under /stats Made some changes to drugs All drugs will now have their benefits reached after 1 minute instead of 3 All drugs will now have a longer visual effects Cocaine / crack / mushrooms visual effect will now last 15 minutes Weed / steroids / LSD / heroin / Ecstasy / Meth / PCP visual effect will now last 10 minutes Changes /harvest seed will now have only 50% chance to give you a second seed You do not need to be sitting in a taxi anymore to receive a taxi call
  3. When it's playable. Right now it's not, that's why no real servers switched yet. RageMP are still actively working on it.
  4. No, the "already coded" thing works horribly, it looks super stupid and bad ingame. We will not add horses on GTA for now. Horse races are coming, but not horses.
  5. There isn't much possibility to "regulate" this that wouldn't harm regular players. One of the solutions would be to add a tax when you purchase a used vehicle to another player of let's say 4-5% of the MP, which would cut margins of dealerships.
  6. Update 1.9.5e Additions Added new wheels for vehicles thanks to @Marksman https://imgur.com/a/7xqBCHW (full album) SPORT - 5 wheels MUSCLE - 2 wheels SUV - 7 wheels OFFROAD - 2 wheels TUNER - 5 wheels BIKE - 3 wheels Finger pointing is back when using B! Beard masks are back available Added 240 new furniture objects Overhauled Vapid Torrence Overhauled trunk, fixing a reflection bug awsell as making the car look genuinely nicer Fixed missing mod kit, the vehicle is now moddable with multiple grills, spoilers and skirts Reworked police interceptors Added sheriff textures for police interceptors Changes You can now /sellhouse back to the script even if you purchased it during the past 14 days PD and SD can now lock/unlock their respective dynamic doors You'll now keep $1000 in your commissary account in jail instead of $150 Fixes Fixed a bug where businesses wouldn't receive the government bonus
  7. If you're making 2k profit with a nightclub and think that it cost you 21k and you only get 20k from gov bonus, you're doing it completely wrong, and I start to feel that taking your hands by giving bonuses isn't the solution if you only rely on that. Night clubs should make money on entrances and drinks, if you sell drinks at $5 it's your own problem. If you don't charge at the entrance, it's also your problem. You can also charge VIP areas, and other creative services that you can come up with. I'm really not sure what's the problem here.
  8. Please follow the suggestion format and don't post duplicate suggestions (game suggestions include 10 of these)
  9. Update 1.9.5d Additions Added a new business : Jail commissary shop. Prisoners can now purchase many items to use Added a new /releaseme location in the jail Fixes Fixed a bug where property limits per character wasn't properly taken into account and was always limited to 2 Fixed a bug where businesses were not properly receiving the government paycheck Optimized server restart time as it has been taking longer to restart the past 2 days due to a bug You can now rent from inside a property and a multi-interior apartment Attempt to fix a bug where furnitures would sometimes disappear while a player is furnishing his house
  10. You need to read the rules, shops which sells low values items are included and can use it. If you have a 24/7 then yes obviously you're not included as you'll make back the money quite quick compared to what you spent.
  11. You need to read the rule properly, you're included in that.
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