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  1. Nervous

    Been locked home for two weeks now, not so terrible. My work is going to be reduced to 50% activity but we keep getting paid the same thanks to being in France so it's more vacation time in the end on our end. Will be locked down for 4 more weeks at the moment. I'm quite concerned about US handling of the incident though.
  2. Nervous

    The business owners in Sandy can pay higher if you deliver, they set the price themselves. If they don't put it higher it's because there are still truckers to do the job at these current prices. It's not something we will regulate on our side.
  3. Nervous

    I'll lock this as it's not planned at all to introduce such feature. It completely ruined LSRP's economy, everyone agrees on that, they admitted it too, and made it impossible for them to do anything about the economy without wiping everything, which they never did. While it's a great feature to keep people online (you make millions after 1000+ hours or so), that's not what we aim for nor what our server stands for. We don't care much about the player count, we care about the quality, and this feature is the complete opposite of quality roleplay.
  4. Nervous

    I'm going to lock this. Creating a thread and raising your friends to spam it and your message isn't how we work in this community, and i'll start dropping some bans next time it happens. If you have a good suggestion to improve the server (which in your case isn't), feel free to post it. You don't need friends to upvote it and post useless message on it if it's a good and reasonable one, other players will debate, discuss and comment it. That's how we do things here, not like savages.
  5. Nervous

    Update 1.8d Additions Added smileys to phone messages Added a new SD vehicle Fixed Optimized phone new contact addition and fixed a server crash related to it /fixloc will now properly teleport you at the property's entrance if you're stuck in it /bdeliverypoint can now be used even if your business is inside a property Using /startshipment with crates inside your vehicles that are not needed by any biz will now properly print an error Attempt to fix the random vehicle burnout sync issues
  6. I'm pretty sure you can use the search function to find what you're looking for and read the suggestion rules too. It's been suggested before and answered, you can read there !
  7. Nervous

    1.1 is not fake, I participated in finding all the bugs to be fixed. Give them time, it's not like the mod desesparetly needs an update anyway, it's great and it's the only mod allowing 1500+ players without much flaws on a single server. I'll lock this as there is nothing to discuss about this subject.
  8. Nervous

    Update 1.8c Fixed Lot of bug fixes related to the new furniture system Entering a property from a smart TP will now properly spawn objects Fixed a bug where some furnitures, even when sold, would remain visible Fixed /seizeitem not properly removing the item from the inventory When on duty as police or fire you can now use /glasses and other clothing commands to restore your uniform, previously it'd load your off duty outfit and you had to go on duty again. Property house icons now show the right location in the right dimension of its exterior (Was an issue for properties made inside other properties). Drastic improvement of the server stability Temporarely disabled fuel / mileage system for a few days
  9. Nervous

    There has been new vehicles, clothes, hairs added already. Each clothes added removes a slot for a vanilla one atm as ragemp only allows 255 clothes of each types. We need to wait for 1.1 and we'll add more.
  10. Nervous

    Update 1.8b  Additions The furniture system has been revamped, what was changed with this new system? Furniture loading is now 10x faster fixed "connection lost" problems that some players were having Improved server resources usage and overall sync Daily restart will not be needed anymore /preload, /reloadprop and /fixinvi should not be needed anymore Remaining days of insurance will now be printed in /vstats You can now add a comment when using /banktranfer Fixed Players who were having "Connection lost" issues when attempting to connect on the server should now be able to play Note: The new furniture system now has an "edit mode" and "visit mode", it's invisible for you. Players who furnishes their home might notice some objects reload/change of lights in their interior when opening the furniture menu, it means you've switched into the edit mode which needs more server resources than the "visit mode". Dynamic door state isn't properly saving yet, it'll be fixed soon.
  11. Nervous

    Update 1.8  As previously announced, we've kept releasing new features as soon as they were ready to avoid having many crashes as we had with 1.6 or 1.7 by releasing many features at the same time. 1.8 is just another feature finished on top of all the others. We've massively changed how some of our core code works to keep improving the server stability and synchronization, which will still be my own main focus for the next days and weeks. We've also some very cool addition coming soon, so stay tuned! Additions Added an evidence locker : Your character skin is now visible from the character selection Changes Modified the entire customization backend to improve server stability and synchronization Improved the morgue menu Fixed Fixed some businesses exterior blips Blank bullets will not drop shell casings anymore Blocked some PD/SD/FD uniforms from civilians customition Fixed some problems with faction garages
  12. Nervous

    done on next restart
  13. Nervous

    Update 1.7.9  Additions New garage spawning system for factions and businesses. It is now CEF based with a filter menu up top to get the right vehicle in a long list: Changes Uniforms for factions with the uniform system can now have up to 20 uniforms saved instead of the previous 5 Rain percentage mathematics have been altered for the summer season. Renting a vehicle can now only be done by new characters (< 10 hours) The native GTA radio will now be disabled in your vehicles if you're using the XM radio Fixed You no longer have to spam the Y button for the garage spawner to pop up Vehicles would show uninsured on the MDC but valid In game, this is now equal to one another Weather suddenly changing back to rain on the hour
  14. We've just reached 400 players online for the first time since October 2017: It's a massive achievement that was reached thanks to all your support and all the friends you brought here. So thank you everyone!
  15. Nervous

    Update 1.7.8d  Changes A new weather system has been implemented to not be dependent of an API, we now stored on our side weather values of Los Angeles areas to use them directly during the year The weather will now be a bit more smooth : rain will only come after some clouds, and after rain stops it won't be fully sunny anymore. We've added some basic "smart weather" system /arrestcounty can now be used to extend current county jail time When arresting a player, you can now specify a cellID, or male/female/isolation Fixed Running out of fuel will now properly prevent you from using your vehicle Fixed 8 server crashes Fixed multiple problems with the phone system, you'll not be able to SMS offline players anymore unless they were online since last restart at least once Fixed a bug where the character's money would disappear if he was re-jailed