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  1. Nervous

    Update 1.8.9a Additions Added /pbreakin for LSPD property breaches Added two new PD duty points Added colors for administrators names Changes Suspended licenses are now visible in /licenses Fixes LFMaverick will now properly be considered as an helicopter Fixed the Rebla inventory
  2. Nervous

    That seems fine by me
  3. Nervous

    I'll lock this as everyone is talking about the dark web whereas it was already denied. Please re-submit specific suggestions for each feature, removing the dark web, cellphone hacking and knives.
  4. Nervous

    Just buy more items directly from the Y menu, then you just need to /createdrink with the same ID that you'll get once from /inv. Having a generic item will kill the economy surrounding drinks / alcohol, and you'll still need to /inv. Basicly it'll just solve your purchase step. I'll lock this.
  5. Nervous

  6. Nervous

    Update 1.8.9 Additions The garbage job has been revamped You'll now need to /settrashlocation in front of your house (remember to place it on a realistic area near your house) Garbage men will now drive around the city to pick up garbage bags in front of houses
  7. Nervous

    As a matter of fact, writer of this thread is Rexsmithy. 🤓
  8. Nervous

    I'll lock this as unfortunately it seems many of the people complaining are known ban evaders, punished players for poor roleplay or OOC trades themselves, and yet they come here to push up their agenda. It's very funny that we can read all these complains but I've yet to hear anything on FM side or witness a lack of player reports from the areas mentioned here. The only complaints I receive about OOC trades are from a ban evader who reports these, but complainers here are not even bothering. There is a problem no? The staff isn't supposed to do everything for you and deliver it to you with a golden spoon, you're part of this community too. Report things in formal faction reports in our forum PMs and stop complaining in random places.
  9. Nervous

    /createscene is here to give information that should be visible but aren't, and are really important for everyone's roleplay. Advertising isn't a part of it, it is indeed script abuse. I'll update the command to add a warning about it.
  10. Nervous

    Update 1.8.8c Additions Added /settrashlocation to set the location for garbage men to pick up your garbages. Please make sure it is a realistic position outside your house. Fixes Fixed a bug where dropping items on the ground wouldn't properly update the new owner after picking it up, especially when it was not a unique item (bullets, drugs etc) Fixed a bug where dropping items on the ground would sometimes allow the initial owner to get the items back after relogging
  11. Nervous

    First, can you please write properly before you're banned from this forum. It seems that you're using all your energy to write like a 5 years old kid. It's painful for our eyes. Second, this is not a "noob" paycheck. A "noob" actually grinds when joining the server and does that for days until he can buy a car. To prevent that here, we implemented this paycheck so no one has to grind. Join any other server as a new player and see how your adventure goes compared to here with this system. It'll remain, it doesn't inflate economy since it's paid by the city and thus your taxes.
  12. Nervous

    There has never been a single case of a player banned for using FiveM or RageMP. As soon as you don't modify your game by yourself with specific mods to go online, you're good. You can use 1 GTA / folder for RageMP and GTA Online, no issue with that.
  13. Nervous

    It does. It includes 3 advanced scenarios on top of all the rules questions. However as you can imagine every applications, even if it takes 3 hours to write, have their limits. You are our wall against noob and bad roleplayers ingame, through your /report. We instantly ban new players who have no RP knowledge. Making a thread to complain about it without reporting them will not solve anything. There are currently 200 applications per day instead of 50, so it means that while usually we could have 2-3 bad apples coming ingame, we now have x5 this amount so potentially 10 per day. Most of them will give up very quick, the others are banned after a /report. All it takes is 2 minutes of player awareness to /report and let us ban them once we spectate them. So I'll repeat this again and again, /report. There is no perfect application system and there will never be. People cheat, people ask friends, there will be few bad apples, it's your role to detect them and ours to ban them. Obviously a lot of new players also means a lot of potentially good roleplayers but not as good as you or others here who have spent two years roleplaying with our values. It's also your role such as ours to teach them and make them improve. More new players means more of them, we're not going to completely close the server just because there are new players. The staff team is working very hard to handle it, we expect you to do your part of the job in this community too. /report.
  14. Nervous

    Update 1.8.8b Changes Farming income per grain has been decreased from $150 to $80 Fixes Fixed a bug where sometimes random text labels would change to "Farm soil" Fixed a bug where "Farm soil" text labels would turn into a Poker lobby text Fixed a bug where receiving a "Grain" item wouldn't properly save it in the database Fixed speed limiter not properly working anymore Fixed furnitures disappearing while placing them
  15. I'll lock this. Yes you'll find miracles of people surviving 10 shots in the head, yes you'll find people killing others for no reason in real life. In a world of 7 billions individuals and internet age I don't expect less. These do not have their place in roleplay. You do not roleplay the 0.000000001%, you do roleplay the 99.99% regular life and behavior. If you want to roleplay something truly unique that almost never happens IRL, you can contact the staff with your project and we will study it to make sure you're fit to roleplay it. Otherwise ? You're just another DMer or troll that wants to win a situation, that's how I see it.