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  1. Nervous

    Update 1.5 Stage 1/3 Since we've focused most of our developemnt resources on stability improvements, crash fixes and reducing latency, we have had to delay some content from update 1.5. In order to avoid delaying features that are ready and tested we will be deploying the update 1.5 in 3 stages with a new feature at each stage. Additions On top of the furniture system, you'll now be able to completely change GTA interiors and use previously broken interiors such as drug labs, after hours nightclubs.. The menu is available next to the furniture menu when pressing I: Fixes Fixed multiple server crashes
  2. Nervous

  3. Nervous

  4. Nervous

    Unbanned from discord.
  5. Nervous

    Update 1.4.9a Additions An important amount of optimizations were performed during the week to improve the server stability and reduce the lag to a minimum, we will keep focusing on these optimizations for the next week too Fixes Fixed a bug where pressing Y would take out your weapon Fixed a bug where the inventory would only print 1 drug instead of all your drugs Fixed a bug where your safe menu wouldn't show all your items Fixed a bug where "using" a weapon from the menu would make it disappear Fixed business icons not properly loading on the map If the business was inside a property
  6. Nervous

    Please write an essay on the following subject : Human races: biological reality or cultural delusion?
  7. Nervous

  8. Nervous

    Handled by Ikechukwu
  9. Nervous

    You're not getting another chance, as you're part of Rico's DM group.
  10. Nervous

    Nice try Rico, nice try.
  11. We definitely don't need to "advertise" more at the moment. We're going at 100+ applications a day these past days and we need to make sure we can control quality.
  12. Nervous

    It should work now.
  13. Nervous

    Please /vscrap the vehicle, once done post here again and show us the screen. Then the refund will be 45k.
  14. Nervous

    Refunded for 450 refined aluminium
  15. Nervous

    There is a bug with the menu system that only shows one drug, can you check your safe inventory out of the menu? And in which property is your safe ? (id)