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  1. Nervous

    This is due to the latest version of Nvidia driver, I have the exact same issue. Downgrade below 430.
  2. Nervous

    Update 1.5.5g Additions Added /namephone to give a name to your phone (such as "work", "home" etc.) /setmainphone can now be used with the short name /myphones will now show if the phone is OFF or ON Fixes Roadblocks will now only spawn in their initial dimension instead of all dimensions The menu will not print a JSON error anymore when trying to open a content that is too big for nativeui Accepting a business offer cannot be spammed anymore /bfire should now properly work
  3. Nervous

    It is currently included in it, I'm pretty sure it's not in the rules v2 we're preparing though.
  4. Nervous

    Update 1.5.5f Additions Added /reloadprop [administrators] Your character will not go into a phone animation anymore when being called, only on /pickup The 911 map will now show the phone number used to call instead of the character custom number (after MDC update) Improved some various logs on businesses and custom item creations
  5. Nervous

    Please give me your latest Windows 10 update and drivers update on this thread, it seems the issue is also on Eclipse and other servers atm so it's most likely an update related issue from Microsoft or Nvidia
  6. Nervous

    Is it still happening now after the restart? Can you list all your specs and If you recently updated any drivers?
  7. Nervous

    The map is user friendly and helps everyone get around in the map, the map IS your gps. It's not planned to be changed for now.
  8. Nervous

    Fixed on next update.
  9. /bad only became a problem when garages got their icons removed. The only business owners making tons of money are the ones complaining? I'm not surprised. No /bad won't change, it was here since launch and no one ever complained before garage owners stepped in. As for perks, they're cosmetics and not modifying any of the other players gameplay. You never had access to /bad or to an icon on SAMP, and yet everyone could roleplay perfectly and never complained about such a feature missing. When we had to think of how we do not go into a pay2win asset system like every other servers, we thought about some potentially non impacting feature that we could add and immediately restrict to donators, /bad was one of them. You might want to prefere donators having unique vehicles or houses etc, I do not want this at all on GTAW, and It's not going to change soon. As for why we do not just remove all perks and only offer donations, well, while I have no doubt you're full of generosity, I cannot pay thousands alone every month, not by receiving 5€ / week through a non perk donation system.
  10. Nervous

  11. Nervous

    It's already been explained and suggested, It's being worked on, no need to suggest/resuggest this.
  12. Nervous

  13. Nervous

    /togad is not donator only, it is free to use by everyone.
  14. Nervous

    Check out our latest update that will help you a bit.
  15. Nervous

    Update 1.5.5e Additions Added /removelock to remove a lock from one of your doors /ad, /cad and /bad are now on their own cooldown instead of sharing a common one, however abusing /ad to advertise your business instead of using /cad or /bad will now be forbidden to avoid spam of ads for a specific business Fixes Fixed 2 server crashes