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  1. Nervous

    You need to read this 🙂
  2. Nervous

    Update 1.4.0b Additions Faction members can now furnish an interior belonging to their faction, If the property owner allows it The Fire Department can now use /roadblock Changes Your shift will not stop anymore If you enter a property belonging to your business All NPC owned businesses of a specific type will now be disabled in a 1km range instead of 500m If there is an active roleplay business opened Fixes Fixed a server crash on car modding Fixed a bug where a faction member was still required to operate a garage Fixed /bleave, it'll now automatically leave your current business
  3. Nervous

    L&A per owner request.
  4. Username: IvanKaBestAh Comment: yo ivanka spoke truth she real yuo dum or wht
  5. Nervous

    I checked your evading account after getting some suspicious reports of more harassments, which were found. You have been as far as creating groups of girls on discord and entrap them in saying you didn't harass them to take screenshots so you can use that to defend yourself. This is borderline mental illness. When you PM a hooker and mix IC/OOC by claiming you hope this is a real girl and then contact that person again everyday to speak with her, that's called targeted OOC harassement. I don't want to see this here, you were given a second chance and you miserably failed at it. Do not send any more of your girls in my discord PM to spam me as you did for months, as I told them the next one will get a permban too.
  6. Nervous

    It's already planned, I'll close this suggestion as It as already been suggested and it's of course in our pipeline 🙂
  7. Nervous

    Update 1.4.0a Additions You can now be a business employee and have another job (taxi, police, mechanic..) Changes Decreased the job switch cooldown back to 2 days (business contracts remains 7 days minimum) Fixes Fixed a bug in animation synchronization, where sometimes a player would be stuck in friskstance. Fixed a bug where animation objects would spawn in all dimensions instead of in 1 dimension only. Reverted the new phone system back to the old system until we find out the issues.
  8. I might remove employee / job link so that you can still use a main job, I'll discuss it with some admins and get more feedbacks.
  9. Nervous

    Yes It's already planned to not make it go bigger by distance.
  10. Nervous

    You can still keep factions for companies.
  11. You may now request /construction rights again in /reports, for your business customization if outdoor, or for temporary events! Pascal edit: This will be limited to business properties for now, as the more objects that are outside, the more unstable object streaming will become. You may request mapping temporarily for events outside, however they'll need to be cleared later. Houses that already have exterior mapping will still keep their mapping and won't be deleted, and we will be adding a system in the future that will allow owners to map outside their properties nearby their entrance (whilst limiting the number of objects placed outside).
  12. Nervous

    A manager rank is going to be added during the weekend too, following some feedbacks.
  13. With the new system, most businesses do not need a faction anymore. Vehicle fleets can be used from /bgarage, same for properties (/pbusiness) and vehicles (/vbusiness). The recruitment is used with /brecruit, you will need to recruit all your member in the business for them to use it. Remember to use /vunfaction and /pfaction for your faction vehicles/properties first too! We will go through every faction businesses to remove them one by one unless you need them for a specific reason.