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  1. Nervous

    We're 2.5 years old not 5 years old ­čÖé But glad to see that nostalgia of early days is already here!
  2. Nervous

    U´╗┐pdate 1.7.6b Additions Added 1 new police armory and 2 new duty points Fixes Weed reagents and the seed will not be removed from your inventory anymore if the seed cannot be placed Fixed a bug where players were able to drive SD vehicles SD will now be notified in case of house alarms SD will now have access to ALPR functions if equipped on the vehicle
  3. Nervous

    U´╗┐pdate 1.7.6a Additions Caller's name is now included in 911 calls for contract phones Added "County Jail" help menu in /help Fixes Fixed /jailduty Respawning inside the jail will now properly work Being arrested twice will not wipe your money anymore Fixed multiple server crashes Fixed a bug where prisoner's skin would be incorrect
  4. Nervous

    U´╗┐pdate 1.7.6 Additions The County Jail is now opened! The roleplay will start later tonight but the new systems are now live. The MDC v2 has now been released thanks to the web development team, with a new design and many new features : Future jail county criminal roleplayers are invited to join https://discord.gg/wrRXNWT as they'll be given the "inmate" role Fixes SD can now use spikes SD can now use /panic
  5. Nervous

    Updated with commands
  6. The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department We are excited to announce the fact that the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department will be starting operations on Sunday the 19th of January. The introduction of this faction brings many exciting opportunities to both criminal and county roleplayers alike. While the Sheriff's Department will be a law enforcement agency that aims to provide law enforcement roleplay in the county outside Los Santos itself, it also operates the brand new Twin Towers County Jail. The new County Jail allows for a total revamp of the criminal justice system on the server. Criminal roleplayers will now be able to spend their sentences in an environment that encourages roleplay, both between inmates and with Sheriff's Deputies. Aside from your basic cell block there will be opportunities to roleplay around the jail in environments like the yard and mess hall, there will be plenty of ways to spend your time and even work around the county jail. Not all inmate roleplay has to be restricted to the jail though, seeing we are excited to be hosting work parties around the state of San Andreas. Furthermore, the opportunity to be released early on Parole also exists. Although the County Jail may be a bit bare bones at first, we plan to introduce plenty of exciting new features to make the jail environment even better as we go on. The Sheriff's Department aims to bring the best possible jail roleplay environment to the criminal roleplayers of GTA World and it hopes to succeed in doing so. We hope you enjoy the County Jail! We also invite all future prison faction leaders to contact illegal FM to get your specific needs set up! The LSSD team
  7. Nervous

    U´╗┐pdate 1.7.5c Additions Added two new administration tools for teleporting and monitoring vehicles Added a "fast track" connection lane after a server crash - you should now reconnect quicker and the overall server lag should be drastically decreased after a restart (instead of the usual 5 minutes lags) Fixes Fixed various bugs with teleports : teleporting from a property inside a property into dimension 0 will now properly work, same for the opposite travel Entering a property B within a property A through a teleport inside the property A (yes I know... it gets complicated for me too) will now properly spawn the objects of property B (!!!) Optimized the property objects destroy function to never be bypassed, reducing the amount of "Connection lost" bugs Optimized the SMS system Fixed cuff models on female characters Fixed jail uniforms Fixed multiple server crashes, we've made great progress on the stability this past week and we shall now be heading toward no crashes at all except the daily restarts (until next broken update obviously)
  8. Nervous

    U´╗┐pdate 1.7.5b Changes Nametags drawing distance has been drastically decreased (15x shorter) when the player is inside a vehicle : you'll need to be next to it to see the name Reduced liquor stores blips size Fixes Fixed a chat bug where typing would sometimes trigger your game's keys Fixed small lags related to the SMS system Fixed /fixveh, will now properly teleport your vehicle on your next /vget ALPR system will not hit your own car anymore
  9. Nervous

  10. Nervous

    U´╗┐pdate 1.7.5a Changes Reworked the SMS system to optimize it and attempt the server's main crash issue Improved character loading optimization to reduce potential small lags Fixes Fixed /cuff showing the wrong models Fixed bags models Fixed tattoos not removing clothes properly Fixed a bug where going offduty with a badge would make the badge appear again after leaving a vehicle
  11. Nervous

  12. Nervous

    U´╗┐pdate 1.7.5 Additions Added a new modding system allowing the addition of custom made clothing without modifying existing outfits of players, following the release of a major mod of new clothes for legal factions such as outfits for sheriffs, FD, PD etc. With the release of this system, we're now very close from releasing the LSSD & the county jail as it was the last major development step : ´╗┐A´╗┐dded /releaseme to be released from the county jail, after being escorted at the exit Added new PD/SD customization commands: /bikehelmet, /motorhelmet, /policehat, /policehat2, /sheriffshat Added new /equipment customization features: /equipment armour, /equipment badge, /equipment gasmask FD and SD will now have access to /equipment customization commands Added more blacklisted clothes to prevent usage of unrealistic clothing by players PD, SD and FD can now bypass customization blacklists through their own customization system We've changed the UI : It'll now show the property name instead of the map street name if you're inside a property! Changes /useitem will now display your inventory if the itemID is left blank Fixes When being released from the county jail, you'll now properly get back your money from the commissioner account Fixed a bug during character creation where you would appear bald and in default clothes after finishing the initial customization Fixed a bug where the wrong level of alarm would be shown in the business logs of garages Fixed some phone issues with SMS not always loading
  13. Nervous

    U´╗┐pdate 1.7.4a Additions Added 2 new vehicles thanks to the modding team Unmarked granger Police granger Updated regular granger model: Sheriff Department employees will now be paid each weeks Fixes Removed some customization options from last GTA update for normal citizens (vests, unrealistic pants etc.) Fixed some bug with the brewery system, where the menu wouldn't properly show liquor stores buying alcohol Fixed some server crashes
  14. Nervous

    Winners are: 1st. Los Santos Police Department 2nd. The Conti Crew 3nd. GDMC
  15. Nervous