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  1. Nervous

    You shouldn't be ashamed to ask $2,000 for your DVD, it's not 2,000 USD, it's our own economy and we can't break the game / jobs because we want a 1:1 real life replica, that's not the goal here. We are strict roleplayers with our own economy that works well as is.
  2. Nervous

    It was already planned in the initial feature, still need to be added. I'll lock and consider this accepted.
  3. Nervous

    Just a quick note: Most passive stores aren't owned by players (95%?), and property management already has a tag system to set a business as "roleplay only", thus it needs to be opened with an active shift to work. It's used when we have a business with lot of activities that is used passively too much.
  4. Nervous

    Lot of stores don't work on the same system and it's near impossible to adapt without reworking most of the code. It'll also create lot of single point of failures that don't happen with garages. You also have shifts on many businesses that can make LOT of money (garages are one these), others barely make any cash. It'll happen someday, but right now the script, the community size and how our economy work isn't ready for that.
  5. Nervous

    Update 1.6.2 Additions You may now set a custom weather inside your property to modify the lighting as you wish if you're a platinum donator, with /pweather The rain weather has been disabled for all properties by default : it'll now automatically be extra sunny You're now able to automatically reload players entering your property (automatic /fixinvi) with /preload, be careful to use it only if you know what you're doing! This is a saved setting in your property. Fixes Fixed lot of server crashes related to the sync improvements, the server is now way more stable Using the menu to install an alarm will now properly work
  6. Nervous

    Hello, It's been a busy couple of weeks by all regards, but it's finally time for another staff update. After a few hiccups along the way, the server has now been stabilised following the 1.6 update - which has been our biggest (and best) update in the past several months. It's been great to see lots of players enjoying the new update and many new faces that have decided to check us out and stick around since the update - so if that's you, welcome! The server is now ready, as are the staff, for all the summer and all the activity it brings along with it. In regards to staff matters, we will be opening with the departures. Sadly, since the last staff update several members of the admin team have moved on to greener pastures. It's no secret that there has been a shakeup within the staff team and some admins have been removed based upon concerns that were sent in to the Staff Management Team. In addition, @Mecovy and @Rybyn have both resigned after over a year within the staff team each, they both have done a great deal for the community and we would like to thank them for all the hardwork they have put in. @Blackbeard, @taylor, @Chef and @uwu have also resigned having also spent a significant amount of their personal time helping the server out and we would also like to thank them for the effort they put in too. We wish them the best with whatever they move on to and hope to see them around in the community. Before moving on to the new arrivals, the current staff team has been working extremely hard over the past couple of weeks keeping the server ticking. The Support Team have been working extremely hard with server applications and have contributed to our response time in the past couple of months be among the fastest it has ever been. Admins have also been hard at work in game, with some admins even managing to have handled over 1,000 reports in a month. Subteams have been also been very busy, the Property Team have surpassed 1,000 requests since the UCP request system was launched, KV and Crocker have been working extremely hard keeping PLM afloat and FM has been keeping itself busy behind the scenes. A final and special note must also go to the developers who have done an incredible job, both with making 1.6 and keeping the server ticking. The developers literally make (and occasionally break) the server and have put a great deal of time into making GTAW what it is today. We'd like to thank all the staff for all the time they have been putting into the server and going above and beyond in the past couple of months. If you would like to thank any staff member in particular, they would definitely appreciate some kinds words in the Staff Appreciation Topic. This month we are happy to say that there are several internal promotions as well as some new faces joining the team that you should see helping you out soon. We would like to congratulate everyone that has been promoted internally as it's been a really hard month to stand out due how hard the staff team has been working. Nervous Admin Promotions @Crocker from Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2 @krille120 from Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1 @Cascade from Support to Trial Administrator @FearnR from Support to Trial Administrator @Syrike from Support to Trial Administrator @Optimus Dime reinstated as a Support New Support Team Members Please give a warm welcome to the brand new team member! @Vulcar Reserved Applicant Knoxville Connor Commiserations to all those who were denied and a big welcome to all the new Support team members, please contact @Dominykas. If you were put on the reserved list, please contact Dominykas for further feedback. If you are not on this list of reserved testers, you are not reserved even if you were put on reserved in a previous update. We only keep people on the list for one month.
  7. Nervous

    It’s not as simple as « removing it » when you make core changes to improve your gamemode. I am working on fixing the crashes, there will never be any improvements of the sync if you are not patient, as it cannot be properly tested on a test server. So once again : be patient, live with it for now, these crashes periods never last long. Two days ago the uptime was more than 15 hours.
  8. Nervous

    The latest crashes are sync optimizations, sorry to break it down but it must go in production as it cannot be tested on test server. I need 200 people online to see the synchronization change, and the multi threading involved will never break on a tests server with 40 or 50 players playing for an hour or two.
  9. Nervous

    Update 1.6.1c Changes More improvements on vehicle sync Boat gas stations will not request trucking orders anymore Fixes Entering / leaving a property will not reset your weapon anymore /reloadprop will now properly freeze all players inside your property Taxi rentals are now working again Fixed a bug with character creation saving
  10. Nervous

    If we apply the same timestamp for GTA VI compared to GTA V: 2021 - PS5 release 2023 - PC release 2025 - Multiplayer mod starts to appear in a playable state Compared to SAMP era, development goes really fast here and I'm confident that by 2025 we'll have an extremely mature server when it comes to its development and the available feature. I'm a man of challenge so I know i'll be one of the first to jump on the new multiplayer and even work on building one; but then again it's in 6 years minimum so everything could happen by then.
  11. Nervous

    Update 1.6.1b Additions Using /reloadprop will now freeze every players in your property to avoid them from falling down Changes Drastically improved server overall synchronization and lags from other players' actions, more improvements are still being worked Fixes You will not be able to sell crates to a business buying them for $0 anymore Tattoo stores cannot be used anymore if their component amount is < 0
  12. Nervous

    I'll lock as it was already here in the past on GTMP, it got disabled for now until RageMP improves the moving object sync.
  13. Nervous

    Stop spamming the forum everywhere to push your agenda. Every servers logs PMs, if that's a new thing to you that you can't metagame on PMs, sorry it happens. Yes we will most likely not catch it on the spot, bad luck your friend was being spectated as he was in a pursuit and actively breaking a rule as he got reported (running after doing 8 barrel rolls), and you got caught trying to metagame. It's obvious everything said ingame can be seen by the server owner and administrators with the necessary permissions, it's the same everywhere and no, we won't put a disclaimer.
  14. Just to clarify - You are not targeted, nor was Fredo. I was spectating him because he was in a pursuit with game issues, he crashed and I allowed them back to continue the pursuit, kept spectating him. He'll be able to confirm. You PM'd him to ask his location so you can come and kill the cops, I ajailed you. I made a mistake, enjoy your ban for your really shit behavior here and what should have been a more serious punishment regarding your offense. You're not welcome here if you disrespect the other players answering you nor if you challenge punishments through the wrong channels and with lies. This is not your usual LSRP community where these types of toxic behaviors are allowed. See you in September!
  15. Nervous

    Update 1.6.1a Additions The tattoo system is now fully functional again! Businesses giving extra rewards for deliveries will now appear on top of the list, without hiding other orders anymore Changes Using a camera will now /ame over your head Fixes Fixed multiple server crashes