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  1. Nervous

    We're inviting every factions to participate in a Youtube competition! The rules are simple : Create the best video showcasing your faction in any way (roleplaying, background, story...) and all administrators will vote for the best video! The prizes will be: 1st place: 800 World points to share with all your faction 2nd place: 500 World points to share with all your faction 3rd place: 300 World points to share with all your faction The competition is starting today until the 31/12/2019, you must send your video to @Nervous through a forum PM, it must be public on youtube and the title must include [GTAW], the description shall contain a link to our website and a permanent discord invitation link. 2018 winner was Cartel de Tijuana : All factions are allowed to participate (from legal to illegal).
  2. I'm going to lock this as reading the two pages I missed, it became a mess and it's sad to read that everyone just attack each others or trashtalk some factions to promote their own. I'll have discussions with the illegal faction leaders on FM Discord when we get some time as people can't properly behave. If you have any good insights or suggestions feel free to PM or DM me.
  3. This doesn't explain the lack of illegal roleplay as you said - my point still stands, LSRP was full of it and the RP was mostly shit except for 1-2 factions, so the reason is somewhere else. We have good roleplayers here, and people saying everyone is shit are just lying to themselves.
  4. As for the whole thread, I'll try to understand the issues with you from a developper point of view. Today for illegal players we have the following scripts: -The supplier system with 3-4 weapon suppliers (we just recently recruited active new ones last month and this month so this should start to lay its fruits and be visible in the game), 3-4 drug suppliers (only 1 active at the moment and we recruited more this month, you should see more drugs next month) -Vehicle chop shop -Cards games -Business system -Weapon serials / removal (2 with the jobs will be recruited this month) -Robberies (players, houses) -Weed farming -Drugs What's coming soon: -Corpses to handle -Forensic (more in depth roleplay for criminals) -Drugs creation (crack, meth) -Weapon attachments If we look at all this - what's missing to help you push more illegal roleplay? If I take a look at my LSRP experience, what illegal roleplay was mostly about in the 10 years I was there in the end was just gun & drug trading when it came to the script. Nothing more. So what's missing in my opinion isn't something to script, but rather what players do with their factions and how active they are. Unless everyone just want to trade guns & drugs and since we limited that compared to LSRP (where for a long time hundreds of new guns were supplied each weeks) it explains why we have less illegal activities, but i would be worried if it was the explanation.
  5. I'm tired of reading "the whole economy is fucked" because you pay a bottle $200. A GTAW$ != real life $. It's a roleplay server and we decide how we want the economy to be : it's a closed circle with budgets for legal factions from government, every $ you get comes from either another player or the government and we're the only ones doing this. The economy isn't fucked, your understanding of GTAW's economy is. If a bottle was worth $1 a gun worth $100, your income would have to match these so you would win approximately $3000 per month spent on the game IRL. No houses or vehicles would be affordable. People spend 60 years working on real life, here if you spend 60 months playing it'll already be super rare. We don't want a mirror of real life economy when it comes to price because you'll either be able to buy everything you want (and the economy will be fucked if you can afford 100 guns a day), or you'll be able to afford only small items and not the big assets (vehicles, houses). So yes, we price items based on their GTAW value and not real life, that's not a fucked economy, that's a well thought system that prevents the economy from collapsing completely. As for your paycheck being $800.. no. Just no. $800 is what you get from doing nothing from the government, if you work in a shop you'll get approximately $3000 per hour, if you work for other players you'll even get more, if you create your own business that's also another story. Yes if you stick to the $800 minimum wage given by government when you don't work you'll buy nothing of value and that's how it's supposed to be.
  6. I'll talk to @Everett to see what we can do to make it automatic.
  7. Feature Showcase - Los Santos County Sheriff & Jail Showcase Overview The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department faction, in conjunction with the DoJ, LSPD, Faction Management Team & Mapper Team are proud to announce a rejuvenation of the server's Criminal Justice dynamic with both criminals & Law Enforcement alike. The upcoming update brings forth a host of new changes regarding the Judicial System & Law Enforcement process. Criminal roleplayers within the server will now face physical penalties for their actions, as well as pre-trial detention depending on particular circumstances. Law Enforcement Officers will now have to in-process arrestees at the newly-mapped Los Santos County Jail, operated by the Sheriff's Department. How Arrest Works Former System: Arrest > Temporary Detention at Police Headquarters > Potential Court Case or Release New System: Investigation > Warrant > Arrest(starts with arrest if 'on-view') > Booking at County Jail > Detention > Bond Hearing > Due Process > Release or Sentencing/Conviction Expected features of the jail The Los Santos County Jail will provide an interesting roleplay dynamic for both Government & Criminal Roleplay. The circumstances of the jail allow for criminal gangs to manifest within the incarceration system, as sentenced inmates will be assigned to the jail to interact with pre-trial detainees. Features in development include: Bond System - allowing inmates to place surety/collateral to bonding companies in exchange for release from the county jail, on grounds they may loose assets or finances if they do not show up for court. Commissary / 'Books' - this serves as a means of both sustenance and institutional currency for inmates within the county jail. Weapon features - inmates are able to fashion weapons from items they find or create, to include shanks. Booking - inmates will have their arrest record & incarceration status on-file with server Law Enforcement entities. Conviction / Sentencing - inmates facing sentences may be assigned to the county jail for long durations of time. 'Prison Gangs' - long term inmates may be able to create gangs 'within the walls'. Phone System - inmates will be able to place calls from the jail. Other features to come. Full album : https://imgur.com/a/zSH60EK Additional Information Judicial Faction Los Santos County Sheriff's Department Special thanks to the Mapping Team for the hours and hours of hard work that they have dedicated to this. Not only in building, but research, discussion and reworking when it became apparent mid-mapping that things were not going to work as the floor plans dictated. As a server we are lucky to have people who will selflessly give up their own time to provide interesting and immersive features, from the Mapping Team right up to the administration team, past and present, who have worked to make this project what it is. Looking forward to our next grouping of projects, and working to manage such an amazing group of people.
  8. Tobacco and liquor stores have no reasons to use a /pfee, other businesses are not bound to a property (gas station, 24/7) so i'm not sure how it's linked to your thread. As for bars and clubs, they don't have double income because they're not included in what you linked.
  9. Nervous

    It's in the thread!
  10. Nervous

    (RageMP is also supposed to update today but we're waiting..)
  11. As many of you have noticed, our updates have been going slow during October due to real life events that I couldn't avoid and my absence slowed down the entire development team. I'll be back with more time in November, I'll then be gone for few days again for the same reasons in early december and then I'll be here all month of december at home where I'll work hard on these updates with the team. So, what's to expect before the end of 2019 and very soon? Hair tattoos : @Static is a new talented junior developer and developed this long awaited feature with a custom sync, this will be soon live with new hairs! Coroners & Corpses : This was previously announced for 1.7, but as stated I couldn't make it and finish it for the update. We'll release it step by step: first the corpses will stay when someone dies and we'll test the sync with everyone online and make sure there is no bugs. Once done, we'll implement the coroners script with a custom made model for their vehicles, and after that we'll add the morgue with forensic additions, as explained in our previous development blog. Vehicle alarms & breakin rework : @Static again is working on readding vehicle alarms and change the breakin system, while also fixing vehicle lights synchronization! Weapon attachments in Ammunation and for suppliers More work on lags optimization: There is still some work to be done on lags and small delays ingame, and it'll also be a big focus of the two next months. A new faction will also be coming soon with some amazing changes for the server and a long awaited feature for criminals & cops, but I'll let them give more information when it's ready 🙂 More minor changes might also come and i'll try to also start working on the drugs as it's our next focus, but if we can already finish all this for 2019 it'll be a great achievement!
  12. Nervous

    I didn't thank all the faction leaders here, but from legal to illegal you were all very helpful in defining this and it was great to openly discuss with all of you!
  13. Nervous

    Of course it goes both ways!