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GTAW 2023 - Community focus : Be a part of what's to come now!

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Participate in your future!



Over the past years we've been shifting our focus in the development team from one feature to another without any real link between them, nor organization. Our goal was to just keep pushing more and more features based on what players wanted, what we needed for the server and what we felt happy to work on.


On the administration side, we've also put a lot of work on specific subjects from time to time : revamping of some rules, adding new schemes, new features for your roleplay based on your requests... But not once we've tried to take one big subject and tackle it by every angles, and iterate this for all big themes that are defining our server.


Community Content focus


Our server is more active than ever and we've reached a point where we've implemented a ton of feature, a huge amount of quality of life improvements for your day to day roleplay, and improvements over what RageMP offers on a simple server. We've added depth in many features, UI on many others, but this year I want to try something different which I hope will define how we work for the next years to come : Community content focus!


What would be the goal? Getting you, administrators & developers involved in one theme for a month or more in order to drastically improve it. Each theme will be targeting a specific part of the playerbase, and the goal is that by the end of the year we will have implemented a lot of new features for every single players through themes they like or use daily : County roleplay, nightlife, gang roleplay, white collar criminality, trucking & goods management, businesess, vehicles...


How will this work? We'll be announcing a theme and opening a special discord for it, allowing all players to discuss, debate and share ideas & suggestions for it. A specific administration team named Community focus team will be created to handle these discussions (led by @Pillsbury) and ensure we can get the most out of it.


Once a feature or suggestion is validated & agreed upon by most of us, we'll be starting the implementation : it can be a technical feature that goes to the development team or an administration change required such as rule change, process changes or a special administrative support.

There will be no time limit for a specific focus cycle until we feel we've tackled enough features and that the discussion aren't bringing much more values to it, but the targeted maximum time would be 3 months.

Each cycle will be followed by a major patch summary with a special graphic design in order to advertise the server with it & attract more players too.


The first focus will be County roleplay and will begin tomorrow, more information are to come to invite you all to participate in order to help us. This also allows me to share once again this amazing piece of art made by @Framebox

You can already join the discord on https://discord.gg/z8T5CbuXSA to actively participate!



Final note


I personally believe that this is an amazing opportunity to all sit together as a community to define where we really want GTAW to go, and to take down years long walls that could block our creativity on specific subjects.


Of course, we'll continue our general content additions of various features that are not necessarely linked to the theme (also mainly because other GTAW language dev team still work on their own features and we take some of them from time to time) but also to ensure we address urgent requests or concerns that might come up in the regular server life.


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