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GTAW 2.1 : Shaping the future

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This is just a test picture to illustrate what it'd look like, correct? Cause no way smoking cannabis should give you a health increase, hunger maybe. 


I do like the blood update (wish we could bind it to a different button though, Y is used for too many interactions currently, imo) & the pool table being available. 

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These look like some super cool features! I do worry about the Ad Calendar though. It's a super cool new take on the ad system that could work really well and I get these are maybe suppose to be for special events? But it might be nice to at least tie it to a donator package because coming from a business that sometimes opens almost every day during some weeks I mean these world points are gonna stack up or the cost of it might stop me using such a cool system. I know Facebrowser has an event system that no one uses because of the IRL cost makes it not really worth it for most people.
If this feature was tied to a donator package as well that gave you a certain amount of uses a month that'd be nice. 

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