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  1. Factions that exist solely so they can log on together for an hour a day, get their one daily quota screenshot and then log off together.
  2. username: 1312 comments: did you just snitch on yourself?
  3. There's a lot of crimes and crime scenes that occur. I may be missing them but I've never seen a reporter ever come by one.
  4. Imagine the money the server would make if it catered to the people who contribute to the role play ecosystem rather than those who seek to minmax everything and play it like a money farming/casual rp simulator.
  5. This is just a test picture to illustrate what it'd look like, correct? Cause no way smoking cannabis should give you a health increase, hunger maybe. I do like the blood update (wish we could bind it to a different button though, Y is used for too many interactions currently, imo) & the pool table being available.
  6. It says a lot considering the application had been pasted around every corner of the internet and a lot of it was common sense.
  7. It's not just the gun economy, it's the entire economy that is completely fucked and it's beyond repair, just like other servers in the past. It'll continue to get worse. $200 for a beer? $20k+ for a handgun. $120k for a 1 bd apartment on forum drive. We talk about realism on the server and yet it's like we're in post WW1 Germany in regards to the economy. As for the actual question, it's fine. It'd be nice to see some implementations of features that benefit criminal role play however.
  8. God forbid you use the real timezone that the place we're role playing in takes place... Crazy idea I know. But I agree with Kipps.
  9. Smith


    I'm more concerned about the insane cost of them. Payphones when they were prominent in real life were cheap for a reason.
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