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  1. Originality. Every faction is a washed down version of a group that's been done infinitely better either on this server or another.
  2. Username: 1312 Comment: This dude's parents must have hated him when he came out of the womb. Who names their kid Branch?
  3. I can tell you it's not out of boredom. I can't speak for LSPD but LSSD has an In Character directive/mantra that states: "There's never enough backup". And truth be told? It may seem silly to see so many, even if it's over a minor traffic infraction but for some reason even over a minor infraction, drivers of vehicles pulled over tend to 180 while in their seat and shoot the officer in the head before he even has time to call in the traffic stop because "I'm not going to jail."
  4. What restaurant doesn't have alcohol besides a fast food place?
  5. Pretty cool seeing someone from management running a faction. Can't see any conflict of interest from that. Keep up the good work!
  6. We're a "heavy rp server", no? About time we acted like one. I support this idea and I agree with others that it doesn't go far enough, it should be extended to everyone. People shouldn't be able to gun down five dudes and be out by supper. There needs to be consequences for your actions and as it stands right now? There isn't any real meaningful consequences, people do IC long stretches everyday and they're only in a couple hours. It'll also help timeline wise for characters/factions because when someone spots one of their members get arrested, they'll actually know they'll be gone a decent chunk of time rather than them being out in a few hours. It's also immersion breaking arresting someone and seeing them out a few hours later and acting like nothing happened to them.
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