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Vagos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMG)

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The Vagos Motorcycle Club, also known as the Green Nation, is a predominantly White-Hispanic outlaw one percenter motorcycle club that was first established in San Bernardino, California in 1965. The name "Vagos" is the Spanish translation for the word "vagabond" or "wanderer", the colors of the Vagos pay homage to their founders' Mexican heritage. The insignia of the Vagos MC depicts a muscular burlesque of Loki, the Norse god of mischief riding a motorcycle with a green field in the background scenery. They are based throughout several countries with precisely four thousand patched members, the most prevalent being the United States and Mexico, where they earned the moniker "The Green Empire".


The club members typically wear denim/leather cuts accompanied by green articles of clothing as part of their culture.

The green signifies the club color and shows the wearer's commitment to the club. 




"They care about three things. Money, bitches and partying. That's how you make a Vago happy. You give him a blowjob, you make him earn, and you challenge him to party hard. The Vagos party hard, man. They're one percenters."


Hundreds of people were arrested in an 18-month long investigation that involved a large meth ring tied to white supremacist groups and biker gangs. The outcome of this investigation had over 300 people arrested, shut down 16 methamphetamine laboratories, more than 45 pounds of methamphetamines seized that were valued at more than $2 million, a variety of firearms and over $500,000 in cash. These arrested members included white supremacist gangs and members of prison gangs such as the Nazi Low Riders, and other peckerwood gangs. Others arrested were in-fact members of the Vagos Motorcycle Club, a club that has a number of ties to white supremacist gangs. The different groups were closely knit, selling and transporting chemicals and drugs to one another. Described by Vagos infiltrator Charles Falco as “the mafia on wheels,” the Vagos have more than earned their 1%er patch. Drug related arrests have been made throughout their colorful history. Over 40 pounds of cocaine and eight pounds of methamphetamines, as well as a rocket launcher were seized in a 2011 raid on the Vagos after an investigation that led to three members pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute methamphetamines. They are actively involved in money laundering through organized sources.


The FBI, who brand the Vagos as an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMG) define them as organizations whose members use their motorcycle clubs as conduits for criminal enterprises that include drug trafficking, cross-border drug smuggling, prostitution and human trafficking. This label is not self-proclaimed. They are consistently profiled by law enforcement due to their violence and criminal activity.




According to a former detective, the Vagos are allegedly tied with the cartel in Mexico and actively involved in smuggling narcotics across the border that earn them great sums of money. They are identified as organized criminals who mask their operations with legal fronts. The club masks its criminal activities behind its bylaws and constitution as well as its perverse interpretation of biblical laws. Club meetings, for instance, reserved for members only, were known as "church meetings." At these gatherings, full-patch Vagos took care of business.


“The Vagos never hid their brutality; they flaunted it. And whether their bravado derived from sheer machismo, raw animal instinct, or jockeying for position in the drug economy, their acts left a staggering body count. Most who entered the Witness Security Program could not survive the isolation, could not perpetuate the lies.”


They are known to be among the few dominant outlaw motorcycle clubs and hold great influence within the scene. Their patched members are both blue and white collar workers in society, suspected of running illicit rackets and major gun/drug running operations in the criminal scene. Many of which are married and have children, often exploiting their position in society to defend their criminal cases. Law enforcement are consistently working to clamp down on these organized criminals to this very day.




We aim to portray a realistic interpretation of the modern day Vagos MC in California, a gritty one percenter motorcycle club. Any questions, concerns or complaints can be forwarded to @brogza. Screenshot permissions are given in our faction discord.

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