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  1. The LSSD was founded upon the basis of catering towards illegal rpers and providing quality police roleplay. At launch, about 90% of us had roleplayed illegally before so we knew how to interact with illegal rpers whereas with the LSPD, a lot of members haven't tried illegal rp. I'll leave you with a post I made in the past in regards to FM & the divide between legal and illegal rpers: "A big part of the problem is the fact that most LEO RPers haven't actually experienced illegal roleplay and thus, don't see things from the criminals' perspective whereas someone who has been on
  2. I agree. I think it's a testament on how far the community has came in terms of realism and I'm all for it.
  3. Realism is fun. I don’t log onto a heavy roleplay server for mediocre roleplay which isn’t fun for myself nor the other party. Everyone should strive to be as realistic as possible; roleplay alcohol properly, drugs, drink driving, simple stuff like that really brings your immersion up tenfold and in turn (in my opinion) makes roleplaying funner. The majority of illegal gangs strive to emulate their real life counterparts (or take inspiration from them at least) so I don’t see why the rest of the server cannot follow suit.
  4. As someone who was in the LSSD from the beginning it’s flattering to see the community’s love for the faction and a true testament to current and past members. Bad mouthing another faction isn’t the way to go about it. Every faction has bad apples. The LSPD is improving. But that’s not the focus here, the LSSD is.
  5. it’s alright there won’t be snow ever again u won’t need to worry about this anymore
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