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What car do you drive? II


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New coilovers in the front in and lowering springs in the back, exhaust almost done, waiting for a friend to fab up some fat tips. Also got a surprise, the guy that did my custom remap had cooked up a version II, has a bit less fuel, but more boost. I hated the amount of black smoke it was spewing out. Still needs spacers though, thinking of 15mm in the front and 10mm in the back.



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I'm from Pakistan btw, so my cars maybe a little different from where you live.

A quote from an episode of Hotel Hell sums up my cars precisely. "It's an accumulation, not a collection".

2006 Toyota Corolla with a 2ZZ GE Engine swap, makes around 340 WHP

It's having interior work done, so this is pics of it at the shop.


Daihatsu Mira (It's a JDM Kei car, 660 CC, 60 something horsepower, basically a golf cart for the road.)


2009 Suzuki Jimny (Older models of it were sold as the Geo Tracker in the US)


Bought this from a government auction, Had a hole in the engine and the suspension was a literal bouncy castle. 

It's got a 1.8L engine swap instead of the original 1.3, and it's mostly used on my farm.i339157067_joomnioffroad.thumb.jpg.192a58a0e77b36cb278c6320d0f48e28.jpgjoomnirestore.thumb.jpg.7a9d178357cb63016fb168a2f06e6a26.jpg


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First car - 1998 Toyota 4Runner Sr5.
Result - Black Ice


Second Car - 2007 Dodge Ram 3500, 5.9L Turbo Diesel
Result - Bought for $900, sold for $15,000

Third Car - 1995 Jeep Cherokee
Result - Amazing vehicle, use it as my daily and offroad rig.


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