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  1. PRICE: 110,000$ ____________________ PRICE: 40,000$ ________________________ PRICE: 20,000$ ___________________ Vectre will be added in a minute. It is however black. Asking 80,000 for it. NUMBER: 3939
  2. those dont sell at all in eu, but yeah theres tons. the advantage of selling to eu is the price markup by at least 30-20 percent, as these cars are cheap as fuck in us but expensive in EU. the most comfortable buys are 2010 to 2015 germans, mercs and bmws, volkswagens
  3. i buy totalled cars in auctions in ny and then ship them OR fix them and ship them to EU so that the second hand buyer can prob end up crashing the very flimsy car, while i play video games all day long and drink alcohol
  4. Armaros

    ALPR Cameras

    as if having LEOs on every corner of the server not a bad idea enough, watch trucker/big "company" roleplayers take another shot at killing illegal rp
  5. they ain just gotta forget u put one of them behind bars tho, and the person likely to get revenge for it wont ever be found and ull just end up dead for a small stack of green but yeah ur right, becoming friends is the only solution, however a lot of people here are looking for an OOC solution
  6. There's many public businesses. And many of them thrive and do well. Complaining about horrendous tax rp on the forum isn't the way to solve things. How would you even fix such a concept of rp?
  7. correctly roleplay fear of everything that's foreign to you in-character, don't seek out revenge like a Fallout character. criminal characters can be fucking with you for any reason, its just how it is, as long as you dont pull a knife out or a gun out, theres nothing they can do to you (extortion, albeit heavily exaggerated in this server, is still a very dodgy thing to avoid IC, you should pay up, because there's nothing else you can do)
  8. thinking "thats unrealistic" is a valid excuse to discredit rp. its a game, leave it at that
  9. Armaros

    Armenian Power

    we about to see a LOT of fucking content in here...
  10. more like patch into the afterlife foo
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