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IFM Update #3 - January 2024


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New year but same old IFM update. As promised, we have continued to work on improving the environment for the illegal roleplay community. In this update, we'll be talking about what changes we have in store for the start of 2024.



Gun Suppliers

Due to a new system implemented a couple months back, we have been able to start increasing supplier quantities by decent margins on a consistent basis now. Basically, every one to two months we end up going through our current suppliers and seeing who is eligible for an increase in their supply. Thanks to this implementation, we have managed to increase the gun supply on the server by a sizeable amount (around an 80% increase). However, even with these increases, we are still not happy with the number of weapons actively circulating the server in comparison to its active population. We'd prefer having a larger number of gun suppliers in different spheres of roleplay than having fewer with larger quantities. The problem with this is that frankly a lot of the applications sent in for supplier are either heavily tarnished with admin records, problematic player history, poor activity, unrealistic assets, convoluted acquirement methods, and far-fetched character stories. We're still figuring out as a team how to best navigate this and what else can be done to make sure the server's needs are being met. We'll share more on what we come up with when the time comes. 



Rules of Engagement Update

After a round of community feedback on our most recent Rules of Engagement changes, we have further changes we'll be implementing onto the rules this time around. This also includes further clarification on points we still felt were too vague and could cause confusion. There's not much else to say, here are the changes and why we're moving forward with them: 

  • Faction leaders will need to agree on set terms within the IFM Discord before a war is allowed to continue after the first initial attack. One of these terms will be how many days can pass with no attacks happening on either side before the war is declared over. For example, if faction leaders agree that if 2 days pass with no attacks from either side, the war is now considered over.
    • The reason for adding this change is that this now allows factions to exit out of a war they no longer want to participate in without requiring admin intervention. Alongside this, it'll give us as IFM a clear log of factions getting into war with one another in case reports come out of it. A final benefit is that this will also require faction leaders to amicably speak to each other in an official Discord with admin presence instead of group chats having to be made which usually turn out sour. 
      • More details on these changes will be provided to faction leaders within the IFM Discord as this is only applicable to them.
  • If a faction now attacks another faction, even if 6 hours pass, they cannot attack again unless the other faction attacks them.
    • A community poll was thrown up to gauge interest on this change and the overwhelming majority voted in favor (127-21 = 85%). This change works in combination with the change posted above where factions now have an IC way to exit a war. If a faction is now attacked and they don't attack back, they can now exit out of a war they no longer wish to participate in without any OOC discussions needed. This should alleviate many complaints players had about activity dying during wars and players not wanting a war but continuously getting attacked again and again by another party. 

These changes are still NOT live. There will be Discord and forum announcements once these changes are pushed through and active. 


Prison Rules of Engagement are now also being discussed and brought forward to prison faction leadership to work on collaboratively. 



SMGs & Vehicle Warfare

A big topic of discussion over the past month or so has been the usage of vehicles in faction wars and specifically, SMGs. We've all seen as a collective the various videos that have surfaced of four-man Torrence's lighting up another vehicle or an entire block without ever stopping while having pinpoint accuracy. Understandable concerns have obviously come up surrounding this emerging "meta" of never exiting vehicles when conducting faction attacks. It's important to understand why this is happening so the solutions we try and implement to curb this behavior are efficient. Most will agree that players have resorted to this type of behavior for two primary reasons:

  • During a faction attack, you are at less risk of dying while in your vehicle than getting out on foot. 
  • SMGs fired from vehicles have no recoil, are extremely precise, and kill rapidly. 

While the first point has always been true since the server's existence, the second point is the one that has gained more and more steam over the past couple of months. SMGs being allowed to laser fire other players while driving at high speeds and far distances is something that obviously shouldn't be allowed to continue and more than likely the highest leading cause to this vehicle warfare situation. To combat this, @Strobe figured out a way to re-implement recoil inside vehicles. We're hoping that with recoil being reintroduced, players will be more motivated to actually step out of their vehicles to secure kills. If it turns out that this was not the only solution needed, we can look into implementing further rule changes that discourage the heavy usage of vehicle fireteams.


We'll also be significantly lowering the recoil on SMGs when on foot to compensate for these changes and make sure they maintain their value. 



Drug & Labs Update

We're very close to the live deployment of the newest version of the drug and lab system. Everything you know about the current drug system has been completely revamped and made with the intention of laying a strong foundation that can be iterated on and added to. The talented developers working on this have made many of these new changes be completely dynamic, meaning they can be changed around on a whim. This gives us as IFM so much flexibility in being able to really fine tune the system to what the player base needs without having to wait extended periods of time for developer support.  I want to make it clear that this is not something that'll be deployed and then forgotten. We're fully expecting to reiterate on the system as players give mass feedback after deployment but also to add additional features and more complexity (within reason, we don't want to make an overcomplex and confusing system). 


Many of the changes we've done for this update have also been thanks to the community through various polls hosted on the IFM Public Discord. We want to thank everyone for their participation in these polls and helping us shape updates to be something that the playerbase resonates with and wants versus something that gets pushed onto them. Make sure to please join the IFM Public Discord to be able to participate in future polls on other IFM related issues/updates and to provide feedback. 


With that said, here is a sneak peek of what is included in the update. 



  • Drug labs will now be completely autonomous. 
    • No longer will you have to wait for IFM to spawn you in ingredients to be able to cook your Meth. Labs will now automatically grant and charge you for ingredients on a reoccurring schedule that will be easily visible to you. 
  • Labs will come in three different tiers (low/medium/high). These tiers will determine what sort of drug quality the lab is capable of producing. Long term scheme holders will be reserved for the higher tiers of labs while new ones will all begin at the lowest.
  • You may now quality test drugs within labs using a lab specific command. 
  • Labs will now also have their own unique identifier that police agencies can use to trace drugs back to them. 



  • The more a character uses drugs, the more they buildup tolerance to drugs. This means that drug effects will be lessened the more and more drugs that are used by the character. A character with a low tolerance level might be able to achieve a 50HP boost from a single drug while a player with a high tolerance level would need to consume 2-3x as many drugs to achieve the same effect. 
    • Tolerance levels do go down overtime if drugs are not consumed. 
  • Drug quality comes in three different tiers (low/medium/high). These tiers determine how much HP the drug grants when factored in with the character's tolerance levels.
    • EXAMPLE: A high quality drug can grant 50HP to a low tolerance and medium tolerance player while a medium quality drug will grant 50HP to a low tolerance player but only 35HP to a medium tolerance player. 
  • Different types of drugs depending on how "hardcore" they are provide different amounts of tolerance buildup. 
  • Drug visual screen effects now last forever until the player types in a command to remove it. 
  • Almost all drugs have unique screen effects.
  • /examine drug effects now last based on a tolerance formula and how heavy the specific drug is.
  • HP gained from drugs is no longer instant but instead delayed. This delay varies based on the type of drug. 
  • Drug cutting has been reintroduced. For drugs to be able to be cut, they'll have to be medium quality or higher. Once the drug is cut, the quality produced will be one tier lower than the parent one. 
    • Fentanyl can now be used to cut drugs. Using fentanyl will actually increase the quantity output compared to the traditional methods. 
  • New drugs have been introduced. One of these being "Bath Salts". 



Future Scripts

This year we're wanting to go and work on script improvements for the illegal community. I'll keep this section short but here is some of the stuff that we're wanting to try and tackle and see what improvements can be made on them. 

  • Animal fighting script
  • Weapon Specialist & Electronics Supplier Workstation
  • Weed growth revamp
  • Vehicle exportations
  • Robbery rules update & script
  • Vehicle parts theft script


We can't expand on any of these right now as we ourselves don't even know what we're doing with them yet besides some rough concepts. We'll let you know once we have more.



Molotovs, Prison CKs, and Fear CKs

Molotov Requests have been removed from being an IFM-only request via the UCP. This is to allow faster response times, and any lvl 2 admin is now able to handle these requests via in-game report. All that is needed is a /report with RP screenshots containing /time.


Again, to guarantee faster response times, prison CKs have now been moved to go through the same process as normal CK applications instead of being handled via the UCP. More information can be found in the IFM Masterthread.


We are also no longer accepting CK applications for characters who were killed for acting without fear for their life. If someone acts in such a way and you wish to pursue a CK, you'll need to file a forum report on the player under the powergaming rule. Handling admins there will be able to determine if a CK is called for in the situation. 

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