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  1. I believe than both sides should have time limiters. PD is way more delicate than illegal side in many degrees. Thus I believe than 3 to 4 hours isn't enough. Considering than they can just create a character and afk a few hours Actually the police requires at least 20 hours for joining the faction. Job Listing: Police Officer - Los Santos Police Department (gta.world) Criminals in real life just don't get a gun easily. They require the trust of their fellow members before getting into such dark activities. I believe than if LSPD requires 20 hours of in-game time, the illegal be
  2. Sometimes its just one side of the lane. It's random
  3. I have a video of this, all 4 lights in red.
  4. Mann, damm with that refund. I hope you get that shit back.
    My respects

  5. You might consider than lights have a 5 to 10 second delay. I have stopped at red, people sees green but it just appears a few seconds after in my screen.
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