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  1. Not even third world countries got criminality so high and rampant, even in such countries cops are most likely to kill rather than sending them to prison when violence is related, that diminishes criminals to become "too noticeable". I even know real life cases of criminals getting much attention and cops going house-to-house for executing them like if it was Order 66, breaking in houses and asking for "Pedro", if you said yes even if you weren't Pedro you ended being killed. Being a hothead doesn't mean you are stupid to the point you can't even think and you just are a thing that only exist to follow their impulses or the wind. While we lack of that fear and players getting CKed return with a fresh character to returning doing the same thing, over and over (including law enforcement). There's that unspoken rule for not reporting fellow faction members, due "yo bro, you snitching me" like if you were about to lose or be affected in real life due that. There are many people with such attitude but I think it's more related to the whole "playtowin" rather than fragile egos. Win no matter what.
  2. I just turn around and leave when that happens.
  3. If you looking for whatever is more beneficial to you. We ain't that and my advice would be to seek them over us. We look to portray a realistic security company from 2020/2022 in America, focusing heavily in what our employees do ICly and OOCly, raising the bar for quality over quantity. free MEF?
  4. I agree with you. What I meant was to find the proper term, we should find a middle ground between both terminologies.
  5. Sure, like Tarkov fixing their game or War Thunder doing so. Stay tuned for more updates.
  6. You have to remember. Realism doesn't mean "Realistic" While one is pointing to mimic the real life, the second means to use real life counterparts as inspiration while keeping certain degree of fantasy/fiction because that's how it works... To be "believable even with all the fiction" It's like writing a movie script. Realism doesn't sell. For having realism I can go out and make disaster IRL. Realistic means closer but not 1:1 to reality. There's space for other stuff. I've seen many people not aware of such concepts but any writer who even barely touched properly the baselines of script knows this. Which at the end of the day it's what evolved into roleplay. Our server pushes a non-existent Realism for certain factions, the criminality still goes rampant, the LEO doesn't have the same tools used by real life counterparts. That ain't realism, that's bullshit. They should be pushing towards "Realistic"... If we wanted Realism things like Marotorano or SA ports shouldn't even exist.
  7. The last time I checked. I'm not her.
  8. The techie is a new player but he kinda tried to do his best. Our main focus now is to get more people from the county to RP with us. Tho you missed the fact one of us almost went apeshit with a local because they ain't used to the whole environment and hospitality they handle until one of the presents escalated down the whole thing. It was a cool experience for me, even when I'm a paranoid person who's always looking if someone following him. I really hope getting more experiences with the county at all. Neither me or my character is used to the whole dynamics of the county. Ya 'all are welcome to engage with us by reaching to us via IC channels. If you are illegal character you can be welcomed too. You can either contact our LFM Handler (Viscaria) via PM or me directly to provide ooc insights how your character might interact with us directly if he would like to approach our company for either work or anything else. Almost any complaints here are allowed and if you have some and don't want to reach via report. Anyone can reach me via discord or forum PM to discuss it further.
  9. Star Citizen launcher and other games launcher sometimes causes conflict
  10. Raven Security is a brand new security company that tries to portray a medium/high end (looking) company within Los Santos. While we stick into realism. That doesn't mean we portray in it's entirely a security company from USA (Or else we could have Insurgents that we could buy from internet or bulletproof Speedo Express... Yeah you can buy those as security companies)... Tho I want one Insurgent in the future with reduced stats 😄 Our company currently focuses in bringing a good experience to all role-players who try to engage with us, from business owners to civilians/illegals and our own personnel The main goal of this post is reaching concerns, suggestions and any of everything you might want to post here, from questions to unique concepts you would like to rp with us or think we could roleplay. Complaints are well accepted and freely to discuss. Feel free to comment. I'm the face of the group but the rest of the leadership ((which doesn't like using the forums)) is checking this out. I will love to reveal my future plans but so far I will keep it as secret because they still rolling ICly.
  11. More like no beef unless it's strictly approved by IFM, otherwise there's a ceasefire since the beginning. But more like norteño territory being the outer towns and they could reach the city for business activities.
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