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  1. This is from LA County, not LA. Which houses about 10 million people, LA houses about 4 million. The per-day average of robberies in LA (judging from the latest 2021 figure) would be around 20 robberies a day out of 4 million, which comes out to a chance of 0.00005% of getting robbed a day in LA (over-all, this doesn't factor in location.) Also some on here have been stating that robberies have been surging in LA as of late, that's not true. The LAPD chief has claimed that violent acts and robberies have been increasing, however this only is true if you cherry pick your data from 2020, in which there's a 4%~ rise, however if you account for the change since 2019, it's closer to -14% down-trend in robberies. This is because the LAPD chief is pushing for a 12% increase in their budget and so they're cherry picking data to justify the budget increase; crime, over-all (except in gang-on-gang murders) is largely on the downtrend, as it has been for decades. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/lapd-warn-crime-wave-data-show-theft-robberies-rcna9236
  2. I started off my adventure into Roleplay through steam roleplay groups, ironically. Back in the day (and I have no idea if this is even still a thing) there were steam communities with tens of thousands of members in them, of which a few would have characters and had to get vetted thoroughly in order to join. You’d roleplay period pieces primarily. My main one was a kind of alt-history Romanov family in 1700’s Russia. You would have people roleplaying as dukes, regional controllers, the family itself and so on. At the time this group had 32k members. It was entirely text based and events and roleplay would take place in the steam group chat. At the time I joined was around 2015 before I went off to military school. And at the time I could no longer roleplay on it as steam mobile didn’t support community group chats so I then just made a journalist character and made community announcements in the format of a newspaper on internal events and such. So anyway that started a domino effect of me now having finished studying politics and journalism at university…. After steam RP I went onto Gmod RP servers and stayed there for a few years though when I initially joined I could sparsely play due to the commitments with my boarding school as previously mentioned.
  3. I was the Asian lady struggling with citizenship. Loved the roleplay and dynamic with your char; proper immigration roleplay is underrated. And researching how to properly roleplay the process of green card to citizenship really highlighted how draconian a lot of the system is - it’s genuinely very hard for a foreigner of a country that doesn’t speak English as a native language to gain citizenship. I did try to speak with a few friends in GOV to see if I could actually roleplay the citizenship interview with somebody but I sadly couldn’t find anyone able to.
  4. I'll give you a snickers bar and a pat on the back - I'm willing to throw in a firm thumbs up.
  5. One of my characters was racist towards some Japanese guy since she was Korean - he didn't understand what my char was saying. Later on he tried to mug my char outside my char's apartment while she had a helmet on. When he found out it was my char he got on his knee's and apologised for trying to mug me then asked me on a date. I wasn't quite sure how to respond to that.
  6. Glad you enjoyed it man! It was great having you with us and I enjoyed it thoroughly as well - Dr Reese. Onto the topic we’ve been discussing internally, we’d like some feedback from the community on this - is there any diversity in roleplay you would like to see us at Pillbox provide? As of now, PHMC serves generally as a dumping ground for a lot of FD’s patients and mostly as a trauma centre - we are looking and making rapid advancements in providing surgical treatments - however, we do want to provide more lower level and personal treatments to people; some have suggested physiotherapy and I would love to follow through on this for those that want it - except I nor anyone else has any idea how to actually do it. So the question comes down to what you guys would like to see? Public first aid courses? Health seminars? An entirely different branch of medical expertise in the hospital? We also want to better understand how we can make roleplay better for those on the receiving end of medical treatments. I understand a lot of the people being treated may not understand what pulse oximetry is or what your heart rate or BP does when you’re shot. So the question comes to how you would like us to handle those, would you like us to guide your roleplay (which personally I’m not a fan of)? And is there anything we can do to make the receiving end more engaging/fun/immersive? As I understand some may feel it’s a bit boring
  7. I would like to say, since we're on the topic of medRP. As a member of PHMC, I love the ESD. Their quality is absolutely above and beyond anything I would expect or ask for of their members, I've submitted commendation letters in character to those I think have really earned it and those who have shown exceptional dedication to the craft; and honestly I cannot find a flaw in anything they've done. Their radio communications to us at PHMC are by far the best quality of any faction, including FD and the handovers are as good as I could ask for. I just wanna take this time to congratulate the leads of ESD and it's members for the incredible quality provided and their dedication.
  8. I was very happy with the work done, looking great in game; it was also done extremely quickly and he was very receptive to my requests. Highly recommend for anyone looking for some photoshop work at a reasonable price.
  9. she do be lookin like a crack addict tho
  10. @Doostyis a chill cunt and ridiculously respectful, honestly never met someone more thoughtful in my life. also @Wirbelwind is cool I guess.
  11. Update regarding this: I managed to fix it by re-installing Microsoft C++ although I'm not sure why this occured in the first place. Never happened before and only happened with the 1.1 trial.
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