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  1. I am happy with how far our faction has come.
  2. We're gonna get it right.
  3. Federal Law Enforcement in Los Santos County Federal Bureau of Investigation The Bureau has a storied history within the state of San Andreas and in particular in Los Santos County, operating a local field office which serves as the headquarters for the Western Field Division. FBI SWAT notably assisted the Los Santos Police Department in securing the streets of Los Santos during the Los Santos Riots. BATFE - Los Santos Similar to the Bureau, the ATF operates a field office which also functions as their headquarters on the West Coast. The BATF's operations in Los Santos are mainly concerned with international firearms smuggling through the ports and bomb-making. USMS - Southern District of Los Santos The US Marshal's Service operates a field office local to Los Santos which services the Federal Judiciary's Southern District of San Andreas. Their primary responsibility is pursuing high risk fugitives, ensuring the federal witness protection program operates properly, and serving high risk federal warrants. They assisted the LSPD and LSSD with quelling the 1992 Los Santos riots. San Andreas National Guard Although normally not counted as law enforcement, San Andreas' National Guard serves as an organized militia for the state of San Andreas. In the event of civil unrest, the San Andreas National Guard can be called to order by the Governor. The last time they were activated for civil unrest was the 2020 San Andreas Unrest, albeit they did not deploy to Metropolitan Los Santos. Other Agencies United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement United States Customs and Border Protection Homeland Security Investigations Federal Protective Service Federal Reserve Police United States Mint Police United States Fish and Wildlife Service United States Coast Guard United States Secret Service United States Naval Criminal Investigative Service United States Department of Veterans Affairs Police United States Army Military Police Corps (Civilian/Uniformed) United States Air Force Security Forces (Civilian/Uniformed) Commander, Navy Region Southwest Police (Civilian/Uniformed) United States Postal Service (Special Agents/OIG) Department of Defense Police Defense Logistics Agency Police
  4. The following thread serves as a list of other law enforcement agencies that exist in-character. Players may only reference the existence of these agencies but may not roleplay being a part of them in-game without permission from Legal Faction Management. San Andreas Department of Justice - Division of Law Enforcement (SA DOJ DLE) - SABI, SABF, SABFS, SABGC, SABMFEA The San Andreas Department of Justice - Division of Law Enforcement is the centralized hub authority responsible for the Bureau of Investigation, San Andreas Bureau of Firearms, San Andreas Bureau of Forensic Services, San Andreas Bureau of Gambling Control, and San Andreas Bureau of Medical Fraud and Elder Abuse. These agencies are all ancillary, specialized investigative details assigned to assisting the San Andreas Attorney General. Tracing their history back to the lineage of the San Andreas Rangers, these agencies conduct a wide variety of investigations, some of which include joint taskforces with federal counterparts, sexual predator tracking, electronic crimes, computer crimes, wire fraud, gaming violations, and beyond. In 2020, the Bureau of Investigation, the dominant arm of the SA DOJ DLE, had its funding cut to a substantial extent after the election of Governor Robert Brandt. This funding cut crippled the Department of Justice's law enforcement capabilities and caused a draw-down of their enforcement. Other County Municipal Agencies Greater Los Santos County is home to numerous different localities with their own independent law enforcement agencies. These agencies are too small and too numerous to list, often soliciting the assistance of the bigger and better funded LSPD and LSSD. Other State Law Enforcement Agencies (secondary agencies) San Andreas Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control The SAABC is responsible for the enforcement of state liquor laws and maintains a roster of licensed peace officers. Ancillary Law Enforcement - Other San Andreas Department of Toxic Substances Control - Investigations Division San Andreas Department of Motor Vehicles Investigations Division San Andreas Department of Insurance - Investigations Division San Andreas Franchise Tax Board - Investigations Bureau San Andreas Lottery Security and Law Enforcement Division San Andreas Department of Consumer Affairs - Division of Investigation San Andreas Department of Forestry and Fire Protection - Law Enforcement San Andreas Department of Health Care Services - Investigations Branch San Andreas Department of Public Health, Food and Drug Branch Defunct Local Agencies Davis Police Department - Disbanded in 1993, contracted to Los Santos Police Department. Subject of significant controversies with local community, numerous abuse/police overuse of force accusations. Notably assisted in the quelling of the 1992 Los Santos Riots. Los Santos General Services Police - Charged with protection of city property as security police, disbanded in 2012 and absorbed by LSPD. Los Santos County Office of Public Safety (LSCOPS) - Charged with protection of county property as security police, disbanded in 2010 and absorbed by LSSD.
  5. The San Andreas Highway Patrol is an agency which exists in continuity but does not exist in-game. The following thread serves as a list of other law enforcement agencies that exist in-character. Players may only reference the existence of these agencies but may not roleplay being a part of them in-game without permission from Legal Faction Management. History The San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP) is the agency of the government of San Andreas responsible for patrolling interstates and highways within the entire jurisdiction of San Andreas. The SAHP was established in 1930 as a division of the Department of Motor Vehicles, and subsequently established as an independent entity in 1949. In 1995, the San Andreas State Police (the agency tasked with guarding state buildings) was merged with the San Andreas Highway Patrol. The primary mission of the SAHP centers around the enforcement of traffic law and investigation of motor vehicle accidents. The San Andreas Highway Patrol is headed by Commissioner William Brimly, appointed by the Governor in 2017. Contrary to other state police agencies in the United States, the San Andreas Highway Patrol refers to their patrolman as "Traffic Officers." San Andreas Highway Patrol vehicles are mandated by state law to utilize white doors or possess the SAHP star during patrol. Due to the frequency of traffic accidents on the freeways of Los Santos, SAHP Officers are a rare sight within the city boundaries, albeit a field office is maintained in Northern Los Santos County. The SAHP generally avoids entering Metro Los Santos due to mutual aid agreements regarding division of resources with the Los Santos Police Department and the Los Santos Sheriff's Department. Controversies In 1971, a shootout referred to as the Old-Promenade Incident took place in Southern San Andreas. In less than five minutes in the dark of midnight, five SAHP Officers were gunned down by two career criminals, George Grigson and Jeremy Singleman. Old Promenade, a county road near the hamlet of Paleto Bay, was the sight of the ambush wherein the two men ambushed two approaching officers during a traffic stop and subsequently killed three responding backup officers. A passing motorist managed to grab an officer's gun and strike one of the suspects during the shootout. Three arriving backup officers exchanged fire with the two suspects, causing them to flee the scene on foot. After a 13 hour manhunt, Singleman was tracked down to a house in Paleto Bay. SAHP and Los Santos Sheriff's Department personnel attempted to flush him out of the house with tear gas, but were unable to storm the building due to Singleman taking a family hostage. Singleman shortly after shot himself with his shotgun. Grigson was found shortly afterwards attempting to hail a ride to Los Santos. At the time, the SAHP did not issue speed-loaders to their officers. SAHP policy was soon after revamped regarding high-risk felony stops and firearms training. Speedloaders were adopted. George Grigson committed suicide at Bolingbroke Penitentiary in 2011. In 1992, the San Andreas Highway Patrol assisted the LSPD and LSSD in quelling the city-wide riots. The San Andreas Highway Patrol has been subject to controversies involving their field offices in Northern San Andreas due to the enforcement of local law in city's jurisdictions after requests from local agencies, controversially in assisting the Bayside Police Department with gang injunction enforcement after a large scale cutdown of the Bayside Police Department's finances.
  6. The San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, abbreviated SADCR, is an offmap entity which exists in continuity but does not exist in-game. Description The San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (SADCR) is the agency of the government of San Andreas responsible for the operation of the burgeoning San Andreas prison system. Its headquarters are located in Central San Andreas. The San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation currently employs roughly 24000 corrections officers, 1800 parole agents, and 150 state investigators. The Commissioner of the San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is Quinn Figueroa, appointed by the Governor on 2017. The Department was created in 1912 as the San Andreas State Detention Bureau. In 1953, the SADCR name was adopted. In the mid 80s and early 90s, multiple correctional agencies, including the San Andreas Youth Authority, were merged into the SADCR as a cost-cutting measure. Facilities The San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation maintains roughly 50 facilities suiting various correctional tiers, 12 of which are community correctional facilities, and 8 of which are juvenile. Many facilities are rife with gang violence and attacks on correctional staff. Every 3 minutes, a staff member in a SADCR facility is attacked. Since 2012, the prison system has been tasked by the United States Department of Justice with a massive reorganization program due to substantial overcrowding. Ruling that the overcrowding was cruel and unusual punishment, the SADCR was forced to release thousands of low-level offenders or transition them to the custody of county jails. This also increased the number of hardened prison gang members returning to general population, causing a large power struggle among various prison gangs. Entry into the San Andreas prison system is a cultural shock for even the most hardened street criminals. Criminals must adapt to the strict self-enforced racial segregation policies by prison gangs or risk death. Facilities do maintain "non-programming" yards, of which several facilities actually are composed of entirely, but for a "mainline" inmate stepping foot on a yard with non-programming inmates strips them of all status in the criminal underworld outside of the various protective custody gangs. Since 2012, the prisoner population of San Andreas has begun a steady decline due to the efforts of correctional administrators to shift responsibility to county facilities. The SADCR contracts the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department as part of the regional Parole Taskforce to conduct parole checkups on paroled felons in the jurisdiction of Los Santos County. SADCR's "general population" facilities are dominated by vicious racialized gang politics, most gangs falling under the umbrella of the "dominant" four - the Aryan Brotherhood, Black Guerilla Family, Mexican Mafia, and Nuestra Familia. The most powerful of these is the Mexican Mafia, but the Aryan Brotherhood's relationship and expansion into the Federal Bureau of Prisons gives them more interstate connections. The Black Guerilla Family and Nuestra Familia are considered regional criminal entities with little sway outside of the state of San Andreas, and the Black Guerilla Family is antiquated. Outside of general population facilities, there exist "non-programming" yards or SNY programs. These hold an assortment of inmates, generally including sex offenders, former police, gang dropouts, or at-risk gang members. SADCR Security Levels Level I (Open Dorms - Low Security, No Perimeters) - These are typically half-way houses for offenders with incredibly low level charges. Level II (Open Dorms - Security, Armed Coverage) - These are the "entry-level" cellblocks and one of the reasons that inmates choose to abuse the courts to re-enter county facilities. Hundreds of inmates are often crammed into former gyms, and this is a "low security" status zone. Level III (Cellblocks, Medium Security, Fenced Perimeters) - This is the standard place for most gang members entering the system, and often the site of tremendous gang politics. Level IV (Cellblocks, High Security) - This is the ultimate cell-block system for high-risk inmates including hardcore gang members. Gang politics dominate these zones. List of Facilities Arcade State Prison (ASP) Bolingbroke State Penitentiary (BSP) Kettleman State Prison (KSP) San Andreas City Correctional Facility (SACCF) San Andreas Correctional Center (SACC) San Andreas Correctional Institute (SACI) San Andreas Health Care Facility (SAHCF) San Andreas Institute for Men (SAIM) San Andreas Institute for Women (SAIW) San Andreas Men's Colony San Andreas Medical Facility San Andreas Rehabilitation Center Otis State Prison (OSP) Palmdale State Prison, LS County (PSP) Bayside State Prison (BSSP) Sun Valley State Prison (SVSP) Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison (SATFSP) Chumash State Prison (CHU) Centinela State Prison (CEN) Central San Andreas Women’s Facility (CCWF) Chuckawalla Valley State Prison (CVSP) Correctional Training Facility (CTF) High Dune State Prison (HDSP) Ironlake State Prison (ISP) Kern Valley State Prison (KVSP) Mule Creek State Prison (MCSP) North King State Prison (NKSP) Palomino Valley State Prison (PVSP) Sockatoo Valley State Prison (SVSP) San Gabriel State Prison (SG) Songatoo Conservation Center (SCC) Valley State Prison (VSP) Wasco State Prison (WSP) Whitehead Bay State Prison (WBSP) Bolingbroke Bolingbroke State Penitentiary, abbreviated formally as SASP-BOL, is the sole prison named a "penitentiary" in the state of San Andreas and a medium-high security institution. The facility has a level I yard, a level IV yard, a secure housing unit, and a protective custody unit. History Currently headed by Warden Samuel Quintanella, the facility has been described as the "most troubled" of the 32 San Andreas State Prisons. Bolingbroke State Penitentiary was the sight of numerous controversies in the 90s due to corruption and the abnormal number of inmates shot and killed. A formal probe by the Federal Bureau of Investigation found that guards had "staged" gladiator fights between inmates, used unnecessary lethal force on inmates during brawls and often on the "wrong" inmate, and the SADCR had been attempting to cover up the substantial number of inmate shootings at the prison. San Andreas has paid out numerous settlements to inmates over notable brutality cases in the prison, notably Francisco Gates, a man paralyzed from the waist down after being shot in the spine by a Mini 14 in 2011.
  7. SUPPLIER PROGRAM ILLEGAL FACTION MANAGEMENT The Supplier Program offers a platform for standalone players and players in official factions who wish to become a cigarette courier, electronic devices supplier, drug supplier, or firearms/melee weaponry trafficker so long as character continuity allows. Suppliers will receive their cigarettes, electronic devices, weapons, or drugs from Faction Management via quality roleplay scenarios that relate to the submitted background story and are from that moment on free to sell them however they wish within reason. One of our main priorities is to create a healthy market for players to obtain guns or drugs in. This is why we require creative and active players to be members of the supplier program. Those selected for the program must have a flawless concept and sound reason for pursuing such routes. We're constantly looking to improve the quality of roleplay within organizations themselves, and for illegal organizations, the drug/firearm trade can be detrimental - please ensure you put a lot of thought into this before applying as it comes with great responsibility. If you believe you can positively contribute to the aforementioned, you can sign up for a position of supplier by filling out the application at the bottom of this post. A new change to the supplier system is now the introduction of major and minor suppliers. This means that we are changing some of the roles, as well as adding on some other supplier roles that we consider minor. The minor supplier roles will not receive as large an amount of items as the major ones, or they will be considered not as influential - and by that rule not be something we need to regulate or limit by faction as much. And factions will be allowed to have 1 major and 1 minor supplier in their ranks. This does not mean we look at the minor supplier applications with less quality control than a major one, but we open up for different fields of RP on the server through these roles. Supplier Information: OPEN — MINOR - Tobacco (closing date: N/A) CLOSED — MINOR - Electronics CLOSED — MINOR - Melee OPEN — MINOR - Weapon Specialist (closing date: N/A) MUST BE IN A FACTION TO APPLY: CLOSED — MAJOR - Small Gun Supplier (opening 1st August) (closing date: 8th August) CLOSED — MAJOR - Small Drug Supplier CLOSED — MAJOR - Gun Supplier (opening 1st August) (closing date: 8th August) CLOSED — MAJOR - Drug Supplier (opening 1st August) (closing date: 8th August) Regulations You must have a relatively clean administrative record. Your character cannot own a Purchase Firearm (PF) license if you intend to become a weapon supplier. Stockpiling is not allowed - You are supposed to distribute your stock and IFM will check up on this. You may only be supplied every 4 weeks and all stock must have been sold before you can request another. Factions can only have one major & one minor supplier in their ranks, You are not allowed to apply on alt characters. You must agree to follow internal supplier program policies and regulations at all times. By applying to the supplier program you accept that Illegal Faction Management can remove your strawman position if they believe you are no longer fit for the role, if you leave the position that generated application acceptance or you are punished for breaking server rules. Anyone who meets the above criteria may apply to be a minor supplier, you do not need a faction. Additional Gun Supplier Regulations The applicant must be applying on behalf of a faction. That official faction must have been official for at least 3 months. That official faction must have a theme befitting gun supplier. That official faction must have a reputation of good roleplay and abiding by rules. That applicant must have a clean admin record, a realistic character, and must have a realistic background. Character Background In your application, you should clearly state how your character has gotten into the business and how they would obtain the contraband from an in-character point of view. Be creative but do not exaggerate, you will not receive more weapons because you claim to be a South American Guerrilla soldier. Stay within the boundaries of realism as far as realism goes in small time supplying. Applications Note from IFM — Updated 15-JUL-2021 MAINLY, we are promoting drug supplier. As of right now we're looking for drug suppliers that fit the following drug themes: Pills (oxy, valium, adderall, vicodin, codeine, xanax) LSD Ecstasy, MDMA PCP (given the script effects associated, we are being very choosy with this) Steroids Mushrooms Codeine Obviously, a supplier "theme" can include multiple drugs listed here. Process Create a thread in this section: https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/forum/773-submit-your-supplier-application/ (only seen by FM) Title your thread [Supplier Application] [<DRUGS, WEAPONS, TOBACCO, WEAPON SPECIALIST, MELEE WEAPONS, ELECTRONICS>] Firstname Lastname Your thread will disappear and be made invisible from you since we will be discussing it Format for weapons, drugs, tobacco & electronics suppliers: Format for weapons specialist job:
  8. RESULT: MARTORANO PYRRHIC VICTORY You have won, but at what cost? The gargantuan struggle between organized crime giants Gezalian, Manjikian, and Martorano has come to a conclusion with a whimper. With no crescendo, no final blow, and no absolute winner, both sides limp back to their corners to survey the ring. The war was long and bloody - launched a month ago, it has claimed the lives of thirty-seven underworld figures in the city of Los Santos. Gezalian and Manjikian launched the conflict with the hopes of wiping out their rebellious Jovanovic vassal, but Jovanovic's trick was their long-term business partners in the Los Santos Cosa Nostra, or at least those that pledge fealty to Martorano. In fighting Martorano, Wuying Meng of Chinatown took immediate interest - he had little to lose and much to gain in taking the Italians down a peg. The beginnings of the conflict saw both Gezalian and Manjikian away on business in their homeland Armenia while their vassals in Abramov pulled the trigger too soon. A botched burglary attempt alerted Martorano to the intentions of their Eurasian rival - three dead hitmen by the police, snitched on by the vaunted Ronald Ganisa. Omerta was certainly dead if it came to saving yourself from death, but Ganisa would meet his fate by a Fukien hitman while leaving Pillbox Hospital. If not by them, then likely in prison. The offensive party immediately lost the momentum. Now, it was Martorano's turn to strike. Martorano's first strike in the war came against their own. A scout on a rooftop was shot by mistake. These two events would set the trend for the month of violence. Senseless killing in the underworld of Los Santos was nothing new, but this was not just senseless. The trend would soon show recklessness. Gezalian had every intention of speeding back to the United States, or so the Eurasian organized crime circles say. Armenian news noted his capture by law enforcement authorities when he landed in France, some say it was related to an Interpol investigation into money laundering or arms trafficking. Whatever the case was, Gezalian was indisposed. Manjikian, knowing the war had begun and his partner-in-crime had just been seized chose to remain in Armenia, giving temporary command of the troops to the infamous Itay Waknine. Itay, however, soon came to be a lethargic commander. The Eurasian strategy was not unified, intelligence was sparse, and they had operated under the assumption that their success in the war fought only months earlier would lead to further success here. Rallying allies to their cause, they came into the conflict overconfident. However, their allies, promised firearms and intelligence, soon realized neither was forthcoming in the absence of Gezalian and Manjikian. Most chose to withdraw from the conflict. Soon, all that was left was their vassals. Their independent ally in Wuying Meng soon proved to be unreliable when a failed attempt on Wuying Meng's life forced him to flee the states. The offensive party was largely directionless. Martorano's strategy was simple: permit their associates to fight independently in crews while promoting fighting by the Serbs. Later on, the Albanians joined the fray on Martorano's side, much to the chagrin of the Eurasians, who had killed off two such crews in the past. The Albanians, ever resilient, chose to align themselves with Martorano and their Balkan enemy. To them, the Eurasians were a greater threat. The Eurasian vassals operated independently, much like chivalrous knights rallying to a crusade. Fighting piecemeal, each laid individual strikes against Martorano and Jovanovic. Martorano was not content to sit defensive at the beginning of the conflict, taking many kills for themselves. The beginnings of the war was slow, hit-for-hit, with some group killings interspersed. Infamous names soon were laid to rest on each side. The conflict's senseless brutality was illustrated in the Pacific Bluffs shootout, one of the largest organized-crime related shootings in the United States in recent memory. Harkening back to the gang shootouts of Prohibition, two hunting parties stumbled into combat. Spurred on by Meng's intelligence and a set-up, Mizrahi hitmen set upon Martorano. Soon, only one man escaped alive. Eleven dead, and within a week the lone survivor was killed in a drive-by. A large Martorano hunting party composed of button men lay dead, and the two Mizrahi brothers from Israel. Having pledged fealty to the Eurasians, Mizrahi served as a suicidal hit-squad with unmatched tenacity. They paid the ultimate price and will certainly be remembered in Eurasian organized crime circles. Law enforcement attention soon fell on the battles, but with little Eurasians hitmen left, most attention fell on the Serbs. The crosshairs of law enforcement extinguished any momentum either side had, save for a group-hit on Martorano hitmen. After that, once more, piecemeal hits were traded. Perhaps the most daring was conducted by one cunning Serb, lying in wait for three days in the den of the Chinese gangsters, killing an apartment manager with links to organized crime. His target had been Fang, Wuying's wife, but the target was wrong. Soon enough, war began to take a toll on business. Both sides traded arsons, burning down lucrative rackets. Both sides took deep hits to their wallets. Undeniably, their bottom lines were beginning to suffer. Both sides traded equal casualties, both sides lost important lynchpins. Neither side was winning anything. What was the point of all of this? If it was for wealth, their income was tanking. If it was for conquest, both sides lost more territory than they gained. In truth, the war was for status. Both sides viewed the war as a struggle for dominance over Los Santos. But neither side recognized that in their brutality, in their struggle, their vassals wriggled out from under them and began to assert themselves. In the shadows, other organized crime groups began to prosper while famous Martorano or Eurasian clubs were closed because of arsons. Now, new names were being whispered. While they bled, their invisible rivals grew fat off of riches. The winds in the underworld of Los Santos were decisively changing. At the end of the day, organized crime fundamentally boils down to making money. The war reduced both side's ability to make money. But it was undeniable, in combat, that the Eurasians were bested - they had the offensive responsibility, and failed to capitalize. The Serbs maintained independence and Martorano was not dealt a decisive blow. But at the same time, Martorano did not capitalize on their momentum and finish the Eurasians off. Martorano's numbers dwindled, and now they are nothing more than a glorified crew. Much rebuilding must be done as a result of the war. Thus, the war ends with a tactical Martorano victory, but strategically neither side has clearly bested the other. Both sides have come to this realization on their own terms and will certainly not settle it any further in the streets, for doing so would mean certain arrest and RICO trials. Rumors already swirl of indictments. OOC CONCLUSION This was a very hectic and turbulent time period for IFM, and I take full responsibility for the disorganization of the conflict at the very beginning. Nobody steps into this role and knows how to manage a 100 vs 100 player deathmatch. Over time, with the help of IFM, we reigned the conflict in and set strict rules. There's plenty of things we're going to ensure we do if we ever permit another CK war. I won't go into specific details, but obviously... no mask use, strictly no metagaming, and more uniform enforcement of rules. I undertook waaaay too much responsibility in moderating the war alone at the beginning. I thought preparing a huge spreadsheet and detailed CK war rules would be enough for factions to self-moderate, but that soon spiraled out of control. Then, I got help from IFM members @harrison, @honey. and @Naeno, and thank God I did. Both sides engaged in plenty of slapfights with us in IFM, but some of the toxicity I witnessed by some of the illegal roleplayers involved reinforced that we need to clean up this community from play-to-win players. Some of the results below reflect that. I am out of patience with some of the players involved. I have no sympathy if you are upset with the ultimate outcome of the war. The conduct of some of the players involved has led IFM to our conclusions. I was absolutely disgusted by some of the comments made to members of the team helping to moderate this conflict. The people you were insulting are the same people who determined this outcome. You have nobody but yourselves to blame. I understand this is just a minority, though, and the vast majority of the people involved are willing to accept the outcome and were here to have fun. In total... ETOC is reduced to the Gezalian-Manjikian Organization and is in group status. ETOC and their vassals lose supplier status (there was more than one faction with supplier status). Their vassals are now independent and any CK permissions they had are now revoked on their vassals. Martorano retains official but may not refer to themselves as a crime family on an OOC basis until IFM determines suitable rebuilding has been done on an IC level - given the level of casualties they are in a rump, rebuilding state - IFM has set their OOC name to "Martorano Connection" but this may change dependent upon their request The Serbians are reduced to group status due to inactivity and arrests in addition to OOC punishments (only five members had an acceptable activity + numerous other internal IFM reasons communicated to leadership) Meng Shetou retains status as official but exits the war wounded due to the attempt on Wuying Meng, cannot demand concessions The Meng schismatics declare independence and any CK permissions Meng Shetou held on them are revoked Nothing changes for the Albanians - they escape relatively unscathed Neither side shall engage in a war or conflict of any type with the other side for a period of one year. Neither side shall be permitted to align themselves with parties in active opposition to a former enemy. This conclusion reflects the joint committee decision of IFM, approved by management. This ruling shall not be amended. This ruling cannot be disputed with the parties who issued it, and should be forwarded to @Nervous and @Shanks if there are disagreements. Regards, IFM
  9. Hey guys, You all know me as the former assistant head of IFM. Recently, I was put in charge of illegal faction management. I appreciate the trust that management is placing in me in this new position. I have plenty of ideas, many of which have been requested for some time. Here's a list of my priorities, this list is not exhaustive. There is no timeline for these changes. Some of these changes have already been executed in practice. Flesh out faction requests I think faction requests are one of our more interesting opportunities here on GTAW. No other server has allowed this degree of creativity before. With this in mind, I want to promote long-term use of faction requests by groups that are creative in their methods. We'll be standardizing rules for faction requests, as obviously we need some sort of in-game illegal action to represent money making. No illegal faction will inherently be forbidden from making numerous illegal scheme requests, HOWEVER, we will develop a format for each faction to make. Each faction will submit a central "hub" thread with their faction's name and then deliver a new application through that thread. The main post shall have a tracker to record each scheme. With the expansion of the faction requests system, we will develop internal roadblocks for "off-map" schemes. This would probably involve a random number generator. Certain schemes that rely on an off-map source of income could result in law enforcement attention, and one of the inherent risks we'd offer is an off-map regulatory agency informing local police. This is all contextual, of course. Reform suppliers Given the value supplied by cigarettes and weapon specialists, IFM doesn't see the need to restrict these applications to a quarterly application system. Therefore, we will be opening these applications on a rolling basis. In addition, our new idea for gun supplier will be to open many small "minor" supplier routes as opposed to giving each new gun supplier a default of 40 guns to start with. This is to better saturate the economy across the board as opposed to having numerous big players deciding where all of the weapons go. Conventional 60-gun suppliers will exist, and a "minor" gun supplier will eventually be upgraded to a "major" gun supplier. Historically, supplier has been abused by people arranging OOC deals. I will say outright I have a zero tolerance policy for our suppliers breaking any rules. From hereon, any violation of rules, up to an including an ajail, will result in a loss of the supplier status. This is a very important and critical role for the server. A supplier wields massive power in who they choose to sell to and who they associate with. Suppliers must set a positive example for the server. With the updated drug script, certain drugs are very powerful in use. Certain drugs, for instance, has many effects other drugs don't have. In order to avoid establishing a "meta" drug, we're limiting the supply of these drugs internally. In addition, we will be pushing to roleplay actual supply drops again. Reform IFM Council The IFM Council has existed for some time but mainly as a vestigial entity that is occasionally used for advice on implementing new systems. I want to see this function expanded. The IFM Council should be formalized on the forums as a neighborhood watch. IFM has always been very much a regulatory body as opposed to a proactive enforcement body. By formalizing the council on the forums, this gives us a great component to help IFM run smoothly. Listed Concepts IFM will likely develop a list of guidelines for newly submitted factions on concepts we will never approve, in this way we won't waste anyone's time. Obviously, for some time we have forbidden the creation of Yakuza or Norteno factions.
  10. PACIFIC BLUFFS SHOOTOUT LEAVES ELEVEN MEN DEAD AP LOS SANTOS - Authorities are investigating a prolonged and intensive gunfight that left eleven men dead in the streets of South San Andreas after a spate of murders. The killings, which occurred in the early hours of Friday morning, were apparently part of "premeditated violence between rival organized crime syndicates" according to Sergeant Andrea Schmid of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department. Detectives active in the area heard the prolonged gunfire from blocks away and responded, Schmid said. Detectives on-scene reported active shots still being fired. Schmid noted that one participant managed to escape, and this is still being investigated by authorities. Schmid reported that fourteen firearms were recovered from the bodies, ranging from handguns to assault rifles. Among the bodies were numerous transnational Israeli organized crime figures and La Cosa Nostra affiliates ranging from cities in the states of New York to Pennsylvania. Among the dead were reputed Los Santos residents Dominick Garfaci, Frank Ida, and Ralph Sciandra, all of whom were associates of the Los Santos Mafia. Israeli organized crime figures Daniel and David Mizrahi were discovered as well.
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