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  1. I am curious about everyone's back-story on their character?
  2. Amazing, cause in situations people love to stall in /b and start a conversation by arguing or stuff etc etc wouldnt want to deal with it
  3. Yea I feel you, in all honesty I feel that both parties are in the wrong though, situation could've been voided instead of someone getting pbanned.
  4. Yes, I feel you about this person hitting but, was there really a reason to shoot at someone for doing donuts? I don't know it's just i've never really seen anything like that happen IRL or even on video. [[Person shooting someone for doing donuts in their neighborhood]]
  5. Perfectly understand, thanks for your opinion ill keep my head out for things like that, just was curious about how people would feel the same as me.
  6. Basically, the person got banned over drifting and stuff, but I don't see a reasoning behind the ban, or any reason to shoot from the other party.
  7. Basically, I was watching a video on GTA:W about a guy doing donuts and drifting around a neighborhood he stay's by in, he wasn't really bothering anyone besides the fact that he was doing a small side-show with his friend, mid-way of doing his little show, a white car pull's up and begins to try and block him off just reversing, and trying to block his way for some reason and he eventually attempts to tell them move around and he tries to continue his show, but a lady walks mid-way in the road and almost get's hit, kicking his bumper, he reverses and they pull up next to his and brandishes fire-arms at him, he then proceeds to hit the gas, and take off away from the block, he then spins back, but with another person he drifts around again, but notices a admin is with them, he proceeds to wait to get teleported, because he realizes that the other party called them in basically saying that they 'VDM'ed' and was lacking 'Fear' due to them brandishing a gun? [But your saying that he's in the wrong for taking off, like he didn't have a opportunity and gate-way to escape for his life ((I Would've done the same)) but it was brought that they we're shot at, but in the video I didn't see anyone or anything get shot at. The administrators also brought up that there's a video clip of him getting shot at, at the same block over drifting --- Also brought up saying that they VDM'ed and considered him and a group of friend's a 'Drifting Crew' BUT why would they get shot at over drifting make's no sense what's-so-ever. ] [Also found out that the girl shot at them, that's why they counted it as fear, but I am just curious why they shot, apparently, she shot at them and then someone hit her with the car ((Maybe just a life-or-death situation)) which still doesn't come to me why the person shot, I have no idea it kind of just make's me think the situation is kind of weird.]
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