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  1. SHITZU HAKUCHOU Starting Price: $55,000 No buyout, open to offers ((OOC Info:))
  2. My previous posts about freezing while walking can be deleted - my game freezes entirely whenever I hold any kind of key down, and unfreezes whenever I press a different key. This includes while in the chat box.
  3. Alright so it's every time I hold a key down my game freezes for some reason. Anybody got a fix?
  4. I figured out I basically have to press another key while freezing in order to unfreeze my game and walk.
  5. If I jump first, it allows me to walk after as long as I keep W held, but it is entirely unplayable like this. I still can't drive or walk left/right/backwards.
  6. Whenever I try to walk or drive at all my game freezes entirely and only unfreezes whenever I let go of WS (and AD if I'm on foot).
  7. Big support on this. There's already little motivation to roleplay as a taxi driver - you definitely wouldn't want to keep at it if you just got robbed. +1
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