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Found 3 results

  1. The following is a list of popular brand-names and companies in the GTA universe it may be useful to know. Original list compiled by @Silverfish in 2019 but never completed or expanded upon. I'll be doing that! I hope this is a useful resource for anyone. Good for figuring out what your character drinks or smokes. ALCOHOL CIGARETTES & TOBACCO SNACKS & SOFT DRINKS CELL PHONES WEAPON MANUFACTURERS FASHION BRANDS AUTO MANUFACTURERS
  2. Hey there! I was wondering what actually is GTA World's position within the US system? I know we have been told we are roleplaying the 51st State of San Andreas, as island state in the Pacific Ocean. But that makes me wonder; are we really? States have legitimate primairy's and can vote in presidential elections, yet we did not have such events in the past. Legit states also have representatives in the House and 2 senators per state in the Senate. Obviously; we can't have that. This leaves us with numerous options; Organised, Unincorporated Territory Like Puerto Rico, Guam and Mariana Islands. We are self-governing with a State and City government (organised), but that all of the US Constitution does not automaticly apply to the island (unincorporated). These territories are pretty much treated as a state. The main difference is that people in OUT's can not vote in Presidential elections and that the Congress members can only observe, not participate. Unorganised, Unincorporated Territory Like Howland Island, Navassa Island, Jarvis Island, Wake Island and Kingman Reef. These places have no local government and the US Constitution does not automaticly apply here. Given we do have a local government and the US Constitution applies with us, the least likely option. Citizens can not vote in presidential elections. Unorganised, Incorporated Territory Only one; Palmyra Atoll. It is an uninhabited nature reserve, but the US Constitution does apply here. We are clearly inhabitated, so this automaticly rules out this option. Citizens, if people live there one time, can not vote in presidential elections. Organised, Incorporated Territory No current territory has reached this spot, and it is a ''transition place''; right before becoming a state, the territory is moved to this category. It has a self governing body (organised) and and the US Constitution fully applies to the territory. This spot was last occupied IRL by Hawaii and Alaska. Citizens can not vote in presidential elections. The two most likely options are either the Organised, Unincorporated Territory, or the Organised, Incorporated Territory. What are your takes on this? Where in the below graph is ''San Andreas''?
  3. Advance the setting by ten years, post another economic crash. Make it so that crime is considerably easier than it is now, acquiring guns, drugs, etc. Make it so being a criminal is considerably harder than NOT being a criminal. Make it so the police force are more of an occupying force than a police force, modify the existing laws to give the 'police' more agency to make shit make more sense IC. Because currently, think about it-- pretty much everyone is already doing illegal stuff IC in a world where a safer alternative exists, but if the world were... say, one in which criminal behavior was more the norm, wouldn't that force people to do cool stuff to reflect that? I think something like this would make the setting considerably more interesting, having it be a more bleak oppressive place would make people feel more at liberty to play the tropes/fantasies they wanted because people in that world would naturally be more unhinged due to their surroundings/what it simply takes to get by. Anyway, that's it. TL:DR Make it a more dystopian, twisted version of the world we have now, make guns/drugs/etc easy to acquire, give police a huge amount of resources but make it so your police force is limited. Encourage infighting between criminal groups more than the police, have the police more as riot control for the masses or anything that gets too out of hand, like... corporate security would be.
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