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  1. We are still hiring dedicated physicians who want to specialize in forensic pathology along with on-scene death investigations.
  2. The LEOs are OP bullshit should be put aside and smarter criminal RP should be encouraged.
  3. Name: Chimp Comment: What if you focused on the city's REAL problems? Like crime rate? Right now, nothing should be more important than an innocent person being shot to death. Democrats, Republicans, y'all are all same. These bloodsuckers want to start a civil war.
  4. Her char likes to sniff hands of corpses
  5. I seriously recommend Mr. Mendez's services, satisfied with his quick and perfect work %100. Helped us with stuff needs to be changed even after receiving the payment. Trusted and professional business man! 10/10 work. Pricing: Reasonable! Quality: Very High. Efficiency: Very High. Customer Service: Excellent.
  6. For some certain type of roleplays like business ownership or interior designing, you just have to donate, and that sucks. Even if you pay for it, you just have to do it every month like it's a electricity bill.
  7. What we need is a non-supernatural virtual reality where we can do anything we're sure the other party will enjoy even for a bit.
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