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  1. I wish LFM would let people create private practices, and I wish Medical RP was more advertized, hyped up, and encouraged. I know a lot of people hate the idea of becoming a doctor due to a lot of research going into the character and stuff... and especially when treating patients... that is why google is your best friend, so you will not only learn as you go, but also gain knowledge oocly... As a STEM student irl I wish I could use some of my knowledge in GTAW, roleplaying as a doctor... but I don't wanna join either PHMC or HHG, I wanna create my own and be my own boss. The other thing is... what I have realized is that people do not roleplay illnesses, injuries, or injuries needing surgery (which is why you have no job if you create a surgeon). This is something that kind of should be enforced in my opinion. I have seen a lot of amazing nurses and doctors at PHMC treating patients, while the patient roleplayed unrealistically and when they were warned, they were the ones to get angry at the doctor/nurse treating. And while I understand people try to escape IRL issues, there is also RPQM... but then why is there RPQM if nothing is being done against unrealistic portrayal, etc... no new medical factions being open. In my opinion... Medical RP on this server is really just... not good and is almost bad. And I wish it was fixed and people, LFM, etc... would encourage others to open their own clinics and make new factions... not do the opposite and forbid players from doing so, and also encourage new and fresh faction offering way different medical roleplay (field medical rp for e.g.), and not immediately shut the idea down because "we got FD for that"... let them try and if it does not work, approach them then and offer help/ask them if they wanna continue their faction or rebrand into something else. And to be honest, (in my opinion), I have never seen a server being so afraid of new things.
  2. Username: Krista Page Comment: My deepest condolences go out to the family that lost their member and I wish a fast recovery to Engineer Lyla Avery!
  3. Username: You don't have to fit into the norm, You are not here to conform Comment: Sure, because white straight men who are also old know what is best for a 16 year old...
  4. * Name: Clementine Woolridge and Dimos Angelides * Phone number: 39310394 OR 41485902 * Email: [email protected] OR [email protected] Comment: We are interested to have a look at the property. Email either me or my partner to arrange the appointment.
  5. Name: Clementine Woolridge Email: [email protected] Amount Donated: $10,000 Message:
  6. I was actually thinking about the same thing... like you see everyone using - [email protected] - and that actually made me think what if we had a lsmail.gta.world website for our in-character emails? Accessible through an in game phone app, website (when you are offline), UCP, etc... because really the ((Forum PM)) thing kinda ruins the immersion. +1 for this suggestion
  7. Username: Krista Page Comment: SICK! Good job Austin!
  8. Short description: New Bank/bank accounts system, where you can open a separate account for e.g.: saving for a business, house, apartment... personal reasons, divided accounts ,etc... Detailed description: Basically my idea and suggestion is that there should be a new system for bank accounts instead of just being able to deposit/withdraw money. If it could be possible a window could open in game and you could manage your funds and transfer money through the bank as well as open a separate account for whatever reason to put money on that account. You could also set to which account you would like your paychecks to go to and you could also divide your paychecks meaning: e.g.: You work for LSFD and you earn $40 000 weekly. You have 1 bank account for House Savings and 1 bank account for regular: bills, clothes, food, etc... You would like the $40 000 to be divided into $20 000 and $20 000, wanting one half of your paycheck to deposit into your House Savings account and the other half into your regular one. You could create and close accounts as well as if your character is married, you could create a divided account for either savings or to share funds, etc... OR if you are RPing as a sugar baby or someone's sugar daddy you could create a divided account for the other person's allowance. Same if you RP having kids, you can open a divided account for your kid's allowance. Commands to add: /openbankaccount [account number] [account name], /closebankaccount [account number] [account name], /dividepaycheck [account number] [account name] - or /bank, and this command could open up a window in game where you could choose to create a new account, divide paychecks, etc... without having to use the commands a lot and you could use the /bank instead to make things easier... however at first the commands could work until there would be a window developed, /createdividedaccount [account number] [player name] [account name], /closedividedaccount [account number] [player name] [account name] Items to add: /bank HUD, Maybe event bank credit cards that would have to be on you if you want to withdraw cash (if you wouldn't have the credit card on you, you could not withdraw money) How would your suggestion improve the server? It would improve the server because there would be more roleplay around the bank system. Me, personally... My character wants to open a bank account for savings because she wants to buy a house so that saving it would be easier. However, right now I just have to RP that I opened a separate account where the money is being deposited into and I write it down in my notepad the amount I deposited so far so then I can RP withdrawing it when she saved up. So I feel like this would be a nice addition to the server 🙂 Additional information: N/A
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