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  1. One of the most promising factions at this time. @Montana Fats you got it locked, bro. Keep it up.
  2. ShadowNG


    Looking great 🔥
  3. Thank you all for the kind comments. ❤️ Some days later...
  4. This thread follows the development of Pablo Castillo to be edited.
  5. Congrats well deserved ❤️ @JimmyCZ @Pepper @Shvag @[email protected]
  6. common wealth when?
  7. Frankly, been tuned on your forum thread and overall activity ever since the faction got announced. The unique concept and the benefits it brings to the county side of the server is insane. I'm eager to roleplay with you guys since the quality is very high and it brings to light a different scene of roleplay than what we are usually used to. Good luck with it and take it far ❤️
  8. @Invictus @Karner @JimmyCZ @Shvag The few I've had a bigger interaction with, definitely putting in the work 🔥 Now seriously, it's unfair to not consider the rest of the staff team who does a great job managing over than 100k users in a community. The server went insane on development and progress in just one year ❤️
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