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  1. MvP

    Hunger/Energy System

    In my opinion, it is not neccessary...
  2. Short description: Some additional shops needed to Paleto Bay Detailed description: As you know, the number of roleplayers is too low in Paleto Bay. There is a need for some additions to increase this number and to contribute to the role in Paleto Bay. Car rental, clothing store and mask store should be added as a priority. Because a player who needs one of these three must go to Los Santos to get them. This should not be a necessity. Apart from hunting, you can add some new jobs. For example, farming, chicken farming, woodcutting, glass manufacturing etc. Commands to add: - Items to add: - How would your suggestion improve the server?: Positive impact on the number of roleplayers in Paleto Bay. Additionnal information: -
  3. MvP

    Offline SMS

    Short description: People can send SMS each other anytime even If target player is offline Detailed description: If you get an SMS while you are offline, when you logged in, the game warns you about you have an unread text message. And when you use /listsms, the game lists the unread SMSes on your chat. Also you can add this thing to phone category in I menu.. Commands to add: /listsms Items to add: - How would your suggestion improve the server?: It strengthens IC communication between players. Additionnal information: -
  4. I think we need these things. FOR BUSINESSES: FOR HOUSES:
  5. A Turkish SA-MP server was using this system. And that was incredibly useful. When you join the server, you need to go to the bank to open an account. While you are opening an account, you also get an account number. Players can send money to each other offline via these account numbers. (Example: /transfer TargetAccount Amount) When you use the command above, system shows you the target's name like this and asks you that you are approving or not: Receiver: Otto Schneider Amount: 10.000$ If you approve this transaction, please write /approvetransfer When player uses /approvetransfer command, the money transfers to the receiver's account. + If you add a bank page on the UCP, players can see the transactions and they can send money to each other via their bank account numbers.
  6. I have a better idea. This is being used in a Turkish RPG server. Officer ranks places above the officer's head. You can see the ranks above the name of players below. Btw, If the officer is on duty. His/her name becomes blue. And the ranks are only shown by when officer is on duty. What do you think?
  7. MvP

    Some suggestions

    Oh, It worked! Thank you!!
  8. MvP

    Some suggestions

    Its not working for me. :(
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