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  1. Congratulations! Well deserved @Ikechukwu.
  2. My favorite faction! keep it up the good shit.
  3. Looking forward to see what type of server-side mods which will be added.
  4. Server side mods are supported.
  5. Supporting this. Like mentioned above, there’s plenty of unused clothing slots. Simply add the few clothings such as FD/Sheriff Deputy, on these items. Now we can’t add in the entire pack. Only a few selected one’s. They need to be placed smart on already unused clothing items.
  6. We got this. Back on our feet before we know it.
  7. They are not the same at all. This is not really a big issue. There’s not a lot of members who enforce it. I want it to remain.
  8. Supporting this. I barely seen people do it correctly.
  9. @MvP Well, I would love to see this as well. But this has to be brought up locally within the department first. @Nervous I would love to see all insignia’s. Now I think we should add them in, even though all insignia’s doesn’t exist yet. At-least with them, it’s very visible who’s field training officers. Which is important as they are in charge off training the new members within the police department. There's rumors that GT-MP is planning on adding in more decals and this is also something that can be done once we get server-side mods.
  10. Well I think it should be made for every faction that has /uniform.
  11. Big fan off GTA:W developers. They deserve a lot off credit. Keep up the good work and welcome to the new developers.
  12. Now with the increased civilian uniform slot to 20. Are we able to increase our PD uniform slots? Right now it's at 4 which seems relatively big however for people like me who have a uniform for an occasion it's rather limited. For example. I like to have my normal uniform, A winter uniform, two C-Platoon uniforms (one patrol and one tactical) and a wet weather uniform. I'd personally like to see it increased to 7 slots (or 10) just to have that customization option. Originally posted by: Jason Greenhill on LSPD forums. LSPD Command team wrote the following on the orginal thread on LSPD forums. "Per Command meeting, if this is possible to be done with scripting, we're all for it."
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