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  1. I forgot that was a thing, I'll have to give it another go.
  2. Sounds like it'd be fun! +1
  3. +1 Visually impaired player who would very much enjoy this!
  4. This is pretty much it. I've been robbed, kidnapped, and had my business extorted and they were great RP experiences. I don't think the danger factor takes away from my legal characters at all. What isn't great is the high amount of troll-playing. There's too much of the 5-hour-airport-car throwaway character that just rolls into a business and acts up until someone steps to them, then uses that as an excuse to escalate to gunplay and trash the whole scene for everyone else. I don't think more rules are the answer. I don't think there is a specific answer. Most of the people going back and forth in this thread are here to RP. The troll-players are not, and they're not going to see this.
  5. Okay, yes. This would be a clear example of a punishable extreme, point taken!
  6. I usually just assume the player of the character is British and translate it in my mind. If I were roleplaying in a game set in London I'm sure I wouldn't be 100% up on my lingo. Now there are some extremes, but I can't see how you'd quantify what was a warning or a ban.
  7. One thing that might be helpful is to have required fields for height and weight/build at character creation like there is for age. Mainly because we're all rocking the same size player model and it's something you would notice when looking at someone. Having it display as a range like age could account for things like slouching or wearing baggy jackets or other things that would make an exact assessment difficult. That way every player can at least have the basics.
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